Glow In The Dark Party

by Julie Franks
(Dallas, TX)

Glow On!

Glow On!

Teens aren't the only ones who know how to have fun--we adults do to. A glow in the dark party can bring a little youth out of everyone. Here's what I did:


First, I put a bunch of black lights all around the room so everything would have that cool eerie glow. Then I hung up a bunch of glow in the dark balloons and stars – real cheap and they changed the atmosphere instantly. I had bowls of glow sticks sitting around the room so everyone could grab one whenever they wanted. I also gave everyone a glow necklace when they arrived.

I covered one of my walls with paper and hired an artistic teenager that I know to paint it so it would glow in the dark.

Anyway, you get the idea. It's a real fun party that you can do cheap.

Julie’s idea to use glow in the dark stars is a wonderful one for any black light party. In fact, you can find glow in the dark party stars that can be stuck right to the ceiling to give the party room that night time feel with a cool glow. Just about anything that glows in the dark can really add to your party.


Whether your party is for teens or adults, make sure you have plenty of glow in the dark jewelry on hand for your guests to wear. You can find necklaces and bracelets that glow in the dark, which will make guests stand out in all their glowing splendor under the black light. You could even put some glow sticks inside of balloons to add to the overall black light party ambiance.

Glow in the dark party face paints can be tons of fun too. Make sure the paints are safe for the skin and then employ one of those artistic teens that you know to do some face painting on your guests as they arrive; this is sure to add to the fun. You can also let your guests explore their inner artist ad have a blast with the paints, adding them to their body so they can glow in the dark too.

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