Hawaiian Luau Party Idea For A Toddler Birthday Party

Fun And Fabulous Hawaiian Luau Party Idea
Bring The Tropics To Your Backyard For An Unforgettable Party!

There's no need to fret because you don't have sand, surf and sun, you can still make your child's next birthday party a tropical dream paradise with our fun luau party ideas. Read on to discover how you can make your little tot's birthday a blast with some fun in the sun!

First of all, you can easily bring the theme of a luau to life at your home by turning your backyard into a colorful, tropical party atmosphere. Or perhaps you might want to consider renting time at a pool and decorate the area that the facility provides for parties. All you need is a bit of planning, some fun decor, yummy theme treats and games, and you'll have your little gang riding the pool waves in no time at all.

hawaiian luau party idea
Photo courtesy of: Mike Licht


Set the tone for your party and let everyone know what it's all about with a fun luau theme invitation. I've provided some ideas below that will get you started in turning on your creativity for your invitations:

HAWAIIAN LUAU PARTY IDEA FOR TROPICAL PARTY POSTCARD INVITES - Create your own postcard with a tropical scene by downloading an appropriate luau scene onto a postcard size piece of cardstock or buy ready-made postcards that have a tropical picture. Put on the postcard's back the party info/details that everyone needs to have.

SURF'S UP INVITES - Cut out various colored surfboards from cardstock so they will fit into a Ziploc snack-sized bag. On the front write, "ALOHA" and then decorate it with various flower stickers. On the back, write your party details. Place the "surfboard" into the Ziploc bag. Then add some sea-life shaped confetti, tiny seashells, and a tiny bottle. Zip it closed and place into blue envelopes decorated with luau-related stickers.

SURF'S UP INVITES FOR HAND-DELIVERY - After you create your surfboard invitation as noted above, encase it completely in lamination. Add some sand, tiny seashells, a tiny bottle, and some water that is slightly colored blue. Seal it up and hand-deliver.

LUAU-RELATED SHAPED INVITES - Cut out a coconut, sandcastle, pineapple, starfish, palm tree, or seashell shape from an appropriately colored piece of cardstock. On one side write, "Aloha! Wish You Were Here!" or "Come Help Me Splash Away The Day", or "Come Help Me Celebrate My Special Day". On the reverse side, write out all of your party details.

HAWAIIAN LUAU PARTY IDEA FOR BOTTLE INVITES - Write out your party details onto a torn piece of paper and then insert it with a bit of sand into a bottle. Rather than using a bottle top, cork up your bottle with a piece of paper that has been wadded up. Then decorate it with various colored curling ribbons tied around the neck of the bottle. Create a tag out of a colorful piece of cardstock that contains all of your party details. When done, hand-deliver your invites.

HAWAIIAN LUAU PARTY IDEA FOR AIRLINE TICKET INVITES - Make your invites look like they are airline tickets. At the top, using the child's last name, place "Montgomery Airlines." Add an airline type of logo using a piece of clip art. You might want to look at things like a smiley face on a beach ball, a smiley face with a pair of sunglasses or the sun wearing a pair of sunglasses, etc. Then all you need to do is add the following airline themed party details:

Boarding Pass For Carol's 4th Birthday Party.
Arrival & Departure Times: (The hours of the party)
Flight #IAM4 (Insert child's age)
Destination: (last name) Montgomery Island, (Address)
1st Class: Hawaiian attire or Grass Skirts required & Swimsuits
Meal: Luau Hawaiian Style
RSVP: (Contact Name & Email/Phone)

HAWAIIAN LUAU PARTY IDEA FOR BEACH BALL INVITES - Blow-up small beach balls and write directly onto the balls the party details. You can either deflate them and place them in envelopes and mail, or leave them inflated and hand-deliver your invites.

LUAU-RELATED INVITES - Make an invite as noted above and attach with curling ribbon to a coconut, pineapple, floral lei, plastic shovel and beach bucket, etc. and hand deliver.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE HAWAIIAN LUAU INVITES - Buy some ready-made luau themed invitations and then embellish the picture with glitter, tiny silk flowers, ribbons, etc.


To help bring your theme to life, invite your guests to wear luau costumes or Hawaiian style shirts, shorts, sarongs, flip-flops, fun hats, etc. In the alternative, you could provide luau-themed items to your guests as they arrive. Things like a lei, puka shells, or a grass skirt.

If you're thinking of creating a photo invite of the birthday child dressed Hawaiian luau style.

If you're thinking of creating a photo invite of the birthday child dressed Hawaiian luau style, perhaps one of the above hula girl costumes might work for you.

Hawaiian Luau Party Idea For A Homemade Hula Skirt

If you want to make hula skirts for everyone, buy packages of raffia (natural or colors) and elastic, Use your child's size as a guide to determine the waist measurement and the length of the skirt.

