Hawaiian Luau Party Games Perfect For A Toddler's Luau Party

Fun And Fabulous Hawaiian Luau Party Games
That Will Have Your Tots Flip-Floppin With Fun!

When it comes to toddlers, you can't go wrong with a Luau Party; it's a great theme that works well for just about any age. Naturally, you'll want to plan some luau theme games for all your little hula dancers to enjoy as they dance their way to fun!

Transform your backyard into a colorful and exotic tropical party atmosphere and prepare for some fun in the sun! Be sure no one tries to "lei" down on the job as there are some really cool games that follow that have an added twist of a luau theme. So wiki, wiki--let's get to it!


TOSS THE LEI IN THE HULA HOOP – This is one of the Hawaiian luau party games that your guests are going to enjoy. You’ll need several hula hoops and at least 10 leis for this game. Designate a “throwing” line and then place 1 hula hoop 5 feet away, 1 hula hoop 10 feet away and 1 hula hoop 12 feet away from the “throwing” line. To play the game, have children go one by one. Each child gets to toss 10 leis (you can keep reusing them) at the hula hoops. The goal is to get the leis inside the hoops. Leis that land inside the hula hoops get 1 point for the 1st hoop, 2 for the 2nd hoop and 3 for the 3rd hoop. See who can get the most points.

ROLL A COCONUT CONTEST – For this game you will need a coconut, or you can purchase a plastic coconut to use for the game. Have kids line up at a designated line. One by one, let them take the coconut and roll it like a bowling ball. Measure how far they roll the coconut. See whose coconut rolls the farthest. You could also set up some pineapple bowling pins and let kids use the coconuts to knock over the pins, offering a nice twist to this game that goes along with your Hawaiian luau theme.

Hawaiian Luau Party Games

FLIP-FLOP MATCHING GAME – Before the party, head to the dollar store and purchase a bunch of kid’s sandals. For the game, you’ll want to put all the sandals in a big pile, making sure that they are all mixed up. Have a starting line about 10 feet away from the sandals. When you say, “GO,” allow one of the guests to run to the pile of sandals and start making as many pairs as possible. Give them 60-90 seconds to make as many pairs as they can. Write down their score. Have them mix up the pile of sandals and then continue the game with the rest of the kids. The one who is able to make the most pairs will be declared the winner. If you have a tie, have a tie-breaker round.

LUAU DANCING CONTEST – Make a “stage” for your party and hold a luau dancing contest for your guests. Give each guest 1 minute to get up on stage and do their best luau dance. Have 2-3 judges for the contest. Come up with some different awards for dancing so that each child gets some kind of award. For example, you could have an award for the “Cutest Dance,” the “Funniest Dance,” the “Most Original Dance,” etc. Kids will have a blast showing off their dancing skills to the rest of the party guests.

Hawaiian Luau Party Games

SURFBOARD POSES ACTIVITY – Let your guests have a chance to do a surfboard pose on a real surfboard. You’ll need a surfboard and it’s nice to put it in front of a nicely decorated background. Place a blue tarp on the floor or use blue butcher paper. Place the surfboard on top of the blue paper or tarp (the water). Let kids take turns posing on the surfboard, doing their best surfer imitations while you snap pictures. They’ll have a blast trying out the surfboard and you’ll have great pictures, which you can send out with thank you notes after the party.

DECORATE A COCONUT – Purchase coconuts, buying one for each guest. Set up an art table full of paints, markers, glitter, puffy paints and other items they can use to decorate their coconut. Have them make a coconut face out of their coconut. It’s a great activity to start at the beginning of the party as guests arrive. Everyone will enjoy making funny coconut faces and they can take their coconuts home with them when the party is over.

PRETTY FLIP FLOPS - Buy some cheap flip flops and various craft supplies like jewels, sequins, glitter, ribbons, trim, etc. Give each guest a pair of flip flops and some glue. Have the kids decorate them early so they can dry during the party and be able to take them home as a party favor.

Hawaiian Luau Party Games

MAKE A LEI - Before the party, prepare your supplies for easy assembly when the time comes to do the craft. Cut a piece of yarn to hang around your child's neck, plus two inches, to allow for it to be tied. Cut plastic drinking straws into 1-inch long pieces. Cut various flower shapes out of different colored construction papers and punch holes into the center of the flowers using a one-hole punch. Tie a piece of a straw onto one end of your yarn. Make enough of the above, for all your guests to have sufficient supplies to make their leis. When it's time to do the activity, the kids will string a construction paper flower, then a piece of straw, then a flower, etc. until they fill their lei.

HULA DANCE - Play some fun Hawaiian music and let all your little guests do the hula. Of course they would all enjoy it more if they are wearing grass skirts and flower leis. Also, this would make for an adorable group photo.

HAWAIIAN LUAU PARTY GAMES - LIMBO - Either buy a limbo kit or use a broomstick that you have decorated with streamers, curling ribbons, and flowers. Play some fun Hawaiian music in the background and see who can go do the limbo and go the lowest.

Hawaiian Luau Party Games

HAWAIIAN LUAU PARTY GAMES - COCONUT BOWLING - Set-up empty tin cans as you would bowling pins in your back yard, your walkway, or driveway, or any other place you have the necessary room for a good old-fashion bowling game. The kids will roll a coconut to try and knock down the "pins."

PIN THE MONKEY ON THE PALM TREE - Place a large poster of a palm tree on a wall. Download some pictures of monkeys and print them out on cardstock. Make enough monkeys as there are players. As each child takes a turn, either blindfold them or have them promise to keep their eyes closed and then turn them around a time or two, and then let them cut loose and try to pin the monkey on the palm tree. Use double stick tape. The child who gets their monkey closest to the designated palm leaf wins.

LUAU TREASURE HUNT - If you have opted to create a "beach" area with the addition of sand, then hid small luau-related items in the sand. Give each child a plastic bucket and shovel and let them dig for treasures. Whoever finds the most treasures is the winner.

HAWAIIAN LUAU PARTY GAMES - WATER BALLOON TOSS - Fill some small balloons with water prior to the party. Allow four or five balloons per person. Divide everyone into pairs. Have the partners toss back and forth a water balloon until one person is eliminated. Continue to pair everyone up until there is only one person remaining, who will then be the winner.

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