Create A Purr-fectly Fun And Exciting Hello Kitty Birthday Party 

Fun And Fabulous Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas
To Create A Meow-Velous Party For Your Kitty-Lovin' Kid!

If you are thinking of creating a fun-filled Hello Kitty party full of cute kitty business that will provide your little kittens with a purr-fectly wonderful birthday party, then keep reading as I have put together all sorts of meow-velous ideas!

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As any Hello Kitty fan knows, she loves a good party. If you are in need of some ideas to help you turn your home into a party room that would be fit for Miss Kitty herself, then keep reading for all sorts of purr-fect party ideas. First off, be sure to fill the room up with lots of wonderful pink decor. In this case, you just can't have too much pink! If you are ready to get the party started, then read on, but don't let the cat out of the bag any too soon.

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BOW INVITATIONS - Cut 2 bows from shiny pink card stock. Decorate center with Hello Kitty sticker and glitter on the edges. Write "Hello Kitty Requests Your Presence At..." with a gel or glitter pen and place the party info on reverse side. Here's some suggested wording for your invite:

Calling all kitties. Come one, come all.
To my big Hello Kitty birthday ball.
Add the party local and the R.S.V.P. info
Be sure to add: "Remember, you can never have too many friends!"

HELLO KITTY FACE INVITATIONS – One of the simplest ideas for Hello Kitty birthday party invitations is to make Hello Kitty face invitations. While you could try to draw the face yourself, it’s easier and faster to print out the face of Hello Kitty from a picture online. Once you find a face that you like, print it out multiple times. You can print out the face in color or print it in black and white and color the face yourself. Then, on the back of the face, write all the party information. You can fold these invitations up and place them in envelopes before sending them to guests.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas For Invites

HELLO KITTY COOKIE INVITATIONS – Everyone enjoys an edible invitation and cookies are a perfect invitation idea, especially since Hello Kitty’s twin sister enjoys making cookies. You can purchase cookies decorated to look like Hello Kitty, or you can try making them yourself if you have the time. Carefully wrap a single cookie in a cellophane bag. Then, on a piece of cardstock, write the following: “You’re Invited to a Purr-fect Hello Kitty Birthday Party!” Include all of the pertinent party details on the piece of cardstock as well. Then, punch a hole in the card and use ribbon to attach it to the cellophane wrapped cookie. What a tasty way to invite guests to your Hello Kitty birthday party!

HELLO KITTY TIARA PARTY INVITATIONS – You can easily make your own Hello Kitty tiaras to use as 3-D invitations for the party. Start with a plain white headband. Glue some pink flowers to the headband. Then, print out pictures of Hello Kitty (they should be small) and attach to the headband with some hot glue. Attach a small card to each tiara using some ribbon, including all the party details, such as time, date and place, on the card. Make sure you tell your party guests to wear their tiaras to the party.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE HELLO KITTY BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS - Create tulle bow the color of Hello Kitty's hair bow, black glitter for whiskers and eyes, white glitter to outline head edges.


Transform guests into kittens with a pair of ears attached to a headband and equipped with a big bow. Have them wear large white adult undershirt, tie white sash around hips and attach white strip of fabric to the tail fabric at the hip. Face paint some whiskers and a nose; then add a Hello Kitty necklace.


When it comes to cartoon characters, Hello Kitty is one of the most popular, and a party with this theme has long been a favorite with little girls. To help you make your child's party extra special, I've put together lots of ideas that are sure to help you create a magical celebration.

  • Purchase some simple die-cut flowers for the party. Use a black marker to trace around the edges of the flowers, making them look like they came from a cartoon. Attach the die-cut flowers to pretty white streamers using glue. Use the streamers and attached flowers as pretty garland to hang around the party area.

  • Create your own Hello Kitty petting area. Set up a little tent and inside the tent, place pillows on the floor that kids can set on. Fill the tent with different stuffed cats and kittens. It will add to the décor and kids will enjoy spending time in the tent petting the kitties.

  • Make a really pretty background for your dessert table where you display the cake. Use tissue paper garlands, hanging them vertically from the ceiling, creating a pretty backdrop. Then, drape a few more of the garlands across in loops to add some texture. Use pink, white and red for the garlands.

  • Try making your own pretty chair covers. You can purchase stretch fabric chair covers that fit any chair, or you can make your own with cheap white fabric. Tie the chair covers to the chair with pretty satin, pink ribbon.

  • Above the tables for the party, hang pink, white or red paper lanterns. If you want to illuminate them, add some battery powered LED lights to them, which will look fabulous.

