Girls Night Out Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Girls Night Out Party Ideas
To Help You Create A Great Adult Birthday Party With The Girls

Spending some quality time with the girls is always an excellent idea and if this is something the birthday lady enjoys, a girls night out can be a fun birthday party theme to choose. These parties give the gals a great excuse to get together, relax and have fun.

While planning your girls night out event can take a bit of work, it will definitely be worth it when everyone has a wonderful time. If you’re not sure where how to start planning, the following ideas for invitations, decorations, favors, games and more can provide you with some great inspiration to get you started.


Although you can probably find some nice premade invitations for your girls night out party, getting creative and making the invitations yourself is a wonderful idea. This way your guests will get unique invites that will have them looking forward to the event. Of course you'll want to ensure that your invitations go along with the girls night out event theme.

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COLLAGE INVITES - One idea is to start out with basic white or cream invitation cards. On the inside of the card, write out the important details for the party. Go through magazines you have on hand, cutting out pictures of makeup, accessories, clothes, shoes, purses, etc. Then, use these pictures to create collages on the front of the invitations.

PINK & BLACK INVITE - Another wonderful DIY invitation idea is to start out with a pretty piece of pale pink cardstock. On the front of the card, print out the phrase “Girl’s Night Out” or write it out yourself with a pink marker. Then, take a bit of black lace and use a glue gun to attach it to the top of the card; this will add a bit of girly elegance to the card. These invites are simple, yet elegant, and sure to impress.


It’s a lot of fun to really go all out and dress up for the girls night out party. While the girls may not need full scale costumes, the party is a great reason to get all dolled up. Have everyone dress in elegant attire as if they’re ready to go out on the town. It’s a fun idea to have all your guests bring various accessories and jewelry with them. Once everyone arrives at the party, you can all enjoy trading off these items with one another for the night, which is often enough to add new life into any great outfit.

Of course, if you want to go with full costumes for the party, you can always have your guests show up dressed like one of their favorite women, whether they are from history, a movie or the small screen. Even female cartoon characters can make great costume ideas. Remember, the party is all about having fun with the girls, so don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with the costumes.


You’ll definitely want to decorate the party area for the girls night out event. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:
  • If you plan to be staying indoors for the party, light plenty of candles and string white lights around the area while turning the other lighting down low for the evening.

  • Make sure your seating area is cozy by adding warm throws and plush pillows.

  • You can use plenty of streamers and balloons around the area in feminine colors to help add to the party décor and atmosphere.

  • It can also be fun to decorate the party area or a portion of it just like a woman’s dressing room. Have plenty of chairs or stools to sit on and plenty of mirrors throughout the room.

  • It’s also nice to have out makeup brushes, perfumes, cosmetics, powder puffs, nail polish and other items that help make a woman feel beautiful and amazing. This is an especially good idea if you plan on going out on the town later in the evening, since you’ll have a great place to get ready for all the fun.


GIRLS ONLY TRIVIA - A few great games and activities will definitely help you keep your girls night out party exciting. One fun game to play is “girls only” trivia. This is a trivia game designed with trivia questions specifically for the ladies. Have questions about fashion brands, cosmetics, celebrities, pop culture or lines from chick flicks.

PRICE IS RIGHT - Another great game is like the Price is Right, but it’s all about fashion. Have various fashion accessories or items on hand and have everyone try to guess the price of the item. If you're a little short on items, you can always opt to go with photos of specific fashions.

CHICK FLICKS - Girls night out is the perfect time to bring out those chick flicks. Enjoy kicking back with a great gal-friendly movie. Some great ideas include “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” “Pretty Woman,” “The Wedding Singer,” “Thelma and Louise,” and “The Notebook.”

SPA SERVICES - It’s also a nice idea to plan an evening of beauty activities. Having manicures of pedicures done can be relaxing and a whole lot of fun. You may want to have some nice face masks, foot soaks or sugar scrubs to enjoy.

MASSAGE - Mini massages from a massage therapist at the party are sure to be well received as one of the party activities. If you're on the fence trying to make a decision between spa services or massage, I vote for massage as this would be my personal favorite.

CROP TIL YOU DROP - If your friends are all avid scrapbookers, then you might want to take this girls night out party event and incorporate a bit of scrapbooking time. Be sure to tell the girls to bring their stuff and/or just photos and you supply the scrapbook materials.


When planning the food for your girls night out event, make sure you keep your guests’ preferences in mind. If you have a lot of guests who are concerned about eating healthy, you may want to keep the high calorie foods to a minimum. However, it is a party and you should have a few decadent items for everyone to enjoy as well. A nice combination of healthy items and decadent ones will no doubt please.

HEALTHY FINGER FOODS - One idea is to serve up healthy finger foods, which can be done by offering fruit and vegetable trays.

DIPS, CHIPS & CRUDITES - On the decadent side, have some decadent dips and sauces that guests can indulge in. Crudites also go well with sauces and dips. Some great dips to offer include seven layer dip, cheese fondue and artichoke dip. Guests can choose how much they want to indulge on these delicious dips.

FINGER FOODS - Small finger foods that have plenty of flavor are great ideas as well, such as mini quiches, mini cupcakes or small tea sandwiches.

YUMMY DESSERT IDEAS - Don’t forget to have some dessert options. Some fine chocolate is something that everyone will definitely enjoy. Light sorbet makes a great dessert idea, as do mini cheesecake bites. Angel food cake and fruit with chocolate fondue are tasty options to serve up to guests as well.


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PURSE CAKE - It’s nice to serve up a lovely cake that goes along with your girls night out party theme. One idea is to have a cake baked to look like a purse, which is sure to look amazing on your food table.

GIRLY SHEET CAKE - A sheet caked decorated with various girly items like lipstick, purses, shoes and more could also be a great addition to the party too.


Once the party is over and your guests are ready to head home, thank them for coming to the girls night out party with some nice favors. Fashion accessories like scarves make a lovely favor idea.

Bags filled with pampering goodies like hand lotion, body scrub, face masks and other spa items will be well received.

Lip glosses, nail polish, mascara and other makeup options are also great favors too.

Nice boxes of decadent chocolates are sure to please every woman that attends the party.

YOUR Favorite Girls Night Out Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite girls night party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your girls night out cakes and costumes.

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