Hockey Birthday Party Ideas That'll Have You Clearing The Puck In No Time!

Fun And Fabulous Hockey Birthday Party Ideas
Skate Your Way To Success!

If you've decided to have a hockey theme party, then you'll be glad to know that you've manage to land upon just the right site. There's no need to wrack your brain trying to figure out what to do, as we've got lots of great hockey party ideas from which you choose. Everything is suitable for a hockey birthday, celebrating a team win, or hosting a World Cup party for all your hockey-lovin' fans.

To help get you started in scoring a party goal, I've organized this page to take you through everything from the invites to the good-byes. Come on, let's get started. No need to be a bender or skate around trying to figure out how to pull it all together; I've got you covered. And by all means, don't wait to last minute to plan your party or you might start getting chippy with your friends and family. Scroll on as I have a few hat tricks that are top shelf.


MINI HOCKEY STICK PARTY INVITATIONS – Get the hockey birthday party started right with these fun invitations. Purchase mini hockey sticks, making sure they are large enough for you to write on. Buy enough for all your young hockey guests to have a stick. Use a permanent market and write your hockey party details right on the hockey sticks. If you can’t find the mini hockey sticks, purchase hockey shaped pencils and attach a card with the party info to the hockey shaped pencils. These invitations should probably be delivered by hand, which allows you to see the excitement of your party guests when they see their exciting hockey invites.

DRAFT NOTICE HOCKEY PARTY INVITATIONS – Another great idea for invitations is to make invitations that look like a draft notice. Make the notices look professional and tell guests that the National Hockey League is drafting them and they need to report to training camp. Be sure that the draft notices include all the pertinent details for your hockey birthday party. For fun delivery, have someone dress up in a referee jersey and hand deliver these “draft notices” to all your party guests.

HOCKEY MASK PARTY INVITATIONS – Hockey mask invitations make a fun choice for your guests as well. Purchase some costume hockey masks for all of your hockey party guests. Write or print out the party info on some pieces of cardstock and attach the cards to the hockey mask using some string or ribbon. When writing out the party details, make sure that you tell your guests to wear their masks to the party as part of their hockey costume. Deliver the masks by hand.

JERSEY SHAPED INVITES - Cut your invite into the shape of a hockey jersey using a piece of card stock. Add your party info on one side and put the age of the birthday recipient on the other side. You can also decorate the jersey in your favorite team colors for added fun.

HOCKEY PUCK INVITES - Type out the party particulars on a piece of card stock or perhaps a decorative piece of scrapbook paper that has a hockey theme. Jazz up the edges by cutting them with some decorative scissors. If you didn't use card stock, laminate the invite to give it stability. Then hole punch a corner and attach to a hockey puck.

Hockey Birthday Party Invitations

3-D HOCKEY STICK INVITES - Download a picture of your favorite hockey player or use your child dressed in his hockey gear. Be sure the picture has a hockey stick in his hand. Write party info inside and glue a bendable straw on top of the hockey stick in the picture.

HOCKEY TICKET INVITES - Cut out a rectangle shape from card stock and decorate it to resemble an admission ticket. You can add a small hockey logo in one corner and say things like, Admit One, Seat Number, and add a barcode. Flip that baby over and add your party details.


Invite everyone to wear their favorite team jersey or their own team uniform. If you are going to include a game of hockey, be sure to tell everyone to bring their gear.


When it comes to making a selection for your party colors, the best option would be to use your favorite team's colors. Otherwise, you could select those colors that happen to be contained in your partyware when decorating for your hockey birthday party.

  • Using a large cardboard box, make your own hockey penalty box. Set a table next to the box where guests can leave birthday presents. Then, when it is time for the guest of honor to open the presents, you can have them sit in the penalty box while they open the presents. The penalty box will also make a great place for guests to have their picture taken during the party.

  • Record a hockey game on your DVR or buy a movie of a hockey game. Set up a television in the party area and play the hockey game during the hockey birthday party to add to the hockey ambiance.

  • Instead of regular food tables, consider making your food tables into a concession stand, just like the stands at hockey games. Use hockey themed serving dishes and paper goods as well.

  • Accent your mailbox while simultaneously letting everyone know the location of the hockey party by adding a bouquet of balloons to the mailbox. This will instatntly let guests know the location of your shindig.