  • Instead of the red carpet, roll out the pink, Hello Kitty carpet for your young guests. Use a pink carpet runner. Make it start at the end of the sidewalk and have it go all the way to the entryway of your Hello Kitty birthday party area.

  • Make a pretty wreath out of red, white and pink balloons. They should not be blown up, but should be attached to a straw wreath using greening pins. You’ll need about 140-200 balloons, depending on how thick you want the wreath to be. It’s easy to make and you can give it to the guest of honor after the party.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas For Decor

  • Purchase some Hello Kitty themed wall decals. They peel right off and stick to your walls without a problem. The great part is that they also peel right off your walls and can easily be reused. Use them to decorate the walls for the party, and then after the party, you can take them down and use them in your little girl’s bedroom.

  • Turn plain white paper lanterns into pretty Hello Kitty heads. All you’ll need to do is add white ears, a big bow, eyes, a nose and some whiskers. Then you can light the lantern with an LED light that runs on batteries. Make a few of these Hello Kitty heads to place around the party area.

  • You can purchase fun Hello Kitty string lights for the party. Hang them up around the area to add to the overall décor. Once again, they can be used by your child after the party.

  • Decorate the room with lots of pastel pink, lavender, green, or yellow curling ribbons, two different colored streamers that are twisted together, and balloon clusters.

  • Using those same colors, bring your doorways and streamers to life with twisted streamers.

  • Create a "canopy" by loosely attaching any combination of pastel-colored streamers to the center of your ceiling and then looping them to the perimeter of the wall. For added effect, let the streamers fall to the floor; this will add a rainbow of color all the way down the walls.

  • For your wide doorways, tie pastel colored sheets or fabric back at the sides with large pink bows.

  • Cover tables with a white tablecloth and pastel pink, lavender, green, or yellow topper. Tie corners with pastel curling ribbons and scatter pastel or glittery confetti, or sequins, or candies on tabletop.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas For Decor

  • Use Hello Kitty plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, centerpiece, party hats, and wall cutouts.

  • Place a Hello Kitty centerpiece on various tables to add a little Kitty decor.

  • Attach Hello Kitty Mylar balloons to birthday kitty's chair and Hello Kitty latex or helium balloons to other kitty's chairs.

  • Put Hello Kitty posters on walls or fences.

  • Hang a Hello Kitty birthday banner over the cake table and/or hang one as a focal point on a main wall in the party room.

  • Hang some Hello Kitty danglers from the ceiling. These colorful swirls will instantly jazz up your ceiling and give it kitty-appeal.

  • Sheets of mini white Christmas lights hung on the walls with a sheer pink fabric covering them will create kitty magic in the room.

  • A bouquet of pink and white balloons adorned with lots of pink and white curling ribbons can be hung outside to let everyone know the location of your party. You can also add a birthday sign with the balloons.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas For Decor

  • Accent chairs with large pastel bows made out of tulle.

  • Create some colorful party signs that say "Choco-Choco House" with an arrow pointing, "Rainbow Forrest 1 Mile", "Forrest of Mari Land Up Ahead", and "Cafe Cinnamon."

  • Put vases and pastel flowers around room.

  • Tie pastel balloons to Hello Kitty toy as a table centerpiece.

  • Place a bubble machine near the entrance so everyone must walk through the bubbles in order to get to the main room.

  • For an extra special memory, make a Hello Kitty house out of a refrigerator box. Cut out windows and doors and paint in pastels of pink, lavender, green, yellow, or white. Take a picture of kitty's looking out the window.


Click over to my Hello Kitty Games and Activities page where you'll find all the necessary info you need in order to put together any of the following games:
  • Hello Kitty Doorknob Hangers
  • Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty
  • Don't Touch That Kitty
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Catwalk
  • Mory's Garden Bean Bag Toss
  • Find My Twin
  • Find The Mice
  • Who Said Meow
  • Hello Kitty pinata

PRINTABLE GAMES - This is a good site if you need to settle your little cats down, you might want to add a few Printable Games to your activity and game time.


HELLO KITTY APPLE PIE – In the Hello Kitty series, Hello Kitty’s mom always enjoys making up delicious apple pies. Make a couple apple pies to serve up at your Hello Kitty party. You can make large pies or you could make small individual apple pies for your young guests to enjoy.

HELLO KITTY STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKES – Make a tasty, healthy milkshake for your “kitties” to enjoy at the party. Use frozen bananas and strawberries, add some milk and you can add a bit of vanilla ice cream to the blender as well. Blend until you have the desired consistency. Serve in pretty cups.