Cut a piece of elastic the size of your child's waist, plus one-inch. Sew the ends of the elastic band together.

Cut all the raffia twice the length you need, plus one-inch.

Hang a strand of raffia over the elastic band, making sure that both ends are the same length. Then knot each strand under the elastic band. Continue this process until the skirt is as full as you want it to be.

If you don't want to go to all the trouble of knotting each individual piece of raffia, you can use fabric glue or a glue gun to fasten the raffia to the elastic band.


A luau party is best done poolside, but a garden environment will work nicely, or opt to turn your party room into a tropical paradise with lots of fun decorations full of vibrant colors like orange, yellow, pink, green, blue, etc. Transport your guests to your Hawaiian paradise using some of the following Hawaiian luau party idea:
  • Place a large basket of leis at or near the front door to greet your guests with a big "Aloha" and place a lei around their necks.

  • Place a surfboard at your entryway or hang it from the ceiling over your buffet table.

  • If you don't have access to a surfboard, create one using an ironing board. Tie it together so it doesn't open up. Cover the whole thing with a fabric "glove." Use your ironing board as your pattern and cut two pieces of fabric, which has a fun Hawaiian print. With right sides together, sew 1/2" around the edges, leaving the bottom open. Turn it right side out and insert your ironing board, and voila' you have an instant surfboard! These instructions can easily be adapted to create your surfboard from a large piece of cardboard cut from a refrigerator box.

  • Place an inflatable palm tree by your front door, in a corner of the party room, or near the buffet table.

  • To bring the sea life atmosphere to life, hang fishnets on your fences, walls, ceiling, or lay on tabletops. For the hanging fishnets, attach plastic sea horses, crabs, fish, and lobsters.

  • Place lots of live or silk palm tree plants around your party area.

  • Hang Hawaiian luau themed posters and/or cutouts, a b-day banner on your walls, fence, or the side of your home.

  • Dress up your party tables with a raffia table skirt. You can attach it directly to the table edges with double-stick tape. Another way to attach the skirt is by covering the table with a tablecloth and then pinning the raffia to the cloth.

  • Turn beachcomber hats upside down and line them with plastic wrap. Serve dry munchies in the hats. Things like chips, crackers, nuts, etc. work well.

  • Use lots of colorful balloons and streamers throughout your party room or area.

Hawaiian Luau Party Idea
  • Hang strings of Christmas lights and paper lanterns with luau designs around your front door, porch, deck, ceiling, etc.

  • If bugs are an issue, put yard stakes throughout the yard and/or table citronella candles.

  • Use tropical party plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, and centerpieces.

  • Use different colored tablecloths, in your party colors, for your various tables to create a festive atmosphere.

  • Sprinkle luau confetti on your tabletops.

  • Use a palm tree cooler to keep your drinks accessible and cold, in a fun way.

  • Here's a great and yummy Hawaiian luau party idea. Create an edible centerpiece with a pineapple. Slice the bottom off so it will sit level on a serving plate. Place skewers of pineapple chunks, grapes, strawberries, and cut-up apples, into the pineapple. Place flowers or a flower lei around the bottom of the pineapple.

  • If possible, create a "beach" for your guests. Bring in lots of sand and add plastic buckets, shovels, sand toys, molds, etc. for everyone to play with while at the "beach."

  • If the creation of a "beach" isn't possible, you might consider making a sandbox for the kids to play in. Then add all of the above sand toys for their enjoyment.

  • Direct your guests to your Hawaiian Luau with a fun luau party yard sign.


Here's an entire page with nothing but Hawaiian Luau Party Activities and Games, such as:
  • Pretty Flip Flops
  • Make A Lei
  • Hula Dance
  • Hula-Hoops
  • Limbo
  • Pass The Coconut
  • Coconut Bowling
  • Pin Monkey to Palm Tree
  • Luau Treasure Hunt
  • Water Balloon Toss
  • Luau Relay Race


To insure that your food follows along the lines of your theme--a Hawaiian luau, I've put together a list of party food options to consider. Place decorative signs by each dish identifying the luau faire they are eating.

CHICKEN - Grill some chicken wings, drumettes, or breasts (cut into small pieces) and brush with a Teriyaki or fruit sauce to give it a Hawaiian flair.

HAWAIIAN PIZZA – Kids love pizza and this Hawaiian twist on traditional pizza tastes wonderful. Just say the word pizza and you know kids will love this treat and you can always cut the pizza into small pieces so it can be easily eaten as a finger food. Make your own Hawaiian pizza by starting with a cheese pizza and then add pieces of ham and pineapple to the pizza. If you don’t want to make your own Hawaiian pizza, you can always order a Hawaiian pizza from a local pizza place, which will save you some time and work.

MEATBALLS - Sweet and sour style.

