Halloween Party Game Ideas To Make Your Guests Scream With Delight!

Fun And Fabulous Halloween Party Game Ideas
For A Hauntingly Good Time!

If you're hosting a Halloween Birthday Party, then you will want to be sure to add some ghoulishly great games to entertain all of your mummified friends.


Once you've decided on which Halloween games you are going to implement, you will then want to determine what kind of prizes you will be awarding to your winners. Aside from actual prizes, you might consider giving them gift certificates to some terror-iffic restaurants, a spook-tacular deli, or a ghoulishly great fast food restaurant.

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There are many Halloween party game ideas that are sure to optimize the fun and excitement associated with your Halloween-related festivities. As the eerie whistle of the fall wind swishes in between the branches of the bare trees the full moon lights the dark streets of the night and shadows seemingly lurk in all corners, it is only appropriate to have some Halloween games lined up that will provide some spooktacular excitement for the individuals attending your party. To help you in this regard, I have put together this page of games that the Great Pumpkin would be pleased to play. In this game guide, you will be introduced to a few game ideas that are sure to please those dark and brooding vampires, those blood-thirsty and vicious looking ghouls, and the wart-faced witches that you are entertaining. So finish your Bat Wing Soup, don your Halloween best, make yourself look Boo-tiful, and get ready to step into the graveyard and have a hauntingly good time!


To help break the ice and get everyone into a fang-tastic mood, here are a few Halloween ice breaker games that are sure to get everyone mingling.

WHO AM I? - Write down the name of a famous person, cartoon character, or superhero from a scary movie or cartoon on 3x5 cards. Tape or pin a card to everyone's back. They must now try to guess who they are by asking people "yes" or "no" questions about the name on their back. Only one question may be asked by everyone to each person in the room. Whoever guesses the name on their back first is the winner. Here's some ideas to help get you started:
  • Frankenstein
  • Dracula
  • Dr. Jekyll
  • King Kong
  • The Mummy
  • Godzilla
  • Norman Bates (Psycho)
  • Morticia (The Addams Family)
  • Grandpa (The Munsters)
  • Herman Munster (The Munsters)
  • Lily Munster (The Munsters)

STICK IT TO ME! - Give everyone a sheet of Halloween stickers. The object of the game is to be the first person to get rid of all of their stickers by placing them on other guests without their knowing. If they are caught, they must take one of the stickers of the guest who caught them. They can only stick one sticker on at a time.

STEAL THE STICKER - As guests arrive, place 10 stickers on their back and give them each an index card. The object of the game is to try and steal as many stickers as possible without getting caught. Whoever ends up with the most, wins.


PASS THE PUMPKIN - One of the most exciting Halloween party game ideas for individuals of all ages is “Pass the Pumpkin”. For this game, you should gather many miniature pumpkins, markers and paints, and some spooky-fun Halloween music. It is a game that is similar to the ever-popular, “Hot Potato” game. You simply have everyone gather in a large circle and provide someone with a small pumpkin. Then, start playing the Halloween music. Once a bit of time has passed, stop the music. Whoever is left holding the small pumpkin is out. They may then keep the small pumpkin and go to a designated area where the art supplies are located to decorate their pumpkin. You then provide the group with a new pumpkin and start the game over. Finally, when only one person is left, you declare them the winner. You may give them a small pumpkin, too! You should also have another “Grand Prize” gift lined up, such as a toy pumpkin filled with Halloween candy, music, and accessories.

CANDY CORN RACE - If you are interested in Halloween party game ideas that are perfectly suited for guests of all ages, you are sure to enjoy integrating the candy corn race into your party. For this activity, you should designate a starting line and a line that indicates that the guests are finished once they reach the line. At the starting area, you should put a bowl full of candy corn. At the area where you have the finished area, you should place an empty bowl. Each racer should be provided with a spoon. The individuals taking part in the race should use the spoons to scoop the candy from the first bowl and take it to the last bowl. If they should spill any candy, they must pick it up and then return to the starting line to start over. The first person to successfully carry all of the candy corn from the first bowl to the second bowl is the winner.

MUMMY WRAP-UP RACE - When searching for Halloween games, you will find numerous Halloween party game ideas that involve racing and dressing up. The mummy wrap-up game is one of the most popular. With this game, you separate your guests into teams. You then provide each team with some white crepe or some white fabric. They must then wrap up a team member and that team member must get to the finish line as quickly as possible, once wrapped. The fabric or paper must not rip or the person is out. The first team with the largest amount of individuals to have reached the finish line wins the game.

HALLOWEEN BINGO - Make your own Halloween Bingo cards using Halloween stickers. Fill in the card square with stickers of a pumpkin, bat, black cat, broom, spider, cauldron, etc. Use Candy Corn as the markers and when a "Bingo" is achieved, the winner must yell "Boo!"

FIND THE STREAMERS - Depending upon the number of guests you have, cut anywhere from 200 to 500 orange and black streamers into various lengths and hide them throughout your house and/or outside. You can have your guests work in pairs or by themselves. Give every pair or individual a spool of tape. As your guests find a streamer, they are to tape it to the next streamer they find. At the end of 10 or 15 minutes, measure the streamers and whoever has the longest streamer is the winner. For an added challenge, you could require the streamers be taped orange black, orange black, etc. rather than allowing two of the same colors together.

Halloween Party Game Ideas

TREAT OR DARE - Play the traditional Truth or Dare game, except this one will be called Treat or Dare. Place some small gifts into boxes and wrap them up. Then place slips of paper into other boxes with a Dare written on them. Be sure to weight down your Dare boxes before wrapping them, so your guests can't figure out which ones are gifts and which ones are dares. If someone picks a box that has a gift, then they are free and blessed with a present. If they pick a box that has a Dare slip in it, then they must do whatever the slip says to do.

IDENTIFY YOUR MATE - Blindfold all the ladies and line them up. Have the men line up and one at a time, walk past each lady, shake or touch their hands, and step aside. The object of the game is for the ladies to determine which man is their husband/boyfriend.

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MUMMIFY ME - Pair everyone up and give each pair a roll or two of toilet paper. On "Go", have one person of each pair mummify their teammate by encasing them with toilet paper. whoever uses up their toilet paper first is the winner.

HOLD THAT APPLE! - Pair everyone up and give each pair an apple. Once everyone places their apple between their teammate's foreheads, no hands will be allowed. The leader will then instruct everyone to perform various movements. Whoever drops their apple is out. Game continues until only one couple remains. To get you started, here's some suggested commands for the couples to perform:

  • Take 3 steps to the right.
  • Touch your knees.
  • Touch your toes or as close as they can get.
  • Jump.
  • Do the twist.
  • Turn around in a circle.
  • Shake your arms.
  • Shake the right leg, shake the left leg.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun print and play party games that would be a perfect add-on to your Halloween birthday party.


There are many different Halloween party game ideas that you may integrate into your spooktacular celebration that is sure to delight and amuse. When selecting Halloween games, it is important to consider the ages of those in attendance, as well as the space that you have available. You should make certain that you decorate the area where the party will be held and that you play a lot of creepy and/or fun Halloween-themed music to get everyone in the spirit of the season. It is also important to ensure that you have plenty of rewards available for those that win the Halloween games that you integrate into your celebration.

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