Homemade Costumes Ideas That Are Quick & Easy!

Fun And Fabulous Homemade Costumes Ideas
That Are Creative, Inexpensive, and
Perfect For The Do-It-Yourself-Ers!

Whether you are hosting a costume party or going to one, the bottom line is you need a costume! If you are toying with the idea of making your own, I've put together an alphabetical list of some of the more popular options from which to select.

However, if you're not sure if you really want to make your own costume and you're thinking of possibly buying a Ready-Made Kids Costume or a Ready-Made Adult Costume, then here's a great site that has just about everything you could possibly think of being.

But if you have decided to take the plunge and want to opt for homemade, you will usually be able to save some $$, plus it allows for the imagination to run wild. You can be everything from a bunch of grapes to a scarecrow! We've gathered together some of the costume ideas that we've come across to help you get your creative costume juices flowing.


ALVIN OF THE CHIPMUNKS - Wear brown pants and a long red pullover or sweatshirt that has a large yellow "A" on the front.

ANGEL - White tights and a leotard. Make the wings by shaping wire coat hangers into a wing shape. Cover the hangers with white tulle. Pin the wings to the back of the leotard. Make a headband using silver glitter wire or cover floral wire with layers of foil. Add several strands of white and silver curling ribbons off the back of the headband, going down the back. Add a wand made from a wood dowel with a cardboard star covered in foil with glitter glued to it.

ANNIE - Wear a red dress with a white sash. Add a red wig and pencil in some red freckles.

AUSTIN POWERS - Only a blue velvet suit will do. Wear a woman's blouse that has white lacy full sleeves and a jabot at the neck. Add heavy black-rimmed glasses.


BEAUTY QUEEN - Dress in a long gown. Pile hair up on head. Make-up with glitter. Add a tiara, and high heels.

BOB THE BUILDER - Blue overalls with a red shirt and a yellow hard hat. Add some work books and perhaps a tool belt.

BUBBLE BATH - Wear a white sweat suit. Pin small, white balloons all over the sweat suit. Glue a small yellow rubber ducky to your shoulder. Wear a plastic shower cap. Hang a loofa on a string around your wrist.

BUM - Wear dirty, ripped up clothes that are too big or too small. Dirty up your face, hands, and arms. Wear some gloves that have some of the fingers missing. Carry a cardboard sign that says, "Will Work For Food."

BUMBLEBEE - Wear black tights, a short black skirt, and a black and yellow striped top. Add a black antennae headband.

BUNNY - Wear pink leotards and tights. Add a large white pom pom tail. Make bunny ears from construction paper and glue to a plastic headband.


CLOWN - Wear a colorful sweatshirt and sweat pants. Using fabric paint, add various colored polka dots in differing sizes. Attach various colored felt triangles to a fabric strip or cord (sew or glue) and tie around neck. Paint a clown face by making a big red smile, red circles on the cheeks, and blue crosses on the eyelids. Add a big red rubber clown nose and oversized glasses and a multi-colored clown Afro wig.

CONSTRUCTION WORKER - Wear a plaid shirt, jeans, and work boots. Add a hard hat and a tool belt.

CRASH TEST DUMMY - Wear a sweat suit or tights and leotard. Cover yourself with duct tape and add some webbing across your waist and chest to create the seatbelt.


GHOST - White sheet with cutouts for the eyes and nose. To make sure the head portion stays put so you can breathe, use a strip of white sheet and tie around the neck area.

GRAPES - Wear green tights and leotard or purple tights and leotard. Pin small green or purple balloons from the thighs up to the leotard to create the cluster of grapes.

HARLEM GLOBETROTTER - Wear red, white and blue shorts, light blue tank top, and tennis shoes. Add an Afro wig and a headband and carry a basketball.

HIPPIE - Wear a tie-dyed t-shirt, suede vest with fringe, and bell-bottom jeans. If you don't have long hair, add a wig, headband, and John Lennon sunglasses.

HUNCHBACK FROM NOTRE DAME - Wear an old, ratty coat that will accommodate your "hump" or an extra-large shirt. Make your hump out of a piece of thick foam. Wear a ratty old wig or "style" your hair to look like Quasimoto.


JAPANESE DOLL - Wear a wig or dye hair black and put it up on your head in a bun. Paint face white and add red rosy cheeks. Wear a kimono and thong slippers.

