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Fun And Fabulous Hamburger Cake Ideas
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In recent years, the hamburger theme cake has become one of the most exciting additions to birthday parties and other types of celebrations throughout the year. It does not matter if you are creating the cake for someone that absolutely loves burgers or a cake for a summer party, the hamburger shaped cake is sure to entertain and amuse those that have elected to attend your celebration.

Hamburger Theme Cake – Creating a Festive Hamburger Shaped Cake

Here, on this page, we have posted numerous pictures that display the hamburger-themed cakes that our readers have submitted. If you have an interest in creating this type of dessert, we encourage you to browse through the pictures that we have posted. In doing so, you are sure to get many ideas on how to create this type of cake. Now, take a few minutes to look over the pictures below.


hamburger cake images
Photo courtesy of: LillyBit21


hamburger cake images
Photo courtesy of: Rick's Bakery


hamburger cake images
Photo courtesy of: Kalli Cakes


hamburger cake images
Photo courtesy of: Sweet Art


hamburger cake images
Photo courtesy of: Fallequinox2006


Many of our readers that have browsed through our collection of hamburger cake pictures have found that the pictures provided them with the inspiration that they needed to create their own hamburger cake. It is quite likely – at this point – that you, too, have experienced inspiration on creating your own hamburger-themed cake. If you find that you need a little assistance in getting started, the instructions outlined below will assist you in the task:

Instructions for Creating a Hamburger Shaped Cake

Items Needed:

  • 3 Round Cake Pans
  • 3 Boxes of Cake Mix
  • Yellow Food Coloring
  • Brown Food Coloring
  • Red Fondant
  • Yellow Fondant
  • Green Fondant
  • 3 White Icing
  • Cake Tray

Step 1: Bake the cake mix in each of the round pans and allow to cool.

Step 2: Once cooled, cut the top section off of two of the cakes so that the tops are flat. These pieces will serve as the bottom bun of the hamburger and the beef on the burger.

Step 3: Combine one container of white icing with the yellow food coloring.

Step 4: Place the bottom cake on the cake tray and ice it with the yellow icing that you have created. If the icing is too yellow, add a touch of brown food coloring to get it as close to the color of a hamburger bun as possible.

Step 5: Next, place the next cake on top of the bottom cake. You should combine white icing with the brown food coloring in order to make the meat look realistic.

Step 6: Next, take a piece of yellow fondant and cut it into a square to look like cheese. Then, place it on the cake section that represents the beef.

Step 7: Next, take the green fondant and cut out green circles. These will represent the pickles. Place them in random locations, close to the outside region of the cake.

Step 8: Now, take the red fondant and cut out larger circles. These will represent the tomato slices on the cake.

Step 9: Now, roll out the green fondant until it is really thin. Then, crumple it a bit and place it on the cake so that it looks like lettuce.

Step 10: The final step is to place the last cake on top of the items that you have created and to ice it with the same colored icing that you used for the cake that represents the bottom bun. Then, you will have created your hamburger cake.

Now that you have seen our pictures of cakes that are shaped like hamburgers and have the instructions on how to create your very own hamburger shaped cake, it is time to try your hand at creating one of these masterpieces. As you create your cake, be sure to write down the steps that you take and take plenty of pictures of the cake – both as you make it and the completed project. Then, simply revisit this page and submit your instructions and pictures via the submission link that we have posted. In doing so, you will assist others that have a desire to create their own hamburger cake! Happy baking!

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