  • Create hockey sticks out of yard stakes. Glue or staple a small piece to the bottom of the stake to make the face portion of the hockey stick. Attach a "puck" to each stake that has been made out of black poster board. Insert the sticks at an angle to line your walkway.

  • Accent portions of the room with large bouquets of balloons that also contain some Hockey Mylar's.

  • Hang some hockey jerseys on the party room walls.

  • Hang posters of hockey players on the walls to liven them up and zero in on your theme.

  • Decorate door and window frames with twisted streamers.

  • Make some ceiling danglers out of card stock. Start by downloading some hockey pucks or if there is a budding artist within, draw your own. Then hang them at various lengths. You can use fishing line if you want them to look invisible or go with curling ribbon that coordinates with your colors.

  • Go all out and twist streamers to cover the entire ceiling with an array of team colored streamers.

  • Fill the ceiling with balloons in your favorite team's colors.

  • Download hockey team logos and create ceiling danglers out of them.

  • Hang a hockey birthday banner over party tables and/or your garage door.


  • Create a centerpiece in a trophy and then give it a hugh splash of color with some balloons.

  • Decorate the table using a theme table cover, party ware and centerpiece.

  • Make some hockey theme placemats by laminating pictures of hockey players, or use some actual hockey pennants that can later be given as party favors, or make some pennants out of felt.

  • Cover the table with butcher paper and draw on a playing field or use painter's tape to create it.

  • Toss some confetti onto the table top or even the floor if you're willing to clean up tiny pieces of paper.

  • Tie small bouquets of balloons to chair backs or hang hockey pennants off of them instead.

  • Serve munchies in face masks lined with a hockey printed piece of fabric.


HOCKEY GAME - If you're hosting the party at a place where you can play field hockey or you've reserved an ice hockey rink, then by all means incorporate a shortened version of either game into your activities.

AIR HOCKEY -If you have access to an air hockey table, this would be a great add-on to the party for guests to do while visiting with one another.

HOCKEY OBSTACLE COURSE - Prior to party time, in fact way before, create an obstacle course that has a hockey theme. Time each guest while they hit a ball with a hockey stick through the course. Whoever has the best time without hitting any of the obstacles shall be the winner. For younger guests, you can just deduct points for any hits on the various obstacles.

If you want to turn this into a competitive relay, create two identical obstacle courses, either split guests into teams or have them divide themselves into teams and compete to get all their teammates through the course first before the other team(s) do so.

Hockey Birthday Party Games

H.O.R.S.E. - This is a popular basketball game that can easily be adapted to hockey. Everyone needs to line up or draw numbers to order the shooters.

The first person selects a spot on the ice or field and takes a shot. If the puck goes into the goal, the next person in line has to mimic the shot from the same location. A miss earns an "H".

The next player tries to duplicate the 1st person's shot and the game continues like this until everyone has taken a shot. Every person who misses gets an "H".

Now we're back to the 1st shooter. That person starts the process again, but this time she or he misses and also gets an "H" as a result of the miss. Now the next person in line gets to designate the shot and location.

If that person's shot is good, then everyone will strive to duplicate that one. If the shot is missed, an "H" is earned and the 3rd person in line takes the helm.

The game continues in this fashion until one person remains in the game. Each time a person blows a shot they earn a letter and once "HORSE" is spelled out by someone they are no longer allowed to participate in the game.


HOCKEY BALL CONTEST - Set up a bucket and have everyone try to hit a ball into the bucket using a hockey stick. They can all try doing so from various distances like 25, 35 and 45 feet. Each distance earns progressively more points.

HOCKEY GOALIE CONTEST #1 - In full goalie gear, have your guests take turns trying to block the balls from getting a goal. Whoever blocks the most balls is the winner.

HOCKEY GOALIE CONTEST #2 - Have everyone try to make goals while blindfolded. Whoever makes the most consecutive goals is the winner. Depending upon the age and skill of the players, you can alter this game a bit to involve a longer distance, perhaps have them do it while blindfolded or spin them around first and then have them hit the ball.

PUCK PASSING CONTEST - Have all your guests pair up and pass a buck back and forth to their partner while traveling to the finish line. Time everyone and whichever team has the best time shall be the winners.


