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Fun And Fabulous Indian Party Ideas
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If you’re looking for a culturally diverse, ethnic theme for an adult birthday party, an Indian theme is an excellent idea. India has a rich and beautiful history and you can glean ideas for your party from the traditions and practices of this culture. Of course, it may take a bit of work to throw a great Indian theme party, but ultimately it will surely be worth the time you have invested.

This can truly be a fun party to plan and decorate the party room. To throw an Indian birthday party that everyone will enjoy and appreciate, you have the opportunity to create a bit of elegance with a touch of the exotic, along with using rich colors, fun patterns, and exciting textures that are generally not used for most parties. Here are some great tips and ideas you can use to get your party planning started.

Start by introducing your theme to guests by choosing invitations that go along with your Indian party. Since there are many Indian merchants out there on the web, it’s easy to find handmade Indian birthday invitations that you can use to invite your guests to the party. They are sure to add a unique sense of culture to the party and guests are sure to appreciate the invitations when they arrive. If you have Indian merchants in your area, check to see if you can purchase handmade notecards or stationary that can be used for your party invitations.

PAISEY INVITES - If you don’t want to purchase ready-made invitations, you can make Indian themed invites yourself. One idea you can use is to start with paisley scrapbooking paper that is bright and colorful. Make the paisley paper the background of the invitation. Then, stamp different designs onto the paper with beautiful stamps, using gold ink. Include your party information on a piece of white paper glued to the back of the invitation.

COLORFUL INVITES - Another idea is to start with a bright piece of cardstock, folding it in half like a card. Decorate the bright card stock with stickers, glitter, stamps, gems and more. When you’re design is complete, write the details of the party inside the card in gold glitter ink.

FLAG INVITES - Download a picture of India's flag onto a piece of card stock and then put the party details on the reverse side.

LOTUS FLOWER INVITES - Type out the details of the Indian party and print out onto decorative scrapbook paper. Attach the invite to an artificial Lotus flower, which is Indian's sacred flower, and hand-deliver your invites.

PEACOCK INVITES - Download India's national bird--the peacock--onto a piece of cardstock. Type out all the party particulars on the reverse side of the invite. Accent the peacock feathers with glitter and/or sequins.

WILD ANIMAL INVITES - Print out all your Indian birthday party details onto a piece of scrapbook paper that will coordinate with wild animals. Cut out the invites using decorative scissors. Laminate if you would like for the invite to be a bit more substantial. Attach to a toy tiger, elephant or camel that is wearing a colorful Indian blanket or tapestry on their back.


Since you’re throwing an Indian birthday party, why not have guests dress up in traditional Indian clothing to help set the mood for the party. Everyone is sure to enjoy dressing up in the exotic costumes for the party.

Women can wear a Sari, which is a long colorful garment that is wrapped around the body, much like a toga. Saris comes in many different styles and colors, so every woman can decide on the look that works best for her.

Men can wear the Kurta, which is a button-down, long sleeved shirt. It falls almost to the knees and is worn over a pair of special Indian pants. Of course, the guys can just wear the Kurta over their regular pants if they choose.

Be sure to encourage your guests to really have fun with their costumes, going with colorful, unique costume ideas. Having everyone show up in costume will only add to the excitement and instantly draw people into the party's theme.


When you’re ready to begin decorating for your Indian party, focus on using bold colors for your color palette. Use fabrics in rich colors, designs and textures to decorate the party area.

  • These fabrics can be used to decorate the party tables, the chairs, walls, doorways, ceilings, and wherever else you think a splash of color might enhance.

  • If you don’t want to use actual fabric for your tables, you can always purchase tablecloths in bright, bold colors that match the colors you’ve chosen for your party.

  • Be sure to use plenty of gold accents as well, such as gold flatware, gold napkin rings, candle holders, gold Indian lamp, and other gold accent pieces that might fit into your Indian party theme.

  • Intricate designs are a big part of Indian décor, often seen in Indian rugs, statues, decorations and furniture. If possible, find a few pieces of Indian art to add to the party area, really creating the Indian ambiance for your Indian birthday party.

  • If possible, add a lot of brightly colored floor pillows. They'll serve two purposes--assist in creating the Indian decor, along with providing additional seating for your guests.

