Ice Breaker Games - Chinese Whispers & More

by Courtney

Chinese Whispers In Action

Chinese Whispers In Action

My fave party game is Chinese Whispers. This is where one person whispers something to someone and the message is passed from person to person until it goes through everyone. The last person then says the message aloud. Errors will occur as people don't hear things right and what is ultimately said can be really fun and off topic.

This could be played with everyone sitting on the floor or perhaps around a long rectangle table.

Chinese Whispers sounds like a hilarious game! It’s always fun to have a few ice breaker games on hand to make sure the guests start feeling comfortable. This game made me think of a few more kids party games that you could use to get your party started.


One fun idea to get your party going is to start guests off with a little pin they can pin on their clothing at the beginning of the party. Then, have a taboo word that cannot be spoken at the party. For example, if you are having a hockey themed party, make “hockey” the taboo word and see how long guests can go without saying it. When a guest says the taboo word, the person that catches them gets their pin. At the end of the night, the person with all the pins wins.

Getting To Know You

Another good idea for kids party games to break the ice at a party is “Getting to Know You.” To help your guests get to know each other, start out by having guests write a little sentence about themselves on a small slip of paper. Put all the papers in a hat or bucket. Then, draw out a paper and read what is on the paper. Have guests guess who that little tidbit is about after you read the little fact. After this game, everyone will know each other a bit better.

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