Glamour Party

by Katy
(Pensacola, FL)

Cool Glitz & Glam Party

Cool Glitz & Glam Party

I’m going to be 16 and I want my party to be glamorous. Everyone is going to have to dress up in fancy gowns and tuxes.

It’s going to be a lot of fun and I have some ideas like using black and silver decorations to make things look glitzy. We’re going to take lots of glamour shots to make a scrapbook about the party.

I could use some ideas as to where to hold it. I want it to be a teen party where all my friends will be able to dance and remember that night at my party. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks. :)

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Katy’s party is sure to be a ton of fun and I have a few ideas she can use for the perfect glamour birthday party. One of the best teen party ideas for a glamorous party is to hold the party at a nice local hall that you can decorate. That way you have plenty of room to have a dance floor. Check locally to find out if any party/event halls are available.

Once you have the venue, you’ll need some glamorous teen party ideas to get everyone ready for their glamour shots. Consider visiting a local vintage store to find some glamorous outfits, shoes and bags that everyone can try on and use for their glamour shots. You may also want to set up stations for manicures, makeup application and hairdressing. That way everyone is pampered and looks incredible for their pictures. Have all the girls bring some favorite jewelry for the party, so everyone can enjoy trying on different jewelry with their outfits before having their pictures taken.


For decorations, you could opt to go with a black and white theme which will instantly add to the glitz and glam of the evening. You can also have touches of silver to break it up a bit and add extra sizzle.

To keep things inexpensive, you could add lots of balloon bouquets and string black and white streamers all throughout the party room.

Use strands of white Christmas lights instead of traditional lighting options to add a bit of ambiance to the party.

Cover the chairs with white sheets and tie large bows around them using black netting.

If you don't want to go with traditional solid black and white table coverings, you could opt for black and white stripe or polka dot; however, stay with solid colored napkins and dishes. Otherwise your fancy dress party could turn too casual.

Create a black and white candy bar. To do so, all you need are various clear glass containers, preferably taller than squattier so the black, white, and/or black and white candies can easily provide the visual drama of the contrasting colors.


Beautifully embellished photo frames make great favor ideas for a glamour birthday party. Have the glamour photos printed and give them out in the frames so the girls can take home something special to remember the incredible party.

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