Glow In The Dark Water Balloon Fight!

by FunSunZi
(Durban, South Africa)

Cool Neon Party Balloons

Cool Neon Party Balloons

Paint the water balloons with some neon/glow paint, and make sure your guests are kitted out in glow in the dark gear.

Separate into teams and FIGHT! :D

If you’re throwing a black light party, this fun game with water balloons is sure to be tons of fun. After all, teens always love getting wet and making sure they can get their friends wet too. This fun idea for neon water balloons gave me some more exciting ideas for glow in the dark games.


Another fun idea for black light party games is to have a team vs. team war with party string. You can find black light party string at party stores. Have enough bottles of string so everyone can have a can. Divide your guests into two teams. One team has to hide while the other team will be attacking. Have the first team hide in the party area while the second team plans their “battle.” The black light party string will be used to spray “attack” the team that is hiding while the team that is hiding will have their own string to defend themselves. When someone gets sprayed in the upper body, they are out of the game. The team who has the last members standing will win this exciting game.


You’ll also find that Twister can be a great game to add to your black light party. Use a plastic white tablecloth to create your own twister mat. Use neon paint that is black light sensitive to create the colored Twister circles. Make sure that the circles are about 12 inches in diameter. Give your mat plenty of time to dry before the party. Draw your own Twister game board or use one from a Twister game. Have 2-4 people play on the mat at a time with traditional Twister rules. It’s sure to have everyone laughing and having a great time.

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