HELLO KITTY SHAPED MINI PIZZAS – Using a Hello Kitty cookie cutter, cut out pizza dough into Hello Kitty shapes. Add some sauce and cheese to the pizzas. Use tiny pieces of black olive for the eyes and the whiskers. Pepperoni can be cut into bow shapes to make the Hello Kitty bows. Make noses out of a kernel of corn. These look cute and kids love pizza, so they are sure to be a hit.

FISH STICKS – Kitties love fish, so bake up some tasty fish sticks for your guests. Serve them with some baked fries for a meal that is sure to please.

HELLO KITTY RICE CRISPY TREATS – Make rice crispy treats, but cut them out with a Hello Kitty cookie cutter. Use candy to decorate the faces like Hello Kitty.

KITTY TREATS - Goldfish crackers.

KITTY PINK POPCORN - Make popcorn and mix with melted pink butter (add few drops of red food coloring).

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas For Food

PURR-FECT PINK MACARONI & CHEESE - Mac & cheese is always a favorite and all you need to do is add a bit of red food coloring to the finished product to give it a tinge of pink. This is sure to make it even more fun to eat.

HELLO KITTY MACARONI SALAD - Prepare your favorite macaroni salad except use bow-tie shaped macaroni and add a few drops of red food coloring to make it pink.

KITTY SANDWICHES - Tuna with mayonnaise tinted pink made with few drops of red food coloring.

TEA SANDWICHES - Serve up mini-sized croissants or cut bread with a heart, Hello Kitty, or flower cookie cutter. Then all you need to do is load them up with your child's favorite sandwich filling. If possible, add some red food coloring to the filling to give it a hint of pink.

KITTY BERRIES & CREAM - Mix 1 1/2 c strawberries, 2 c whipped cream, and 1/3 c sugar with mixer until consistency is thick cream. Serve as is or put into cream puffs. Makes 24 cream puffs or 12 servings by itself.

PINK KITTY PARFAITS - Using clear plastic cups make 2 layers of strawberry yogurt, strawberries, and granola. Then top each one off with a squirt of whip cream.

HELLO KITTY LEMONADE - Combine lemonade concentrate and water and pour into ice ring mold. Freeze 2-3 hours until slushy. Push strawberries in slush to bottom of mold. Freeze until firm or overnight. Prepare pink lemonade mix and serve it up in a punch bowl with an ice ring that has pink flowers frozen inside of it.

PINK KITTY MILK - Strawberry milk.


HELLO KITTY CUPCAKES – Make strawberry flavored cupcakes, baking them in red or pink cupcake papers. Decorate with a very pale pink icing and then top with pink edible glitter. Arrange on a cupcake tray, and at the top, place a picture of Hello Kitty. It’s easy, the kids will love the cupcakes and you don’t have to be a pro cake decorator to make this pretty display.

HELLO KITTY HOUSE CAKE – Bake a rectangle 13x9 cake in any flavor. Decorate in in green to look like grass. Using rice crispy treats, build a house. Use fondant to cover the house in pink. Add red fondant for the door and the roof. Create windows from blue fondant and make the frames with more red fondant. Place Hello Kitty figures in front of the house. You can add a green border around the house in more of the green icing.

HELLO KITTY CAKE #1 - Bake a large round white cake and 1 cupcake. Cut cupcake in half lengthwise and place at top of round cake for ears. Frost with white frosting. Add pink bow made from frosting, black tube frosting for eyes and whiskers, and yellow tube frosting for nose.

hello kitty cake images
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HELLO KITTY CAKE #2 - Make a round cake or a sheet cake and cover it with white or light pink frosting. Decorate with Hello Kitty cake topper or plastic Hello Kitty figurines.

HELLO KITTY BOW CAKE - Cut a large bow-shape out of a sheet cake and frost it light pink. Then accent and decorate the bow with sparkling sugar. Accent the edges with edible glitter and gel icing.

If you would like to look at some HELLO KITTY CAKE photos, I've put together a page of some wonderful cakes that are sure to give you lots of ideas for making your own special cake.


Use light pink cellophane bags to house your party favors. This way everyone can see the goodies, but not get at them. Tie off the top with several pink and white curling ribbons. If you want to hide the favor bag contents a bit, then either cut a piece of tulle or light pink fabric that is big enough to place the cellophane bag into and tie the fabric off with ribbons.

Here are a few favor ideas: Hello Kitty stickers, tattoos, pink nail polish, pink lip gloss, pink barrettes and pony tail rings, pink wax lips, pink pencils, or Hello Kitty bubbles, book markers, headbands, sunglasses, Hello Kitty rings or necklaces, or a Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Hello Kitty Birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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