Horse Game Ideas For The "Mane" Event

Fun And Fabulous Horse Game Ideas
For All Your Little Horse-Crazy Cowpokes!

If you're throwing a Horse Birthday Party, whether it's for girls, boys or a mixture of the two, these kid party games are all centered around that large, beloved 4-legged animal that will give everyone some time to horse around and enjoy a few games. After all, what kind of a party would it be if you didn't give everyone a little time to kick up their heels.

To help you create a fun horse birthday party for that child who has a passion for horses, I've got some fun and games for you to check out; they all have a horse theme to them. Your little horse fanatic is sure to enjoy them, along with his or her cowpoke friends. Now remember if anyone has trouble playing any of the games, you'll want to be sure to quickly get them back on the horse and keep them in the game.


Hold your horses! We reckon it's time for some horse play!

APPLE EATING CONTEST – The apple eating contest is an exciting horse game and you’ll just need some string and enough apples for each guest to have one. Horses love eating apples, so in this game, guests will try to eat apples without using their hands. However, there is a catch – before the party, you will use string to hang the apples from a tree limb. The apples will be swinging around as the kids try to eat them. Remind guests that they cannot use their hands. See who can eat their apple first or time the game and see who can eat the most apples in that specific amount of time.

STOMP THE FLY BALLOON GAME – Another great horse game idea is the stomp the fly balloon game. You will need black balloons and string for this game. Make sure you have enough black balloons for each participant to have one. Blow the balloons up before the party to save time. Right before the game begins, tie a black balloon to each guest’s ankle and then you can tell them that the balloon is a horse fly. The object of the game is to kill the horse fly of other “horses.” They can do this by stomping on the “flies.” Of course, they also want to protect their horse fly. Once you start the game, kids can try stomping “flies.” If a “horse” has their “fly” stomped, they are out of the game. The last “horse” left with their horse fly will be the winner.

MUSTANGS VS WRANGLERS TAG – A fun twist on tag, the mustangs versus wranglers tag game is tons of fun for your party guests. You’ll probably want to take this game outdoors so kids have plenty of room to run around. Divide party guests into two different teams. Designate one team to be the Wranglers and the other team will be the Mustangs. The Wranglers have to try to round up all the wild Mustangs by tagging them and taking them to their side of the game area. If a Mustang is tagged, they have to go with a Wrangler and be put in the “corral.” Time the game, seeing how long it takes all the Wranglers to round up the herd of wild Mustangs. Then, switch teams and play the game again, timing this game too. The Wranglers that are able round up the Mustangs in the least amount of time will win this fun game.

HORSE WATERING RELAY RACE – On a hot day, kids will enjoy the chance to get wet as they play this horse game. You’ll need two “troughs,” two big tubs full of water and a couple Styrofoam cups. However, you are supposed to punch 2-3 small holes in each cup before the party. Divide kids into two teams. Have them line up. When you start the relay race, have the first person on each team take the cup and fill it with some of the water from the big tub of water. Then, they have to go as fast as possible to the finish line where the horse “trough” is and put the water in the trough. However, they really have to hurry, since the holes will make water leak out of the cup. The goal is for a team to totally fill up the horse trough with water. The team that accomplishes this first wins.

LASSO THE WILD HORSE GAME – This is one horse game that is sure to have your party guests giggling and having a fabulous time. You’ll only need a length of rope that has been made into a lasso. Try buying a rope already made into a lasso or check online for directions to make your own lasso. To play the game, you’ll choose one of your guests to start out as the cowgirl or cowboy. The cowgirl or cowboy stands in the middle and the rest of the guests make a circle around the cowgirl or cowboy. When you give the signal, all the players have to run around in the circle and the cowgirl or cowboy has to try to lasso one of the “wild horses.” Once a “horse” is caught, then that person is in the middle and becomes the cowboy or cowgirl as you play the next round. Make sure you play this game for several rounds so different guests get a chance to be in the middle and try their hand at using a lasso.

HORSE GAME - STACK THEM CUBES! - Each wrangler has a pile of sugar cubes. When you say "Giddy-up" wranglers race to build the tallest stack of sugar cubes in a timed period.

HORSE GAME - RACIN' FOR CUBES! - Divide wranglers into 2 teams and line them up. Place empty bowl on a chair at the start line for each team. Place bowl of sugar cubes (2 cubes per child) on chair at finish line. Give first wrangler on each team a spoon. When you say "Giddy-up" the first wranglers run to their bowls, scoop out 1 cube with spoon, run back to start line, and put cube in bowl. Then wranglers give their spoons to their next teammate and game continues in same fashion. Whichever team gets all of their cubes into their other bowl first wins.

HORSE GAME - HAYSTACK TREASURES - Create 2 haystacks (age appropriate size) and hide plastic horses, pennies, nickels, and dimes. Divide wranglers into 2 teams. When you say "Giddy-up" wranglers try to find as many Haystack Treasures in a timed period. Each gets to keep what they find and whoever finds the most wins.

HORSE RACE - Create a life-size "game board" in your yard using carpet squares. Lay them out in a Candyland Game fashion. Add a few obstacles like saw horses, galvanized buckets, bales of hay, etc. then have all your horsies (guests) compete to the finish line. Write numbers 0-3 on index cards, along with a command like gallop, trot, run, canter, whinny, and neigh. As the cards are drawn, they move forward the number of spaces on the card, while performing command. For example, move forward 2 spaces while trotting.

HORSESHOES - For older kids use real horseshoes and for younger kids use plastic or rubber horseshoe or make horseshoe rings from rope. Secure stakes in ground and have kids stand an age-appropriate distance to throw their shoes. Divide wranglers into teams. Let each player throw 2-3 horseshoes or rings. To keep scoring easy, give 1 point if horseshoe or rope touches stake and 2 points if it is a ringer. Whichever team reaches a certain number of points first wins.

HORSE DOORKNOB HANGERS - Purchase foam doorknob hangers and have wranglers decorate them with gel pens and horse stickers.

HORSE PINATA - Blindfold wranglers using bandana. Wrap bat with birthday colored streamers and curling ribbons.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Test your guests' brains while having fun. If you happen to be a Printable Game fan, this site has great game options to choose from which include various themes and games for different age ranges.

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