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Although scarecrows were originally made to literally scare away the crows from a farmer's field of crops, the scarecrow has now evolved into being a staple at many a farm, rodeo, or barnyard type of party.

Today, scarecrows serve as not only a yard decoration, but you may see one or several greeting you at your friend's door during the Thanksgiving season. They might even be a part of a backdrop that has been created to take photos at a party. Perhaps small children are posed with a friendly scarecrow for a fun photo op.

There are lots of fun things that you can do with a scarecrow in terms of decorating and they are very inexpensive to make. So if you need some simple how-to instructions, keep reading and you will quickly discover that you can easily make a scarecrow in a very short time.

Steps For Building A Scarecrow

STEP 1: Cut a 10-foot bamboo pole into two pieces. One should be 4-foot long and the other 6-foot long. You can also use 2x4s, a broomstick handle, PVC, etc.

STEP 2: Lay the 4-foot piece across the 6-foot piece, 1-foot down from the top. Secure the two pieces together using floral wire, twine, duct tape, nails, etc.

STEP 3: Put an old plaid flannel shirt on the short crosspiece, button it up, and close off the bottom of the shirt temporary with a rubberband. Stuff the shirt loosely with straw, newspapers, rags, dry leaves, etc.

STEP 4: Fill work gloves with shred to look like fingers, and secure them to the end of the sleeves with rubber bands.

STEP 5: Pull one leg of a pair of jeans onto the long pole and let the other leg hang free. Close off the bottom of the pants with rubber bands. Stuff the pants loosely with straw, dry leaves, rags, batting, etc.

In the alternative, use overalls, which can be secured to the shirt with safety pins. If you opt for overalls, there is no need to remove the rubberband from around the bottom of the shirt.

STEP 6: Remove the rubberband from around the shirt waist and tuck the shirt into the pants. Secure with two safety pins. Add a rope for a belt.

STEP 7: To create the head, use a burlap feed sack, a small pillowcase, or a piece of burlap, all of which is filled with straw, dried leaves, newspapers, batting, etc. Place the "head" over the top of the long pole and tie off the opening with a piece of twine. Using markers, draw a face on the front or glue google eyes and yarn for the mouth. Place a straw hat on the "head" and tie a bandanna around the neck.

STEP 8: Insert the stick into the ground to secure it. Then slip the pant legs into a pair of old work boots, so it looks like your scarecrow is standing. Then add some strands of hay coming out of the top of the shirt, under the hat for a little "hay hair", and around the "wrists" where the shirt and gloves intersect.

STEP 9: If you are short on time, then you can eliminate the head completely or opt to staple or hot glue it to the pole, along with the straw hat.

NOTE: This probably goes without saying, but I will utter it anyway--If your scarecrow is going to be in possible bad weather, be sure to stuff him/her with appropriate materials like straw or leaves rather than shred or newspaper.

How To Make A Scarecrow - Conclusion

This is just a sample of how to make a scarecrow for a barnyard birthday party, but you could easily adapt these instructions to create other scarecrows. For example, make a female scarecrow, a doctor scarecrow a bridal couple, etc. All you have to do is alter the clothing and face.

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