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A golf party is the perfect theme party option for a golf enthusiast. After all, anyone who eats and breathes and interprets life through playing golf would certainly appreciate the opportunity to celebrate their birthday surrounded by everything golf. Talk about a good day in a golfer's life--this theme is guaranteed to put a big ole golf smile and light up the face of the golfer in your life!

If you haven't quite nailed down all of your Golf Party Ideas, then you might want to click over and snag a few options for your invitations, decorations, party food, cake, or favors.

But if you're looking for some golf themed games that you could incorporate into the party, I've listed below several ideas. I know your golfer would rather hit the greens and a round, but if you're trying to rein them in and venture into some party game entertainment, then you're going to at least want to offer them some golf-themed options and these games might do the trick

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GOLF, GOLF, & MORE GOLF - Either meet at the golf course or depart from the house to the designated course and play 9 or 18 holes of golf.

MINIATURE GOLF - If you don't want to play a full round of golf, you could do the next best thing and go to a miniature golf course.

DRIVING RANGE & PUTTING GREEN - Another option is to just go to a local driving range and everyone hit a bucket of balls and do a little putting.

GOLF TEE GUESS - Fill a jar with golf tees and have your guests all register a guess as they arrive. The guest who has come up with a number that is either the actual number of tees in the jar or the closest to this particular numer is the winner and will receive the jar of tees and a box of golf balls.

GOLF DVD - Get a golf bloopers or greatest golf moments DVD and have everyone watch it while munching on their food.

Golf Party Games

GOLF TRIVIA GAME - Download a series of golf questions and test your guests' knowledge of the game and its history. Here are a few questions and answers to get you started: What is a scratch golfer's handicap? Zero. What is a golfer said to have if he is entitled to tee off first? The Honor. In 1986, which golfer hit Ben Crenshaw in the head with his putter, which caused him to go to the hospital? Ben Crenshaw.

GOLFER MATCH UP - Either download images or check your golf magazines for pictures of popular golfers. Assign each image you select a number. You can then provide your guests with a mixed up list of the golfer's names and have everyone write down which name corresponds to which numbered picture. If you're entertaining seasoned golfers, then you might want to remove the prompts and make the game a bit more challenging by just having everyone write down the golfers' names without providing the list. Of course, whoever is fortunate enough to come up with all the right answers or have the most out of your group, will be the winner. However, if you have true golfers in your midst you might very likely have a tie, so be prepared with some tie-breaker photos of more obscure golfers.

PUTTING PRACTICE - What would a golf party be without a bit of putting going on--unacceptable! Therefore, designate an area where you can create a little putting green for all the duffs to enjoy. Then you can let the true competition begin with a fun contest and let them all try to achieve the highly sought after hole-in-one.

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