Fantastic Horse Birthday Party To Create The "Mane" Event

Fun And Fabulous Horse Birthday Party
The Perfect Choice For Your Cowboy/Cowgirl Kid!

Stop horsin' around and start creating a memorable horse party for your little wranglers that they are sure to enjoy. Use some of the following ideas to make your equestrian celebration shine!

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Kids who are horse lovers are sure to enjoy a party where the horse is the center of the theme. This type of party offers alot of flexibility. You can create the atmosphere to be one that gives an air of the good old-fashioned western flavor equipped with horses and other farm type animals. Or, if you're just wanting the theme without the stink so to speak, you can easily create that too.

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So, get ready to round up all your horse-lovin' friends and party western style. To help get you started, here are some horse-themed party ideas.


A great horse party starts out with a fun invite that will get all your little wranglers excited about attending that thar party. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

HORSE COLORING PAGE INVITATIONS – Find a pretty horse themed coloring page that you like. Make copies of it so you have one page for each of the guests you plan to invite. Make sure that the coloring pages are only printed on one side when you have them copied. Have fun coloring the coloring pages, or have your kids help you a bit with the coloring. Fold the pages in half so they open like an invitation. On the inside, write, “Grab your cowboy hat you’re your boots too, we’re holding a pony party and you’re invited too.” Then, write all the important details for guests, such as the date, party location, time and other info.

COWBOY HAT PARTY INVITATION – Find some small cowboy hats (small enough for guests to wear) that are reasonably priced, then purchase one for each guest you are going to invite. On a small piece of cardstock, write or print out all the party info for your guests. Using some double sided tape, tape the cardstock to the inside of the hat so guests have to reach in and retrieve the card. Deliver these fun invitations by hand. Have guests wear the cowboy hats to the horse birthday party as party of their costume.

HORSESHOE PARTY INVITATIONS – Purchase some plastic horseshoes to use for these party invitations. Take some colorful construction paper or cardstock and use it to write out all the details for your horse birthday party. Attach the card with the information to a plastic horseshoe, securing it with some pretty ribbon. Hand out the horseshoes to your guests or box them up and send them if you cannot deliver them by hand.

BAG OF HAY INVITATIONS – Buy a small amount of hay from a farmer and divide it up into small bags (or you could make it into tiny hay bales). Along with the hay, you’ll want to make some fun cards with all the of the party details on them. Add some fun horse stickers to the cards with the party info. Tie them to the bag of hay or your mini hay bales. Deliver to guests for a fun preview of the party that they are sure to appreciate.

HORSE BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS #2 - Cut a piece of tan card stock into 4 pieces. Then create a farm/ranch scene by using various stickers. Across the top you could say something like: "Trot on Over to (name of birthday child)____'s Ranch for a Rootin' Tootin Good Time." On the reverse side you can type or hand write party details as follows:

Big birthday roundup will be on (date and time of party)
at the O.K. Coral located at (address of party)
R.S.V.P. to Horse Trainer (parent's name and phone number)


Invite your little cowpokes to get all duded up in their wrangler attire. Any combination of jeans, plaid shirts, fringe vests, bib overalls, cowboy boots and hats will help set the stage for a fun wild horse party.


  • Outside on the walkway leading up to the party, use some sidewalk chalk to draw horseshoes on the sidewalk in various colors, or the party colors you have chosen. Make them look as if they are leading up to the entrance of your horse birthday party. Guests will enjoy following the horse shoe prints to the party.

  • If you’re holding the party inside, create your own fence around the area using some cardboard boxes. Take large cardboard boxes, such as refrigerator boxes, and trace the shape of a fence on them. Cut out the boxes following the lines you have drawn for the fence. Make enough fencing to attach all around the party area. You could even add some horse pictures behind the cardboard fence to make it looks like the horses are behind the fence.

  • Create a photo op area for your party guests. Take a bale of hay and set a horse saddle on top of the bale of hay. You can also get a horse riding helmet to go with it for guests to wear. Let kids climb on top of the saddle and take their picture while they are wearing the horse riding helmet. It will make for great pictures and you can have pictures printed out and put into horse themed frames as a fun party favor that will make them remember all the party fun.

