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Hollywood is known for its glitz and glamour, which makes a Hollywood themed birthday party an excellent choice for an adult birthday party.

Instead of only experiencing the life of the stars on television or in the movies, you can bring Hollywood to life with a Hollywood themed birthday party. It’s a party theme that the special birthday guest is sure to enjoy, especially since they’ll be the “star of the show.”

Of course, it can be difficult to know how to begin planning. To help you throw an incredible party fit for the stars of the silver screen, here are some top ideas for costumes, invitations, games, cakes and more. Use these ideas or customize them creatively to ensure you throw an incredible party that everyone will rave about.


Start out by sending guests some exciting invitations that offer a glimpse into the Hollywood theme party. It may be difficult to find premade invitations that fit your theme, but it’s not a problem, since you can easily create stunning homemade invites that set off the Hollywood theme with style.

One excellent invitation idea is to create invitations that look like backstage passes. VIP passes also make for a great invite.

Another great invitation idea is to use silver or gold paper cut into the shape of stars. Use the front of the star to announce the party and then include the party information on the back of the star.

Invitations that look like movie tickets look cool and are easy for you to make.

You may even want to create invitations in the shape of the Oscar award, the Emmy aware or even a Grammy.

Of course, you do not want to forget about some fun wording for your invitations but you may not know what to write to make your invitations special. Here are a few wording ideas that will go with a Hollywood themed birthday party:

- You’re invited to a Red Carpet Affair to celebrate (name’s) birthday.

- A star was born (age) years ago. Come celebrate with (Name).

- It’s show time! (Name) is turning (age) and you’ve got a ticket to the celebration.

- Admit One! Star Studded Birthday Party on (date).

- Get ready to walk the red carpet at (name’s) special birthday party.


It always adds a bit of extra fun to have your guests show up in costumes. The costume ideas for a Hollywood theme party are virtually endless.

One idea is to have your guests dress up like one of their favorite actresses or actors for the big event.

You may even want to have them dress in formal attire, just like they would for a real red carpet event.

Another idea is to have guests dress up as a favorite movie or television character, which is sure to be a lot of fun.


Decorate the area for the Hollywood themed birthday party to ensure your guests really feel like Hollywood stars.

For the entrance of the party area, put down a red carpet so everyone can enjoy walking the red carpet as they arrive for the party.

It’s also nice to add a big VIP banner to the entrance of the party, letting your guests know where the party is and how important they are.

To decorate the walls, use Star Walk of Fame stars on the walls.

Make your own or purchase some that can be hung up around the party area.

Allow guests to put their own names on the stars, making them the big stars of the party.

To carry out your Hollywood theme, you’ll want to make everything look extravagant. Consider choosing a specific Hollywood era for your décor, which makes it easy for you to decide on the décor.

When decorating your tables, make sure they look classy, adding white tablecloths and red table runners.

Add extra elegance with roses displayed in crystal vases or beautiful floating candles as centerpieces.

It’s also fun to have a screen set up with an old Hollywood black and white movie playing soundlessly in the background, which is sure to add to the feel of the party.

You can even add ambiance with popular theme songs from show or movie soundtracks.


Keep your Hollywood theme party going with some great games and activities for everyone to get involved in.

One fun game to play is Hollywood trivia. Make the game like trivial pursuit with questions about movie characters, TV characters and other Hollywood themed questions.

Another fun idea is to have a board with numbered pictures of top Hollywood stars. Give guests a piece of paper and have them identify the star for each number. Offer a prize for the one who guesses the most star names correctly.

Charades is a perfect game idea too. Write Hollywood films, celebrity names or TV shows on pieces of paper. Have guests draw a piece of paper and then act out what they draw to make people guess the name of the celebrity or the name of the show or movie.

It’s also fun to have a photo booth set up where guests can have their photos taken when they first arrive in their costumes. Have disposable cameras for everyone too so they can all act as paparazzi, taking pictures throughout the party.

If you’re throwing the party on a night of an awards show, enjoy watching the show together during the party.


For your Hollywood themed birthday party, go with foods that complement your theme. Since you’re focusing on the glamorous, consider having a catered affair.

If you decide to make the food yourself, you can still dress it up by serving it on classy and elegant tables.

Finger foods are an excellent choice, but go with elegant choices like stuffed olives, mini sandwiches or pate and biscuits.

Fruit and cheese trays make an excellent food choice, as do trays of cold cuts and mini rolls.

If you’re going for a less formal birthday party, you can serve up tasty theater foods, such as tacos, hotdogs, popcorn, nachos, corndogs and other theater favorites.

For beverages, sparkling apple cider, grape juice, ginger ale and cream soda all make excellent choices.


Use your cake as a centerpiece on the food table; it will instantly give it a bit of pizazz. The good news is that you have many great cake options to choose from for a Hollywood theme party.

Consider going with a cake that is themed with the guest of honor’s favorite movie.

A sheet cake decorated to look like a movie screen is a wonderful idea as well.

You may even want to make a cake shaped like a star, writing the guest of honor’s name on the star to make it look like a glitzy star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Last, make sure you send your guests home with something special at the end of the party. Choose favors that go along with the Hollywood theme, such as movies, star shaped cookies or even grab bags full of great goodies.

Hollywood stars often get goody bags after big Hollywood parties, so fill the bags with great gifts. For the ladies, makeup, lotions and soap items make great choices. Music CDs, guy friendly movies and movie posters make great choices for the guy’s goodie bags.

YOUR Favorite Hollywood Theme Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Hollywood theme party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Hollywood cakes and costumes.

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