Ice Creme Party

by Sophie

Yum To The Tum & Great Game Time Fun !

Yum To The Tum & Great Game Time Fun !

We're going to have a going away party and we are making it an ice cream social. With this type of party you can provide all the goodies or lessen your expense by asking everyone to either bring a gallon of ice cream or a topping such as sprinkles, caramel, hot fudge, chocolate, marshmallow, cherries, whipped cream, nuts, waffle cones, etc.

Cover a table with a colorful tablecloth, add a fun centerpiece, colorful disposable bowls and spoons and line up all the sundae-making supplies on the table. Then have everyone make their own sundae creations.

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If you’re looking for great teen party ideas, an ice cream party is definitely going to be a big hit. Sophie had some wonderful ideas that you could use for a great ice cream party that teens are definitely going to enjoy. If you decide on an ice cream party, you’ll need to plan some cool games for teens to go along with the party theme.


Consider having a Sundae making contest. Put all the Sundae making goodies out on a table and let everyone make their own. Be sure to snap pictures of the sundaes before teens eat them up. Have a judge decide which sundae looks the best.


Another of the teen party ideas to try for an ice cream party is a fun ice cream eating contest. The trick is to have guests try eating the ice cream without using a spoon. Put ice cream in a bowl and see who can eat the ice cream the fastest without actually using their hands in any way. Make sure you have plenty of paper towels, Wet Ones, washcloths, etc. because this is one of those games that is definitely going to get pretty messy. It’s even more fun to add the toppings to the ice cream, which will make it even messier, which means better for teens.


With all that ice cream eating going on, you might as well turn it into a fun game. Have everyone partner up and set across from one another at a table. Then blindfold everyone on one side of the table and give them all a bowl of ice cream and a spoon. On "Go, have them all try to feed their bowl of ice cream to their partner, while blindfolded, using only one hand. For added fun you could use a fork instead of a spoon. For even more fun, you could blindfold the partner too. Obviously, everyone is gonna get sticky, icky, messy--just what teens love!


To help get you started with your ice cream party decor, here are a few ideas that will whip your home into a yummy delight!
  • The colors that work best are any combination of pastels, however, that being said a bright, dark pink and black also looks great.

  • Make your ice cream sundae table/bar look like a big drippy ice cream cone. Cover the table with a pastel cover and then add an "ice cream" topper. All you need to do is measure your table and cover it with a piece of white material that is cut with large scallops that look like ice cream dripping down the sides.

  • Create a flag type of banner except make the "flags" in the shape of ice cream cones. Attach them to pieces of streamer or ribbon and hang them around the room.

  • Make ice cream cone centerpieces. Cover flower pots, large empty whipped cream containers, or any other plastic container with tan butcher paper. Scallop the edge for added interest. Tie a colorful bow around the center and fill it up with pink shred.

  • Make tissue paper flowers in various sizes and place them around the room for added accents.

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