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Fun And Fabulous Hawaiian Birthday Party Ideas
To Help You Transform Your Yard Into A Tropical Paradise!

For the next birthday party you plan, why not create a tropical paradise and throw that special person a wonderful Hawaiian themed party. To help get you started, I've put together some cool luau party ideas.

You don’t have to take a trip to Hawaii to enjoy some of the culture and flavor this area has to offer. With the colorful hues and tropical appeal of this theme, it’s easy to come up with great Hawaiian party ideas that guests will enjoy.

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To make sure your guests feel as if they’ve arrived in Hawaii, allow yourself sufficient time to carefully plan every part of your party to ensure it goes along with your theme. Use these helpful tips and ideas to come up with themed invitations, decorations, costumes, games, party foods and more.


After you have decided on the final guest list for your party, you’ll want to send out invitations to each guest to invite them to your Hawaiian birthday party. If you’re buying premade invites, you can find plenty of great designs that go along with your theme, including designs with sea creatures, beach scenes and sea shells.

Of course, you don’t have to buy the invitations, with a little work and creativity on your part, you can create lovely invitations that will show off your theme to guests as they receive their invitation.

LEI INVITATIONS - One fun idea for a Hawaiian party invitation is to print out your party information in an elegant font on a nice piece of cardstock. Use ribbon to attach the cardstock to a lei and hand-deliver the invitations to guests or put the invitations in a small box and mail them out. It’s a cute way to show off your theme with beautiful leis. In fact, guests can even wear the leis to the party.

SURFBOARD INVITATIONS - Another easy DIY invitation idea is to cut out cardstock or construction paper in the shape of a surfboard. Decorate the surfboard with any embellishments you may have. Then, turn it over and write all the party information on the back of the surfboard.

INVITE IN A BOTTLE - Write out all your party info on a piece of Hawaiian themed scrapbook paper and roll it up and slip it into an empty plastic water bottle. Create a decorative label for the bottle and put a few tiny seashells and some sand into the bottle. Hand-deliver or mail out your invites.

HAWAIIAN THEMED INVITES - You can also create simple invitations with plain card stock and the addition of Hawaiian themed clipart, such as starfish, palm trees, tiki torches, Hawaiian dancers, leis, shells, sandcastles and more. If you cannot find clip art that works, look for scrapbooking stickers that you can add to the invitations to give them a Hawaiian theme and feel.

TOTEM POLE INVITES - Download a picture of a totem pole onto a piece of cardstock. If possible, glue photos of various heads of guests who will be attending the party and leave the top space blank. Then tell the guest to whom you're sending the invite, "We're just not complete without you." Then provide all the party info.


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Dressing up for a party always helps to take it to the next level, making guests feel like they’ve truly arrived in another area of the world. If you’re looking for Hawaiian party ideas for costumes, consider having your guests show up in traditional luau attire.

Guys can show up in beach shorts and colorful shirts. Women can wear beach wear, grass skirts or Hawaiian style dresses. Make sure your guests are provided with leis when they arrive at the party, which are beautiful flower garlands that are given as a greeting in Hawaii.


The decorations you use for the Hawaiian birthday party should transport your guests right to Hawaii. Have fun creating an elaborate scene to whisk guests into a Hawaiian paradise.

  • Greet guests with some fun Hawaiian signs in the front yard that point the way to the party.

  • Add a floral arch for guests to enter through or in the alternative hang strings of floral garland around the doorframe. If the party is at night, then add some mini white lights also.

  • You can use tiki lights, fake palm trees and grass table runners to help set the scene.

  • Use flower garlands around the party area as well, which will look incredible and add a festive feel to the room.

  • Adding sea shells and star fish to tables will add to the Hawaiian décor also.

  • If you’re having the party outdoors, consider adding some sand so your guests can create sand castles.

  • You may also want to use surfboards to help decorate the party area, which will certainly add to the Hawaiian vibe.

  • You'll want to strive to make all party areas as colorful as possible. You might consider adding a Hawaiian wall mural to cover the main wall of the party.

  • It’s also fun to string up white or colored lights around the party area for some soft lighting and a festive feel.

  • Hang some tiki lantern garland around the yard or from the ceiling to add to the mood lighting.

  • Be sure to use Hawaiian themed party ware, colorful tablecloths and confetti to compliment your theme.

  • A party isn't a party without lots of balloons and streamers. Create balloon bouquets to fill in corners and string streamers across the ceiling, or around the perimeter of the room, down fences, around awnings, and wherever you have a surface that needs a splash of color.


