Fun Gymnastics Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Gymnastics Birthday Party
Great Ideas That You'll Flip Over!

Your guests are sure to flip out with excitement when they hear you're hosting a gymnastics party. If possible hold the party at a local gymnastics studio and be sure to have access to the equipment. This will instantly create just the right tone and atmosphere for your party and then all you will need to spend a bit of time is and add some fun decor and you'll be good to go with built-in activities.

To help you "balance" all your party to do's and not "dismount" to soon, I created this party page that will take you from the invites to the final good-bye wave, while providing everything else that you need in between. As you scroll down the page, be sure to "stick" your favorite ideas together so you can "roll" them all up into fun and "springboard" to party success!


Get your party started off on the right foot by sending out some fun theme invitations to get everyone anxiously "flipping" off the days until it's time to par-tay gymnastics style!

POPULAR GYMNAST MAGAZINE CUTOUT INVITES – Start looking through sports magazines for pictures of popular gymnasts, or you can look for their pictures online. Try to find pictures of gymnasts in action or in their uniforms. Make your invitations out of white or off-white cardstock. Then, cut out the pictures of the popular gymnasts that you have found. Paste the pictures of popular gymnasts (choose gymnasts that your guests will probably know) on the front of your party invitations. Write on the front, “Get Ready for Fun on the Balance Beam.” Then, inside of the invite, make sure you include all of the information for your gymnastics birthday party.

CARTWHEEL PHOTO INVITATION – Another fun idea is to make your own cartwheel photo invitation. To get the photo you need for this invitation, head to your child’s gymnastics practice. Take several pictures of your child doing cartwheels at practice, or you could get a picture of them doing other gymnastics exercises, such as the uneven bars, the balance beam or the pommel horse. Print out that picture multiple times and attach it to your homemade invitations, adding it to the front of the invitation. It’s a fun way to highlight your child’s accomplishments as you invite guests to the gymnastics birthday party. Include all the information for the party inside.

GOLD MEDAL INVITATIONS - Cut out large circles from cardboard or poster board and cover with gold foil. Type and print out your party info so it can be glued to the back of the medals. On the front put "Solid Gold Champion." Glue a ribbon to the medal.

LEOTARD INVITES - Cut out leotard shaped invites from card stock. Decorate the edges with coordinating glitter. Place one of the party greetings noted below on the front and party details on back.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE INVITES - Jazz up some ready-made gymnastic invitations by adding some glitter, ribbons, buttons, sequins, bows, etc. to the picture.

Gymnastics Birthday Party Ideas For Gymnastics Party Invites

Concerning your invitation wording, here are a few options to read over--see if anything "flips" you out:

  • We're bending over backwards to celebrate Name's (Age) birthday--gymnastics style

  • Leap on over for Name's (Age) gymnastics birthday party

  • Flip, split or leap on over for Name's gymnastics birthday party

  • Join us as we kick off to an afternoon of fun. There will be nothing "routine" about this party

  • Dismount from your house and tumble on over for Name's perfect 10 gymnastics birthday party

  • Tumble on by and help us celebrate Name's Gymnastics party

  • Swing on over to (location) and join us for a gymnastics party celebration


Tights and leotards are the costume of the day and most definitely necessary in order to be able to participate in the various activities. Therefore, you don't want to forget to add a little note on your invites to let your guests know that dressing in their gymnastics best is a must-do!

Beautify your guests as they arrive so they are ready to perform when the time arrives. Set up a table or an area near the party entrance and have a couple of teens available to apply some body glitter, blush, lip gloss, and perhaps a hair flower.


Here are some ideas to either turn your home into a festive gymnastics party atmosphere or add some personal party touches to decorate a local studio.


If the party is being held at your home, here are a few ideas for decorating the outside of the front yard:

  • Make some extra-large medals out of heavy cardboard and cover the circles with gold, silver and bronze foils. Then put on each of the medals one of the following to correspond with the medal designation: Go For The Gold, Silver Holds No Shame, and Bronze Is Beautiful. Attach each medal to a yard stake and line the walkway with them.

  • Attach balloons in the colors of the good old USA to the mailbox to let guests know the party location.

  • Greet guests with a life-size standee of a famous gymnast.


Regardless of whether your party is being held at home or at a gymnastics studio, the following ideas will work well for either location:

  • Make medals out of cardboard or card stock by covering the circles with gold, silver and bronze foils and attach ribbons to each to dangle from the ceiling at various lengths.

