Glow In The Dark Party Food Ideas

by Annoymous

Tonic Water - Glow On!

Tonic Water - Glow On!

Glow In The Dark Party Food Ideas Using Tonic Water

Here's a quick idea to help you make your black light party extra fun. If you've never used tonic water, you might want to try it out because it glows under black lights. You can easily make ice cubes out of it, which is really cool. You can also add it to Jell-O or punch--both of these options are lots of fun.

Tonic water is definitely a great addition to any black light party, especially if you’re looking for party food ideas that will actually glow in the dark at your neon party.

Keep in mind, tonic water doesn’t have the best taste, so if you’re adding it to punch or Jell-O, avoid adding too much. For Jell-O, only use half tonic water to avoid a bad, bitter taste. For punches, add enough to get the glow but make sure you don’t get a bitter flavor. You may want to experiment with this before you throw the party to get the right mix. You can always simply add tonic water ice cubes to your punch to get a glow without adding too much tonic water to the actual punch itself. Along with tonic water, Mountain Dew usually glows nicely under black lights as well. Consider adding it to your punch for a little kick and plenty of glow. You can even serve Mountain Dew and use tonic water ice cubes, which is sure to look great under black lights.

Glow In The Dark Decorating Ideas Using Tonic Water

Not only can you use tonic water for party food ideas, but it can be used to help you decorate for your black light party as well. Consider having clear vases full of white flowers so the flowers show up under the black light. Instead of regular water, use some tonic water in the clear vases. The water will seem to glow inside the glass vases, giving them a cool look under the black light.

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