If you are hosting a younger crowd at your hockey birthday party, consider going with some classic party games; you know the kind that are tried and true, but give them a little hockey twist to stay on theme. You can come up with some ideas of your own, but these ideas will give you some inspiration.

FOLLOW THE GOALIE – This game is played a lot like the classic game Follow the Leader, but it has a fun hockey twist that will keep kids entertained. Have one person be the “goalie” and have them begin leading the game. Whatever the goalie does, everyone has to do. The goalie can hop around the room, pretend to skate around the party area, or lead the other “hockey players” in run around the area.

REFEREE SAYS – Played a lot like the old favorite, Simon Says, this game is easy for younger guests but still has an exciting hockey twist. Have one guest, or an adult helper, be the “Referee” for the game. The Referee will say, “Referee says” and then give a command. For example, “Referee says sit down on the ice,” or “Referee says hop on one foot.” Of course, if the ref gives a command without saying “Referee says” and kids follow that command, they are out of the game. You can always let kids take turn being the referee.

HOCKEY PIÑATA – Purchase a hockey piñata, which is always a party favorite with kids. Instead of using regular sticks to break the piñata, give kids hockey sticks to use when hitting the piñata. Not only will the piñata be a fun activity for kids, but it also adds to your hockey party décor.

Hockey Birthday Party Ideas - Classic Party Games

PIN THE PUCK ON THE GOALIE - Hang a poster of a goalie on the wall and mark the place to be pinned with a big red "X". Cut out pucks from black construction paper and have your guests try to pin their puck to the goalie using double-stick tape.

HOT PUCK - This game is like Hot Potato with a hockey twist. Have everyone sit in a circle. Give someone a plastic hockey puck to start passing around the circle while music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the puck is out of the game.

SPOON AND PUCK RELAY - This game is played like the Egg and the Spoon. Divide everyone into teams. Give your teams a spoon and a plastic puck. The kids will run/walk their way across the yard and back to their team mates while balancing a puck on a spoon. If they drop it, they must start over. The team that gets through all their teammates first are the winners.


For the most part you will probably want to opt for concession type food, which will keep things pretty simple. However, you might also want to add a few theme items too. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Puck burgers (Hamburgers)

  • Hot dogs

  • Nachos

  • Pizza

  • Walking taco

  • French fries

  • Snow cones

  • Soft breadsticks shaped like hockey sticks

  • Brownies shaped like hockey pucks

  • PowerAde

  • Gatorade


HOCKEY PUCK CUPCAKES – Cupcakes are always favorites with kids and these hockey puck cupcakes will look amazing on your party food table. They are super easy to make too! Bake up a batch of cupcakes using chocolate cake mix. Make enough cupcakes so each guest will be able to have at least one cupcake. After the cupcakes have cooled, use black using to decorate the top of the cupcakes to look like a hockey puck. You will have the cupcakes done in no time and kids will enjoy getting the chance to eat a “hockey puck.”

HOCKEY SHEET CAKE #1 - If you would like to make the cake, but don't have time to do a lot of decorating, then you might want to opt to top a sheet cake off with a hockey themed edible image. It will look like it was professionally created.

HOCKEY SHEET CAKE #2 - Another easy cake option would be to design a fun hockey scene on top with plastic figurines or just top it off with a hockey themed cake topper.

Hockey Birthday Party Ideas for Hockey Cake

HOCKEY PUCK/JERSEY CAKE - Make a round cake and frost the sides black. Frost the top white. Cut a jersey shape out of fondant that is in your favorite team color. Lay it on top of the cake and decorate it with the age and name of the birthday person.

HOCKEY THEME CAKE - Frost the cake in one of your team colors. Pipe out white lines across the top to create the look of a hockey net. Make the puck and hockey stick out of fondant and lay on top of the net. Add a birthday message.

HOCKEY CUPCAKES - Top some cupcakes with a mini hockey stick and puck fashioned out of fondant.


If you would like to send your guests home with a little favor or two, here are some options to consider. Just be sure they all have a touch of hockey so you stay with your theme.

  • Inflatable hockey stick
  • Trading cards
  • Team zipper pull
  • Notepad and hockey stick pencil
  • Whistle
  • Hockey puck stress ball
  • Hockey stickers
  • Sports bottle
  • Hockey pennant
  • Ding Dongs and Oreos (hockey pucks)

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