Graduation Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Congratulate The Grad In Your Life In Style!

Congratulate The Grad In Your Life In Style!

This cake is the perfect celebration cake for any grad in your life. It is sure to wow your guests. It exemplifies some of those things that seem to be very "important" in a young lady's life.

The cap is made from gum paste and then hand-painted. The cake itself is covered with fondant and then hand-painted. The high heel, purse, and scroll are also made from various colors of fondant and/or hand-painted (zebra stripes on purse).

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Are you throwing a birthday party for a newly graduated teenager? Maybe you want to throw your teen a big graduation party. If so, this stunning cake is sure to give you some great party ideas that you can use to make the party extra special.

This graduation cake has so many fun details, from the incredible gum paste cap to the handbag, diploma and high heel shoe. If you need some teen party ideas for decorations that go with the graduation theme, take some inspiration from the cake. You could make the cake in school colors or opt for a more traditional look of using black and white. If the party is for a teen girl, you might want to throw in shades of pink with the black and white.

If you need teen party ideas for a guy, change out the high heel, purse, "diamond", and Victoria's Secret sign and instead add guy accents of things your son enjoys. For example, if he played any sports in high school, you could add a basketball, soccer ball, football, or a baseball and bat made out of fondant or gum paste. Other things you might add to the cake are a cell phone, iPod, car, dog, etc. You can also change out some of the cake colors so it has blue or green accents to go along with the black and white.


Of course, you’ll need some wonderful teen party ideas for food to go with your graduation theme. Consider making small roll up finger sandwiches, placing sandwich filling inside tortillas, wrapping them up and making them look like mini diplomas. Another fun idea is to have would be cookies that are shaped like graduation caps. In fact, you can always wrap some of the cookies up in a bakery box, tie a ribbon around it, and hand them out as favors after the party is over.


It’s always nice to have some games to play at a graduation party. One idea is to see how well all your guests know the guest of honor. Ask your guest of honor for some fun facts about themselves. Then, come up with some false facts about the guest of honor. Write the real facts and the false ones on slips of paper, rolling them up and tying them with ribbon to look like tiny diplomas. Place them in a bowl or on a platter. Pick out a slip of paper, read it and see who can figure out if what you read is fact or fiction.

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Oct 03, 2015
Jackets NEW
by: William Jack

Well the graduates cake is wonderfully design, well the Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Coat graduates will feel pretty happy to see that and its the best gift to offer to the graduates.

Aug 27, 2015
Help NEW
by: Anonymous

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