Grammy's Valentine Birthday

by Gloria

Grammy's Heart Cake

Grammy's Heart Cake

My grandmother was lucky enough to be a little Valentine’s Day baby, so this year I wanted to go with a Valentine birthday theme for her 85th birthday. I knew that the theme would make this day extra special for her. She’s always loved red and pink, which worked perfectly, since I used red, pink and cream as the colors for the party décor. I kept the décor simple, since my grandmother doesn’t like anything too over the top. I went with some beautiful streamers, twisting together cream, red and pink ones to make a pretty chain. The tables had delicate pink tablecloths and I used pink and cream paper goods as well. To add to the Valentine theme, I scattered red rose petals on the tables and had several big vases full of roses around the room.

My grandmother is a big sucker for a love story, so we watched the Notebook as an activity for the Valentine birthday party. For the cake, I made cute little individual heart shaped cheesecakes for each of the guests. The cheesecakes were no bake cheesecakes, so they were easy to make. I topped them with raspberries and included a bit of chocolate in the cheesecake itself. All the friends and family members loved having their own little heart cake to enjoy during the party. While it was a bit more work to make all the little individual cakes, it was worth it to see my grandmother’s eyes light up as she enjoyed it.

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