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If you are planning on throwing a surprise Hello Kitty Birthday Party, then you certainly want to be careful to not let the cat out of the bag. Also, as you make your plans, be sure to pick a day when it's not expected to rain cats and dogs. To help you create that purr-fect party, check out the following games for your little guests to enjoy.

To give you the best opportunity for you to ultimately create a fun-filled Hello Kitty party, I know that you will need to have some great games on hand so I here goes--my two cents worth of Hello Kitty game ideas for you to consider. As you scroll down the page, don't let the cat get your tongue, take note of what might work and leave the rest behind like a cat on a hot tin roof!


HELLO KITTY DOORKNOB HANGERS - Purchase foam doorknob hangers and have your little Kitties decorate them with gel pens, Hello Kitty stickers, sequins, and jewels.

HELLO KITTY SAYS – If you’re looking for fun Hello Kitty games, kids are sure to enjoy this old favorite with a Hello Kitty twist. It’s played like Simon Says, but instead of having a “Simon,” you’ll need a “Hello Kitty” to lead the game. Have someone be the “Kitty” and give instructions by saying “Hello Kitty says stand on one leg.” You can use all different types of tasks, such as running to the other side of the room, rub your tummy, touch your elbow to your knee, etc. Of course, remind kids that they only obey when the leader says “Hello Kitty says…” The great thing about this game is that it will burn off energy, and kids of all ages are sure to enjoy it.

HELLO KITTY MOUSE SEARCH – For this game, take several plastic toy mice and place a number on the bottom of each mouse. Set up a group of small prizes, putting numbers on each prize to correspond with the numbers on the mice. Hide all of the mice around the party area. When it’s time for the game, have your little “Kitties” search for the mice you have hidden. When a person finds one mouse, they come get the corresponding prize and they are out of the game. This way everyone gets to get a prize.

HELLO KITTY LITTER RELAY RACE – Divide your guests into two or three teams. Each team gets a large container of sand. Then, at the finish line, place bowls. Give each team a plastic spoon. When the game starts, the first person on the team has to get a teaspoon of sand and quickly take it to the container at the finish line. Then the next person in line does the same thing. The team that fills up their container with sand will win the relay race.

HELLO KITTY GAMES - CATWALK - Spread long piece of bubble wrap and have kitties go across it trying not to pop any bubbles. Have them walk, crawl, roll, run, jump, cartwheel, somersault, etc. across. Each time a kitty successfully crosses without popping any bubbles they receive a point. The kitty with the most points wins.

MORY'S GARDEN BEAN BAG TOSS - Mory the Mole lives in Hello Kitty's garden. Either take a piece of refrigerator box cardboard or plywood and cut 3 holes large enough to throw beanbags through. Paint outside of cardboard or plywood to look like a garden. Make beanbags and have kitties take turns throwing bags into holes.

HELLO KITTY GAMES - FIND MY TWIN - Hello Kitty's twin is Mimmy and object of game is for each child to find their animal twin. Get 2 pictures of Hello Kitty's friends (dogs, sheep, bunnies, raccoons, mice, squirrels, bears, seals, and monkeys) and put them in a bowl. Have each child pull out a picture and keep it secret from the others. Then they all act out the animal they are with actions and sounds. As soon as kids find their twin they sit down together without revealing to anyone including their twin who they are because they might be wrong. Play continues until all kids are seated. Start with first couple of kids who sat down to see if they are correctly matched to their twin. The first couple who is matched right correctly wins.

FIND THE MICE - Hide small stuffed mice. Have kitties look for them. Whoever finds the most mice wins the game.

WHO SAID MEOW? - Kitties form large circle around birthday kitty. Parent quietly selects one kitty to start meowing. If birthday kitty guesses who made the meows then the two kitties switch places and game starts again. Play until everyone has been in the middle and meowed at least once.

HELLO KITTY BIRTHDAY PARTY PINATA - Blindfold kitties with piece of pink fabric. Wrap bat with pink tulle and decorate with pink and white curling ribbons.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Find fabulous Party Games that you can easily print out--as many as you need--on this excellent website that will fit wonderfully with your party theme:

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