Fun International Themed Parties

Fun And Fabulous International Themed Parties
Experience Other Cultures' Food, Decor, Games & More!

Get out of the traditional party box and look towards celebrating diversity with a fun international party. It’s fun to choose unique themes that make party planning interesting. Going international will make your party more exotic and allow you to celebrate different countries and cultures all around the world, leaving behind the boring old party themes or cosmopolitan themes that are perfect for a sophisticated guest list.

After all, there’s something about a foreign accent that makes it sound profound and exciting and this same trick applies to a great party. An international themed birthday party can bring out the wanderlust in each guest that attends.

Throwing international themed parties involves pairing together music, food, décor, drinks and games from a specific region or country in the world, and creating an exciting, foreign atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

While it may take a bit of work to learn about the food, music and décor of another culture, it’s worth the time investment and hard work to throw a party that will thrill guests. With a few key decorations and the addition of a little cultural music, you can transport your guests across the world to another country.

The great thing about choosing an international themed birthday party is that you have so many great theme ideas to choose from. Have fun throwing an Italian birthday party that recreates all the romance found in Italy for your guests. Draw from various Asian cultures by throwing an Asian party that brings together a variety of tasty Asian dishes of colorful Asian décor. Enjoy the music, costumes and games of Mexico with a Mexican birthday party or dazzle guests with an exciting Hawaiian birthday party for your “ohana.” No matter who the birthday party is for, you’re sure to find a wonderful theme that will make their party an extra special one.

It’s easier than ever to throw international themed parties with our long list of international party ideas to choose from. For each theme you’ll find exciting party ideas that will help you plan the perfect soiree. Get helpful tips on making invitations, menu ideas, great options for games and activities and plenty of décor ideas for every theme. Planning your international themed birthday party will be a breeze with these helpful guides to get you through the party planning process.

As there are numerous nationalities from which to select, with a little planning, a bit of creativity, a sprinkling of colorful theme décor, and fabulous food from your chosen nationality, you’re sure to have a yummy and fun celebration.

Listed below are several international themed birthday party pages. These ideas can easily be used for a non-birthday get together as well. To check out the various options available, just click on the link of your choice and you'll be transported to lots of fun ideas for that particular culture.


arabian nights partyArabian Nights Party - An Arabian Nights party is a great way to bring the palace setting home. Transport guests into a fun atmosphere filled with Arabian music, magic carpets, fabulous theme food, along with all the mystery and intrigue this theme offers.

asian partiesAsian Parties - Asian parties are a fun way to bring the Orient home. Get great Asian party ideas for invites, decor, food, games, and all your party necessities.

chinese birthday partyChinese Birthday Party - Let the Eastern country of China inspire you to create a Chinese party. Click on over to get some great party ideas so you can celebrate in Chinese style.

egyptian birthday partyEgyptian Birthday Party - If the thought of creating a pyramid cake, mummifying a body or two, and bringing the beauty of Cleopatra to your home sparks your interest, then an Egyptian birthday party might be a great way to entertain your guests. After all, who doesn't like to walk like an Egyptian.

french birthday partyFrench Birthday Party - If the thought of creating a party that brings to life the allure of France including fine food, beautiful scenery, and great works of art, along with providing an air of sophistication and romance, then a French birthday party would be tre cool!

hawaiian birthday partyHawaiian Birthday Party - No need for a trip to Hawaii--Just hula on over to discover some fun ideas so you can make your own tropical paradise in your backyard.

indian partyIndian Party Transport your guests to South Asia for the night. Let them enjoy an Indian birthday party adventure complete with authenic foods and decor, games, and much more.

italian party themeItalian Party Theme Bring the beauty and splendor of Italy to your home with an Italian themed party. Mamma Mia! That's Italian!

International Themed Party

jamaican partyJamaican Party Take a trip to the tropics and go island hoppin' with a Jamaican theme party. Get your Reggae on and let's get ready to start the party!

mexican theme partyMexican Theme Party No time to take a siesta as you've got to plan a fiesta! Click on over for some spicy ideas and discover how your home can become a casa fit to be south of the border.

roman partyRoman Party If your friends enjoy a bit of over-indulgence when it comes to their food, or perhaps might enjoy embracing their inner gladiator or centurion, then a Roman party theme might be of interest. Take a trip back in time and discover fun ways to celebrate the Roman era.

scottish  partyScottish Party If you're looking to throw a unique party, a Scottish theme party might be a great choice. You'll be able to take your guests on a fun cultural experience where no passport is required. Click on over to get a few ideas to help jump start your Scottish party.

YOUR Favorite International Themed Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite international themed party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your international cakes and costumes.

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