LADYBUG - Wear a black sweat suit or black tights and leotard. Cut a large red oval out of a piece of posterboard. Glue black posterboard dots to it. Staple or glue wide black elastic pieces onto the board to slip arms through. Make antennae by attaching black pipe cleaners to a black headband and top them off with small black pom poms.

LITTLE OLD LADY - Old house dress in an ugly plaid or crazy floral pattern. Stockings that have runs or holes. Pin a throw pillow at the waist area to "enhance" the rear end. White wig with a pin hat. Add an ugly flower to the hat. Glasses, old-fashion "pocketbook", and either old slippers or "sensible" looking shoes.


M & M - Cut out two large circles of felt in any M&M color (green, yellow, red, blue, brown, etc.) that are big enough to place over your body. Sew the edge together leaving an opening for the head, arms and legs. Cut out two white "M's" from white felt and glue or sew to the center of the M&M on the front and back.

MAD SCIENTIST - Wear a white lab coat and black pants. Add a crazy, messed up gray wig. Add wire-rim glasses and carry a beaker.

MARILYN MONROE - Sleeveless white dress with a full skirt and high heels. Add a blonde wig, lots of makeup and red lipstick.

MIME - Wear a black shirt, black pants, and a black beret. Paint your face white with red lips and a black tear running down your cheek.

MISS AMERICA - Get an old bridesmaid or formal dress from a thrift shop. Add high heels, long gloves, gaudy jewelry, and a tiara. Make a "Miss America" banner to wear.

MUMMY - Paint face white and spray hair white. Wear white leotard and tights or white long underwear. Tear white sheets into 2" strips and wrap your child starting at the ankles. Secure sheet ends with either white or clear medical tape. Be sure to leave the mouth and eyes uncovered. For more of a mummified look, add some black paint under the eyes.


NERD - Wear long pants that are too short and reveals a pair of white socks with black shoes. Slick back hair using heavy hair gel. Add a plaid, short-sleeve cotton shirt with a front pocket that houses a plastic pocket protector full of pens. Wear a pair of glasses that has tape wrapped around the center nose-piece or one of the sides.

OLD MAN - Baggy pants and a plaid shirt. Add a gray wig or color your hair gray and top with a flannel plaid hat. Add a cane or a walker.

OLD WOMAN - Old-fashion plaid dress, stockings rolled with garters, and oxfords or tennis shoes. Wear a gray wig or dye hair gray, add glasses, and a pocketbook.


PAINTER - Wear white overall that are splattered with various colors of paint.

PIRATE - Black sweats, white shirt with puffy full sleeves, bandana for the head, eye patch, red sash or red fabric tied around the waist, parrot Beanie Baby for the shoulder, and a plastic sword or a sword cut out of cardboard and covered with foil.


ROBIN HOOD - Long underwear dyed brown or brown tights. Long, green felt tunic. Fold felt in half and cut out opening for neck. Sew sides leaving openings for arms. Tie at waist with leather cord or belt. Green felt hat with a feather. Make a medallion to hang around neck using a piece of cardboard covered with foil and decorated with glitter. Tape a paperclip to the back and string yarn, ribbon, or cord through it and tie at neck. Make a bow using a long, thick stick and a piece of string.

ROBOT - Find some boxes that will cover your arms, legs, and torso. Tape them together using gray duct tape and paint the boxes gray.


SCARECROW - Wear a plaid, flannel shirt and stuff it with strips of cut-up brown paper bag. Add a pair of old jeans or jean overalls. Use a piece of rope for a belt. Add a straw hat.

SOCK HOP GIRL - Wear a poodle skirt, tight sweater, bobby socks and saddle oxfords. Tie hair back into a ponytail using a scarf and add cat-framed glasses.


TOURIST - Wear either baggy shorts or shorts that are too short. Top with a wild floral Hawaiian print shirt. Hang a couple of cameras around your neck. Wear a floppy hat, sunglasses, and carry a map.

TRAIN ENGINEER - Wear a pair of blue and white striped overalls and engineer hat, white long-sleeved pullover shirt, bandana, whistle, and carry a lantern.

WEATHERMAN - Wear a big raincoat and carry a microphone.

If you're feeling like a homemade costume is just more then you can muster, here are some Fantabulous Costumes from the #1 costume supplier on the Net.

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