Great Train Birthday Cake

by Ramya Anand

Chuk Chuk Train

Chuk Chuk Train

Chuk Chuk Train
Another View Of The Chuk Chuk Train

I baked a chocolate cake and made them into rectangles in the shape of coaches. Did fudge icing and used candies to decorate.

A train birthday party is such a wonderful choice for kids of any age or gender. You can create a train birthday cake that adds something special to the party, just like this cute cake made by Ramya. This cake looks like it took quite a bit of effort, but if you need something a bit easier, I have a few ideas that may help.

Easy Train Birthday Cake

It can be fun to make a 3d train cake, but you don’t have to get that complicated to please kids. One easy idea for a train birthday party cake is to start out with a round cake. A double layer cake is perfect for a nice party. Decorate it in train engine blue or red. Add a train engine cake topper to the top of the cake. Then, take a small toy train, including an engine and a few train cars, and place the train in a circle around your cake. It will add something special to a simple cake, making it look great.

Easy 3-D Train Birthday Cake

For a simple way to make a 3D train birthday cake, bake cakes in three or four small loaf pans. Once the loaf shaped cakes are baked, cut about 1/3 of the top of the cake off from one of the loaves. This will make it a flatbed train car. The extra cake cut off can help you create an engineer booth for the train’s engine. Use some icing to attach the engineer booth to the train engine. Leave the other loaves as they are.

Next, decorate each train car with a different color of icing. Add small Oreos or other cookies to create wheels for the train cars. Add some small pieces of licorice or chocolate to one of the cars to make it look like it’s carrying coal. On the flatbed train car, add the “happy birthday” message in icing. It takes a bit of work, but what a fabulous cake you’ll have for your child’s train birthday party.

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