  • Make extra-large medals as noted above except join them together to create a banner that spells out happy birthday.

  • Hang posters of famous gymnasts on the walls.

  • Hang some signs on the walls that refer to gymnastics. Things like, Go For The Gold, Dismount, Perfect 10, Stick It, etc.

  • Hang star garland throughout the room to accent window and door frames, shelves, etc.

  • Add some metallic curtains in doorways and archways for added pizzazz.

  • Create bouquets of balloons in your party colors and accent the room accordingly.

  • Fill the ceiling with red, white and blue balloons.

  • Cover the ceiling with red, white and blue streamers.


  • Cover the table with a red, white and/or blue table cover.

  • Top it off with gymnastics printed party ware.

  • Add some red, white, and blue confetti.

  • Create placemats by laminating pictures of famous gymnasts doing various poses or routines.

  • Create a red, white and blue centerpiece inside a trophy. Attach a bouquet of balloons and lots of curling ribbons. Accent with wire stars and star picks.

  • Accent the chairs with small bouquets of balloons.


GYMNASTICS OBSTACLE COURSE – Create an obstacle course that requires your guests to do different types of gymnastics and body mechanics to get through the obstacle course. For example, they may need to hop on one foot through part of the course, do cartwheels through party of the course, do a somersault on a mat, walk carefully across a balance beam and then end with a handstand. You can get creative with the different areas of the obstacle course, ensuring that kids have lots of fun as they go through the course.

GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTION - Hire a local gymnastics teach or some high school students who are a part of the gymnastics team to teach your guests gymnastic basics.

BALANCE BEAM CONTEST - Set a balance beam close to the floor and have everyone take turns running across it one at a time. If someone falls off, they are out. Whoever is ultimately left after elimination rounds, shall be the winner.

HEADSTAND/HANDSTAND CONTEST - Have a contest to see who can stand on their head or hands for the longest time.

CARTWHEEL CONTEST RELAY RACE – To play this fun gymnastics game, you’ll need to make two teams from your guests. If you have more than 20 guests, make three teams instead. Then, create a starting line and a finish line. Have each team line up at the starting line. When the game starts, the first teammate has to head to the finish line and back, but they have to do this by doing cartwheels the whole way. When they cartwheel back to the starting line, they tag the next person and the next person in line repeats the cartwheel process. Continue the game until one time gets through all of their teammates. The gymnastics team finishing first wins.

JUMP ROPE OBSTACLE COURSE – Make a jump rope obstacle course for your gymnasts to go through. Create various stations for the course, making them get progressively harder. You could start by having them jump rope normally 10 times in a row without messing up. Then, you could have them head to the next station where they have to jump in the middle of a big jump rope being turned by two people, completing a jump rope rhyme while jumping without making a mistake. Then, you could have an area where they have to do a more complex form of jump rope jumping, such as doing it backwards or doing it on one foot.

GYMNASTICS RELAY - Divide your gymnasts into teams and have everyone do a variety of moves across the floor. Whichever team finishes first shall be the winners. They can do things like a cartwheel, somersault, splits, arabesque, etc. and end with a stick.

Gymnastics Birthday Party Ideas For Gymnastics Games


DOUBLE DUTCH - Two people simultaneously turn two ropes, one clockwise and one counterclockwise, while someone jumps both ropes. Whoever jumps the most before missing is the winner.

JUMP ROPE CONTEST RELAY RACE – This is another fun relay race that allows your guests to show off their skills with a jump rope. You will need to have two jump ropes for this game. Make two different teams from your party guests, having them line up at a start line that you have created. Give a jump rope to the first person on each team. Start the game and have that first person start heading towards the finish line while constantly jumping rope all the way. If they mess up they have to take three steps backwards and start again. Once they get back to the start line, they should hand off the rope to the next person and the game continues until one team finishes, winning the game.

ROPE SNAKE - Two people hold the rope handles and wiggle the rope (snake) back and forth motion while the kids try to avoid stepping on the "snake." If someone steps on the rope, they are out.

FAST JUMP ROPE CONTEST - Have several jump ropes available, along with stopwatches and time everyone to see who can do 100 jumps in the fastest time.

Gymnastics Birthday Party Ideas For Gymnastics Games


Incorporate a few of the old classics into the party; just give them a gymnastics twist and you're good to go. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

HULA HOOP CONTEST – The hula hoop is a classic toy that is tons of fun and having a hula hoop contest is a perfect game to use for your gymnastics birthday party. With a hula hoop contest, your gymnasts can show off their flexibility and athletic skills. Start with a basic hula hoop contest, seeing who can continue the longest while hula hooping with the hoop around the waist. Then, you can make it harder by having them do a contest while using the hoop around the ankles, the neck, the knees or the arm. Just make sure you have plenty of hula hoops so your guests can enjoy doing the contest together.

