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Each year millions of muggles search for ideas for creating Harry Potter costumes. If this sounds like you and you're gathering some ideas to help you with your magical and memorable Harry Potter costume creation, you have come to the right place.

Harry Potter Costume Ideas – Creating a Magical and Memorable Costume for Muggles

There are many magical creatures and characters in the Harry Potter series that you may use in order to create a delightful costume that will be an instant favorite among all those who happen to also have that driving passion for the plot of this amazing J.K Rowling tale. From the boggart, the dementors, and goblins to the main characters of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and Albus Dumbledore, you have numerous options in creating an appealing costume that will highlight your favorite aspect of the Harry Potter books and movies.

Listed below, we have included numerous pictures of Harry Potter costume ideas. While it is true that the main focus on any Potter-related costume is Harry himself, you may also opt to make a fun-filled costume that pertains to the themes, adventures, creatures, and characters of the story – in general. I encourage you to take a moment or two and browse the following pictures and perhaps gather a bit of inspiration that might spark an idea so you'll be able to easily make your Harry Potter costume.


harry potter costume ideas
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harry potter costume ideas
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harry potter costume ideas
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harry potter costume ideas
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harry potter costume ideas
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harry potter costume ideas
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As you took a gander and checked out the above photos, it is very likely that you have considered some new and creative ways to create your very own Harry Potter costume.

The book series includes seven fantasy-based novels that highlight the adventures of everyone’s favorite boy wizard, Harry Potter. The stories start right before he is accepted into Hogwarts, the official school that teaches witchcraft and wizardry. Throughout each book, Harry’s main purpose is to defeat the dark wizard and evil character referred to as “Lord Voldemort”. All of the books have been converted into movies where the epic adventures and tales were brought to life by numerous actors, actresses, and props. Harry Potter is known for his courage, intellect, and his keen senses.

Now, all of these wonderful traits and characteristics may be exhibited through your very own Harry Potter costume ideas. To instantly transform yourself or your friend or loved one into Harry Potter, here are some easy to follow instructions that will assist you in making this type of costume.

Instructions for Converting a Muggle to Harry Potter Instantly

Items Needed:
  • Hair Gel
  • Deep Red Lip Liner
  • Maroon and Yellow Striped Tie
  • Black Cape
  • White Collared Shirt
  • Black Pants
  • Play Glasses
  • Small, Sturdy Stick
  • Black Shoes

Step 1: Use the hair gel on dry hair in order to spike it.

Step 2: Use the deep red lip liner to create a lightning bolt scar on the forehead. Once it is drawn on the forehead, smear it just a bit so that it looks more like a realistic scar.

Step 3: Put on the white collared shirt, the maroon and yellow striped tie, the black pants, the black shoes, and the cape.

Step 4: Place the play glasses on the face.

Step 5: Use the small, sturdy stick as the “wand”. You may choose to paint this stick in order to make it look realistic.

By following the instructions above, you can create a magical and memorable costume that will instantly transform a muggle into a magical wizard. If you happened to already have created a Harry Potter costume, I would really enjoy seeing your pictures! Simply submit the pictures to us using our simple submission form and be sure to include any relevant information that you might like for everyone to know. By sharing your pictures and ideas, you will assist our readers in developing their very own Harry Potter costume ideas!

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Harry Potter Costume Ideas

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade Harry Potter costume ideas, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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