Guitar Cake

by Aleksandar

Get Ready To

Get Ready To "Jam"!

Make a template of a guitar shape to use for cutting out and assembling the guitar cake onto a cake board covered with foil.

Cover the cake with white frosting to seal in all of the crumbs. Spread a thin layer of chocolate frosting to make the guitar neck and bottom of the strings. Pipe out the trim around the edges of the top and bottom of the guitar, along with creating the guitar strings.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

This guitar cake created by Aleksander is just stunning. This fabulous cake is sure to be a hit at a music themed teen party. In fact, the cake made me think of some fun teen party ideas you could use to go along with this cake.


Consider decorating the party area with pictures of musicians, particularly posters of musicians with guitars. Create some large musical notes out of black poster board and hang them on walls, accent table coverings with them, or even hang them from the ceiling using fishing line. You could also hit the thrift shops and nab some LP's and 45 records to add to your musical decor. You could also hang these from the ceiling or create table centerpieces using an LP has the main focal point. Another fun thing you could do with the 45 records is to string about 10-12 of them onto a piece of ribbon or string. Make 4-5 of these and hang them in a doorway to create a fun "musical" decoration.


You could also have the party focus on the 70's or 80's as guitars were certainly popular during these decades. Selecting one of these eras would allow all your guests to come in their tie-dye best or rock some disco-wear and bring out their inner John Travolta.


Having a local live band play music throughout the party is another of the great teen party ideas to consider. You could even take teens to a local concert and then have food and games at another area after the concert. If there are teens that enjoy playing guitar and other instruments, have them bring along their instruments to the party and have a fun “jam” session so they can enjoy making their own music.


You can find great paper goods to go along with a music or guitar theme as well. Look for paper goods with music notes or guitars on them.


If you need some cool teen party ideas for favors, consider giving out some iTunes gift cards to all your guests. They’ll be able to use them to download some of their favorite tunes, which teens will definitely appreciate. You could also have a grab bag full of CDs from popular artists. Let each guest grab a CD out of the bag at the end of the night so they have something fun to take home after the party.

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