Harvest Party Ideas

by Mary Ellen

Celebrate Season In Style--Fall Leaves Make It Real

Celebrate Season In Style--Fall Leaves Make It Real

We're getting ready to have a harvest party and I thought I'd just share some of my ideas in case anyone else is trying to come up with some things to do.

Line the walkway with stacks of pumpkins. At the front door we're going to build some scarecrows out of old clothes, newspapers and straw. Then we're going to fill up an old wheelbarrow with some gourds and pumpkins. Hang mini Christmas lights around doorways, fences, trees, etc. to add a little light.

String some leaves together that are cut from construction paper. Decorate with lots of pumpkins that have cute faces drawn on them. Put gourds and fall corn husks around to decorate things with.

Serve food in hollowed pumpkins. Fill them with cider, chips, dips, etc. Also use one to create a centerpiece by filling it up with fall flowers--real or phony whatever works for you. Set hay bales around for people to sit on while they eat and visit. Also, you might want to have some blankets available in case it gets cool.

These harvest party ideas from Mary Ellen are sure to make any Thanksgiving birthday party even more special. These fun ideas brought to mind some more fun ways to use fall leaves to decorate for your party. One idea I had was to place real or fake fall leaves on your party tables instead of using confetti. This instantly adds a rustic, autumn look to your party area.

Another of the cool harvest party ideas this made me think of was the activity of jumping in the leaves. This is especially fun if you are throwing a party for kids. Rake up the leaves into piles and let the kids have a blast jumping and playing in them. Let them help rake the leaves back up for more fun in the leaves as well.

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