Helicopter Cake Ideas

by Tamblyn
(Seattle, WA)

Rescue Copter Cake

Rescue Copter Cake

We used fondant to cover the helicopter and the cake. We carved out part of the bottom of the cake to put a small motor to make the rotors of the helicopter turn. The motor was connected to a remote control that allowed for varied speeds on the rotors.

Making a theme birthday cake can often be difficult, but taking the time to do so can yield some amazing results. This cool helicopter cake obviously took some creativity, time and effort, but what a fabulous end result.

Easy To Make Helicopter Cake

Trying to make your own helicopter cake? If you’re looking for a simple cake idea, consider starting out with a basic sheet cake, half or a quarter sheet cake. Before you make the cake, look for a cool picture of a helicopter that you can use to help you add your own helicopter to the cake. Simply place wax paper or other baking paper over the picture and use icing to outline the shape. Then choose your colors and color in the helicopter. This will need to dry so you can easily move it from the paper to the cake, so it’s best to do this a few days in advance. Then, simply ice the cake in a fun color and carefully place your helicopter on the cake. Add some puffy clouds, a sun and a birthday message for the guest of honor.

Even Easier To Make Helicopter Cake

Another easy idea for a helicopter cake is to start with a round, square or rectangular cake. Choose a plastic helicopter cake topper. If you can’t find one, then use a toy helicopter as a cake topper instead. Then all you need to do is decorate the cake like the sky or use a simple background. Then, add the cake topper and you’ll quickly have a helicopter cake that didn’t take a lot of work. And if you ended up using a toy topper, then it can be given to the birthday child after the party is over to enjoy playing with. This is perfect for busy moms that don’t have a lot of time to work on a theme birthday cake.

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