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To make your party a true success, you need some good Hawaiian party ideas for games. Games and activities help keep everyone entertained and make the event a memorable one.

HULA DANCING - One great activity you’ll definitely want to use at the party is hula dancing. If you have a local hula instructor in your area, hire them to come give your guests a brief lesson. If you can’t find an instructor, find an instructional video and let guests watch the video and try their hand at the hula dance, which is sure to be a huge amount of fun.

HULA HOOP CONTESTS - Give all your guests a hoop and see who can go the longest. Then have everyone try to hoop it up with 2, 3, 4 or more hoops at a time. You can also have people hula hoop blindfolded for an added challenge.

LIMBO - Limbo can be a great game to play as well. Make sure you have great Hawaiian music to play while guests are doing the limbo and having a good time.

HOT COCONUT - Instead of the old game, “Hot Potato,” you can use a small coconut or a plastic coconut and play “Hot Coconut” for some party fun.

VOLLEYBALL - Erect a net and let everyone have a friendly game of volleyball. You can also use a beach ball to add a little variety and change things up a bit.

HAWAIIAN RELAY -Split your guests into teams and give each team a coconut top, a lei, and a grass skirt. On "Go" the first person in each team must put on all the items and race to the finish line and then back to the start line, remove everything and then the next person in line does the same. Whichever team gets through all their teammates first shall be the winners.


You’ll want to serve up plenty of tasty food to go with your Hawaiian birthday party theme. Have fun with tropical fruits and tropical dishes that your guests will enjoy.

ROAST PIG - One idea is to have a roast pig as the main course. Often you can hire someone to come to your party and roast a pig for everyone to enjoy.

HAWAIIAN MAIN DISHES - Another idea is to serve up tasty kebabs, which can be grilled. Use pork, beef or other meats along with veggies and tropical fruits for a tasty main dish. Huli-Huli chicken is a traditional Hawaiian dish.

SIDE DISH OPTIONS - Pork fried rice, roasted sweet potatoes, potato crab salad, are all yummy options to consider and don't forget the Hawaiian bread.

HAWAIIAN PIZZA - Hawaiian pizza is another great idea that your guests may enjoy eating, especially a younger crowd.

HAWAIIAN DRINKS - Don’t forget to have plenty of drinks available for your thirsty crowd. Keep your drinks on theme by going with tropical fruit juices. You may want to serve up mango or coconut shakes or you can create some delicious smoothies. Fruit smoothies made with mango, pineapple, strawberries, bananas and various tropical juices are sure to be delicious and a cool treat for guests to enjoy.

HAWAIIAN DESSERT IDEAS - For dessert, once again you can turn to tropical fruits. Consider serving up grilled fruit kebabs with a nice dip. A tropical fruit salad or fruit tray is a great idea too.

Break coconut shells into three pieces an serve a scoop of ice cream. Banana splits are another wonderful dessert idea or you can serve up various flavors of sherbet or ice cream.


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FLOWER LEI CAKE - When deciding on the cake, you may need a few Hawaiian party ideas for great cakes. One idea is to create a round cake and then decorate it with a lei made out of icing, which can be piped around the edges of the round cake.

BEACH SCENE CAKE - Adding a beautiful beach scene designed with icing to a large sheet cake will look amazing and the larger cake will feed a crowd.

COCONUT OR PINEAPPLE CAKE - You may even want to make a round cake that is decorated to look like a coconut or a pineapple shaped cake that is decorated to look just like a pineapple.

READY-MADE - If you don't have time to get creative with the cake and make it yourself, then find a local bakery that can bake a great cake to go along with your theme.


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Send guests home with a nice thank you gift to show your appreciation for their attendance and participation at your hawaiian themed party. Here are a few ideas that you might want to consider:

  • Great favors for your Hawaiian birthday party include real flower leis, beach hats or even a pair of flip flops.

  • Small picture frames decorated with starfish and seashells make great favors that go with your theme.

  • Personalized seashells provide guests with a personal favor that they’ll appreciate.

  • Chocolates in seashell shapes are a tasty option, as are nice boxes filled with saltwater taffy.

  • Small keepsake boxes that have tropical beach scenes are beautiful favors and guests will no doubt love them and use them again and again.


Once you've hosted your fun luau party, we'd love for you to share your party tale of how things went and what you did for games, along with any photos of your fun and fab costumes, cake and party decor. We'll then create a special page on this website to showcase all your great party info so other site visitors can glean some great ideas from your party masterpiece! Just click on the invite below and you'll be able to quickly upload your photos and type out your tale.

YOUR Favorite Hawaiian Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Hawaiian birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Hawaiian party cakes and costumes.

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