PIN THE MEDAL ON THE GYMNAST - Hang a poster or a blown up picture of a famous gymnast on a large wall and designate with a big red "X" where the medal should be pinned. Make gold medals out of gold construction paper and have the kids pin the medals on using double-stick tape.

GO FOR THE GOLD - This game is a take-off of a cakewalk. Cut out large gold stars from poster board and place them around the room's perimeter. Place numbers on all the stars, then place the same numbers on individual slips of paper and on your various prizes. As the music plays, everyone must do a specific gymnastic move, e.g., doing cartwheels while going around/across the floor. When you stop playing your music, everyone should try to stand on a star. A number is then drawn from a basket and whoever is standing on the star that corresponds with that number receives a prize and is out of the game.

HOT MEDAL - Use a stuffed gold medal, which can easily be made by filling a Ziploc bag with some beans and gluing the edges of a piece of gold fabric together with the bean bag inside. Put Champion on both sides of the medal. Have your gymnasts create a circle by sitting on the floor and have them pass the medal around to music. Periodically you will need to stop playing the music and whoever has the misfortune of holding the medal is out. The game continues until only one gymnast remains who is the winner.

GYMNAST SAYS... - This game is played like Simon Says...except the designated Gymnast will instruct everyone to do various gymnastic moves by saying, for example, "Gymnast Says do a cartwheel." If the Gymnast just says, "Do a cartwheel" no one should do so. If someone does, that person will be removed from the game. Keep playing until only one proud gymnast remains.


With all the activities you will be planning, it might be best to go with something that is quick and easy and falls in the category of finger foods.

Pizza is a perfect option and can easily be delivered to a gymnastics studio. Then all you will need to concern yourself with is adding a few munchies and plenty of water and perhaps a punch. Here are a few tried and true kid-friendly foods:
  • Chips and dip
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Chex mix
  • Fresh veggies and dip
  • Pink lemonade
  • Sparking apple, grape or cranberry cider


PARALELL BARS BIRTHDAY CAKE – Bake a double layer square cake, using any flavor you like. Ice the cake in a pretty blue color. Using some pretzels and icing create your own set of parallel bars on top of the cake. Using fondant, create a gymnast that you can place between the parallel bars. Be sure to write a birthday message on top of the cake as well.

GYMNASTICS SHEET CAKE - Add to a sheet cake some gymnastic equipment and gymnasts made out of various colors of fondant. Add a birthday message.

GYMNASTICS ROUND OR SQUARE CAKE - Make your favorite recipe in round or square pans. Cover the cakes with fondant. Create a fondant mat from a contrasting color and place it in the center of the cake. Out of fondant, create a gymnast doing the splits and place her in the cake's center. Add a birthday message and pipe out a decorative edge on the cake. Wrap a gold medal decoration around the cake.

CUPCAKES - What could be easier than whipping up your favorite cupcake recipe or box mix--buying ready-made of course. At any rate, however you choose to ultimately come up with them, all you will need to then do is add a gymnastics cupcake topper.

EDIBLE SUGAR ART CAKE - If you are able to get your hands on a sugar art gymnastics scene, this is a quick and easy way to snazz up a round, square or rectangle cake. Then add a few colorful ribbon curls, perhaps some sprinkles pressed into the side, and you've just created one yummy and good-looking cake with little effort.

GYMNASTICS PHOTO CAKE - Have your child dress up in her leotards and tights and take a picture of her doing the splits or some other gymnastic position. Then take the photo to your local bakery and let them work their magic to place it onto the cake.


Fill a gymnastics themed favor bag for your guests to take home as a remembrance of their flippin' good time. Here are a few gymnastic-related items that any girl would enjoy receiving, along with some other fun favor ideas to ponder:
  • Body glitter
  • Lip gloss
  • Nail polish
  • Hair barrettes or headband
  • Bracelets
  • Gymnastics stickers and tattoos
  • Notepad and pencil
  • Trophy
  • Gymnastics baton
  • Gold, silver or bronze medals
  • Chocolate gold "medals"

YOUR Favorite Gymnastics Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite gymnastics birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your gymnastics birthday cakes and costumes.

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