  • Fill decorative glass jars and vases with various colored beads to add a splash of color on tabletops, mantels, shelves, window sills, and the like.

  • Twist brightly colored streamers or strands of flowers across your entire ceiling to add a large splash of color and give the party room that festive, breath-taking appearance.

  • Create an elephant garland and decorate the tops of doorways, banisters, walls, etc. Start by downloading a picture of an elephant to use as a template. Cut numerous elephants out of brightly colored cardstock or poster board and glue them to bright ribbons.

  • Accent various doorways by hanging decorative beaded curtains in them.

  • Use mini Christmas lights to light-up the entire party area or replace traditional bulbs with red or pink ones to add party ambiance.

  • Animal statutes can also add to your décor. Perhaps your local thrift shop might have some elephant statues that could be used throughout the room and other animals that will fit the theme include the winged horse, cow, peacock and tortoise.

  • To further set the mood, it may be a good idea to play some traditional Indian music or perhaps a little Bollywood soundtrack. Just be sure to keep the music in the background so guests don’t have to try to talk over the music.


Let your guests have some fun and keep them entertained with some great games and activities during the Indian party.

HENNA PAINTING - One excellent idea is to have henna painting as an activity, which is a traditional type of painting often done on young women before they are married or for other festive celebrations.

INDIAN DANCING - Indian dancing may offer another great activity that you can enjoy at the party. Get a DVD that teaches a simple Indian dance and let guests enjoy learning how to do it.

INDIAN BOARD GAMES - Both chess and Pachisi are games that originated in India and you may want to offer these games on tables for your guests to play.

MOVIE TIME - “Slumdog Millionaire” is a movie with an Indian theme and you may want to show this at your party for guests to enjoy.


Of course, you’ll want to serve up some traditional Indian dishes to go along with the Indian birthday party theme. If you have the time and enjoy cooking you can make many easy Indian dishes yourself with the help of some good Indian recipes, which are easy to find online. Another option is to order takeout from a local Indian restaurant.

MAIN DISH ENTREES - You have several great dishes that will make terrific entrees to serve at your party. Coconut curry chicken with eggplant is a wonderful main dish that includes a nice assortment of spices and flavors. Vegetable or chicken kabobs with a curry sauce would be another yummy option.

INDIAN SIDE DISHES - You can enjoy serving up various side dishes, such as mango raisin chutney, stir fried cauliflower and peas with some ginger. One of India's staple side dishes that you’ll want to be sure to serve up is steamed basmati rice with saffron.

INDIAN APPETIZERS - Samosas make great appetizers as does cut-up pieces of pita bread served with mango chutney and other dips.

DESSERT IDEAS - For dessert, you have a variety of great Indian themed ideas that you can serve up. One idea is baklava, which is sure to be a nice change from the spicy main dishes. Coconut cookies are another great dessert, as are paisley brownies, decorated with swirls of different colors. Tasty cookies in elephant and other animal shapes make a great treat. Cupcakes in bright colors will definitely add a great look to your food table and they’ll taste amazing as well.

Don’t forget to have an awesome birthday cake to serve your guests and it’s nice to make the cake go along with the Indian party theme.

COLORFUL CAKE - One idea is to make a sheet cake, decorating it with brilliant colors and edible glitter. You may even want to use different colors in the actual cake mix, making a cake that is swirled with many different colors.

INDIAN THEME CAKE - Another idea is to make a simple birthday cake, using Indian themed decorations to decorate the cake to add to the festive, Indian themed atmosphere of the party.

CUPCAKES - Make cupcakes and frost them all in different colors will an easy to serve and festive looking cake idea to consider as well.

GIANT CUPCAKE - Make a giant cupcake-shaped cake and frost it in a bright-colored frosting.


At the end of the party, make sure you send guests home with something to help them remember the Indian theme, by choosing great favors that go along with the Indian birthday party.

One idea is to give out temporary henna tattoos to guests, which look beautiful. Small packs of Indian inspired stationary makes a great favor idea as well. Cookies in the shapes of elephants offer a tasty favor option or you may want to give out some inexpensive Indian jewelry that everyone will enjoy wearing.

YOUR Favorite Indian Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Indian party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Indian party cakes and costumes.

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