Hundreds Hat Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Get Your Half-Pipes Ready, Cuz We're Gonna Party Down!

Get Your Half-Pipes Ready, Cuz We're Gonna Party Down!

The cake is fondant covered then hand painted with details.

Is someone in your life a part of Southern California's hip hop culture, or perhaps skateboarding is their thing? If not and they just happen to love to wear the Hundreds apparel why not surprise them and create a fun cake to coincide with the Hundreds hat.

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For anyone into skateboarding or hip hop culture, this hundreds hat cake is just an awesome idea. In fact, you can make the entire party theme surround the cake. Use similar colors for your party décor. Of course, while this hundreds hat cake looks fabulous, remember that it’s not the only hundreds hat design that you can use for your cake. You can easily find many other hat designs that you could use instead; take a look online and check out some of the great photos for additional inspiration.

At the end of your party, you could even hand out cool Hundreds hats to all of your guests. If you look on sites like eBay, you can find these hats for reasonable prices, both caps and beanies. Choose a variety of different styles and place the hats in a grab bag. As everyone leaves the party, let them grab a Hundreds hat out of the bag. This is one of the teen party ideas for favors that everyone is going to love. You’ll even find some great styles online that even the girls attending the party are sure to appreciate.

If you don’t want to make the larger hundreds hat cake, you can always decide to make some hundreds hat cupcakes. This way you could make the cupcakes in several different hat styles. You could also combine the two by making a large hat and having the small cupcakes available also. This a great choice if you expect to have a lot of guests.

Ramp up the fun with these great teen party ideas. Start by creating hundreds-themed garland by downloading the hundred logo of "Adam Bomb" onto card stock and stringing them onto ribbon. You can also hang "Adam" from the ceiling using fishing line or colorful streamers or ribbons.

The perfect party colors would be black, yellow and red. Gather bouquets of balloons in these colors to make ho-hum corners pop. You can also cover the ceiling with helium balloons in these colors to make the room come alive. Another balloon option would be to string together balloons to create a garland so you can wrap them around columns, bannisters, doorways, etc.

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