  • For an outdoor party, use plenty of hay to help decorate the party area. Toss bits of hay on the ground to create walkways. You can even get bales of hay to use as chairs for all of your guests to enjoy sitting on during the party.

  • If you're looking for a real eye-catching entrance, you might want to add a horse-related arch, something like a large horseshoe shape would be fun, along with black and brown horses. This would certainly make for a great photo-op!

  • Decorate wider walkways with brown sheets tied back with rope.

  • Make sign that says "Welcome to (Your Child's Name) Birthday Corral" and hang on the front door for guests to see as they arrive for your horse birthday party.

  • Line walkway with rope.

  • Display horse toys or use jumbo horse foil balloons in your party room for decorations.

  • Hang pictures of horses on your party room walls and when the party is over, transfer them to your child's bedroom walls.

  • Put horse mylar balloon on birthday child's chair and hellium balloons on other chairs.

  • Hang a horse flag banner outside to alert your guests of your party location or hang it around the ceiling of the party room.

  • Sprinkle horse confetti on your table tops for added horse decor.

  • Place a hrose activity placemat at each of your cowpokes' place-setting and they can all do the activities on the back while waitin' on their grub.

  • Hang horse posters on walls and/or fences.

  • Hang some western themed cut outs on your walls to bring the horse theme alive.

  • Hang a personalized wall birthday banner on one of your party room walls, over the cake table or perhaps over the garage door.

  • Play country music in background.

  • Put a fun horse yard sign in your yard to alert your cowpokes of your horse party.


PRINTABLE GAMES - If you are thinking of wrangling in a few Print & Play Games, then you might want to check out this site as they have several from which you may choose.

Here's an entire page with nothing but the following Horse Games and Activities:
  • Stack Them Cubes!
  • Racin' For cubes!
  • Haystack Treasures
  • Horse Race #1
  • Horse Race #2
  • Horseshoes
  • Pin the Tail on the Horsie
  • Musical Chairs or Musical Buckets
  • Horse Doorknob Hangers
  • Pony Rides
  • Horse Pinata


WRANGLER CHOW - Hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, corn on the cob, hash-browned potatoes. Serve in tin pie plates.

FRUIT KABOBS - String cut up pieces of apple, oranges, pineapple, pears, strawberries, seedless grapes on kabob sticks.

TASTY CAMPFIRE S’MORES – If you have a campfire outdoors, allow guests to roast marshmallows to be used to make s’mores. If you are holding the party indoors, you can always use the microwave to heat up the chocolate and marshmallows, making tasty, sticky s’mores that will really add something special to your horse birthday party.

CARAMEL APPLES – Horses are well known for loving apples, so make your own caramel apples to serve at the party. Stick popsicle sticks in apples that have been washed well. Then, take bags of caramels and heat them up according to the directions on the package. Once heated, dip the apples in the caramel. Allow the caramel to drip off and then place on parchment paper to set. You can even drizzle with chocolate or sprinkle with sprinkles to make the caramel apples look extra special for your party.

WESTERN DRINKS - Serve bottles of root bear for western flair.


horse birthday
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If you're thinking about making the birthday cake, here are a few ideas to get you thinkin' horse.

HORSE BIRTHDAY PARTY CAKE - Make or purchase a sheet cake and create a ranch scene. Decorate it with plastic horses, fencing, barn, shrubs, trees, etc.

HORSE HEAD CAKE - Make a round cake and cover it with green frosting. Download a horse head to use as a template and cut out the shape from fondant. Place the head on the center of the cake. Then cut from a different colored fondant some strips to use as the bridle and place them on the face as you would see on a horse. Lastly, pipe out a mane and give your horse an eye. Add a birthday message and perhaps a few flowers to decorate the top.

HORSE CAKE - Make or purchase a white sheet cake and frost it white. Then decorate it with an edible sugar art image that is shaped in the horse. This is a quick and easy way to make your cake look both professional and spectacular.


Use some of the following ideas to fill your horse birthday party favor needs:

BANDANNA BAGS - Fill cellophane bags with party favors and then tie a bandanna around the bag or put favors directly into bandanna and tie it. Fill bag with any combination of pony tail holder, horse stickers or tattoos, horse pencils and horse notepads, plastic horses, and a cowboy hat.

Have fun! Yippie-Ki-Aye!

Horse Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite Horse Birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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