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by Anisa

Think Of All The Scavenger Hunt Possibilities At A Mall!

Think Of All The Scavenger Hunt Possibilities At A Mall!

It's a great place for teens to look around and have fun! They can burn off energy, be contained and hopefully stay out of trouble. Since most teens enjoy the mall, it's one of the easiest teen birthday party locations from which to select.

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If you opt to go to the mall, you'll want to make it more than just a trip to the mall and turn it into an adventure. You can add some activities for them to do that are centered around the mall theme like a mall scavenger hunt. For some ideas of things to obtain during the hunt, you could opt for having your crew scoop up free items that are found in stores like business cards, take-out menus , credit card applications, mall map, etc.

The mall is definitely a great place for a scavenger hunt, but it’s not the only place to hold a great hunt for your teen party guests. If you need some more teen party ideas for a great scavenger hunt, this made me think of a few you may want to try.

One of the fun scavenger hunt ideas is to do a grocery store scavenger hunt. Go to a large grocery store or use a store like Wal-Mart that has a grocery section. Come up with ideas for the list of items to seek. Rather than having them hunt for traditional items like a can of corn, package of hamburger, TP, milk, bananas, etc. have them find items that are a bit more challenging. You could have them hunt up things like the following:

- Pigs feet
- Miso soup
- Tamari sauce
- Tomato powder
- And more

You can even divide up your teens into teams for the hunt. Make everything more fun by having them document their finds with their cell phone camera. Then they can show you all the items and you’ll be sure that they really found everything. Just give them all "the talk" before the hunt commences to insure they do not disrupt the store.

Another of the fun teen party ideas for a scavenger hunt is to hold the hunt outdoors after dark in your backyard. Everything is more fun in the dark, of course. Make sure you equip your teens with some flashlights so they can easily see items. Break up the group into several teams of 4-5 people. The team that finds all the items in the dark first will win the game. To help you create the hunt, the following is a great site that allows you to quickly pull it together with just a few mouse clicks:

Treasure Hunts at Riddleme.com
Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues

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