JELLYFISH SANDWICHES - Peanut butter and jelly.

TUNA SALAD SAILBOATS - Whip up some tuna salad and then serve it up in mini individual cupcake liners. Place a piece of cracker on the bottom, a little scoop of tuna salad, and top with a tortilla chip for the sail.

Hawaiian Luau Party Idea

PASTA SHELL SALAD - Either make some macaroni or pasta salad using shell-shaped noodles.

PINEAPPLE BOATS - Cut fresh pineapples in half. Then hollow them out and fill them back up with the cut up fresh pineapple chunks, along with some other yumy fruit bites.

FRUIT KABOBS - HAWAIIAN TROPICAL FRUIT KABOBS – Hawaii is a tropical island, so serve your guests some delicious tropical fruit kabobs at the Hawaiian luau party. Cut bananas, pineapples, strawberries, oranges, and mangos into large chunks. To keep from fruits turning a bit brown, soak them in lime/lemon juice. Then, alternate the tropical fruits on some wooden skewers; be sure to weave a few grapes into the mix for added color and yumminess! Place the skewers on a large serving tray and place on the party table. Kids will enjoy this tasty, tropical treat.

LUAU MUNCHIES - Macadamia nuts, goldfish crackers, Swedish gummy fish, Gummy fish and sharks, molded chocolates in the shape of fish, stars, sea shells, etc. Place luau treats into small plastic buckets or straw beachcomber hats.


Place the following into a large punch bowl:

12-oz. can of frozen lemonade, thawed
Two 12-oz. cans of apricot nectar, chilled
Two 12-oz. cans of unsweetened pineapple juice, chilled
1 1/2 cups water, chilled

Right before serving, stir in 2 1/2 cups of chilled ginger ale. Add ice cubes, and decorate with slices of lemon and lime.

TROPICAL SMOOTHIES – Another drink idea is to make some tasty tropical smoothies for your guests. To make a blender full of the smoothies start with 1.5 cups of fresh strawberries, 1 cup of frozen pineapple, 2 ripe bananas, chopped, a cup of frozen vanilla yogurt and a cup of milk. Blend together until you have a smooth mixture. Pour into cups. You may need to make the recipe a couple times to have enough to serve all of your guests.


hawaiian luau cake
Photo courtesy of: Kingfox

LARGE TROPICAL FLOWER BIRTHDAY CAKE – This is an easy cake to create; it'll look wonderful with all of your luau décor too. You can start by making a single layer 8” round cake in your favorite flavor. Then, make a batch of cupcakes as well, using the same flavor or a contrasting flavor. Using yellow buttercream, ice the round cake, which will be the center of the flower. Then, arrange all the cupcakes around the round cake. The cupcakes will be the petals of the flower. Use a pretty purple buttercream to ice all of the cupcakes.

FLIP FLOP LUAU BIRTHDAY CAKE – Make a regular ¼ sheet cake. Ice the cake in white buttercream, sprinkling the top with some crushed graham crackers to make it appear like the entire cake is covered in sand. Then, using pink icing, outline the shapes of two flip flops on the cake (you can get a template to use online if you need it). Fill in the flip fops using the pink icing and add any details using purple icing. Write a birthday message on the cake.

HULA GIRL BIRTHDAY CAKE – Using a Pyrex baking bowl, make your favorite cake in this container and bake it up. Flip the bowl over when the cake cools, placing the cake on a cake serving dish. Insert a dark haired Barbie doll into the top of the cake so the cake looks like her skirt. Use green icing to make the cake look like a big grass hula skirt. Using icing in pink, purple and yellow, decorate her upper body in pretty tropical flowers. You’ll have a beautiful hula girl cake, which is perfect if you’re throwing the luau party for a girl.

HAWAIIAN LUAU PARTY IDEA FOR AN ERUPTING VOLCANO CAKE - Make your favorite Bundt cake recipe. Cover the cake with chocolate frosting to create the volcano. Right before you serve the cake, place a piece of dry ice into the center and present the erupting volcano.

Hawaiian Luau Party Idea

FLOWER LEI CAKE - Make or buy a round cake. cover it with white fondant. Decorate it with various colored flowers made out of fondant. Lay the flowers around the edge of your cake so it will look like you have a floral lei accenting the cake.

If you're in the mood to look at some awesome cake photos that all have a Hawaiian theme to them, then check these LUAU CAKE ideas out.


In addition to any grass skirt or flower lei your guests may have received upon arrival, you can place your party favors into small plastic pails with shovels. Here are some fun Hawaiian luau party idea for your favors:

  • Sunglasses
  • Tiny bubbles
  • Beach towels that expand when placed in water
  • Puka shells
  • Beachcomber hats
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Gummy fish or sharks
  • Beanie type sea animals

Hawaiian Luau Party Idea

Do you have some favorite Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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