Giant Cupcake

We were throwing a baby shower for my sister and she asked if I could do something different from what most people had seen before. The Wilton giant cupcake pan is pretty new, so I decided to go with that.


Bake cake as instructed on the Wilton Giant cupcake pan. Once the cake is baked, you will have the bottom "cupcake liner" and the top "icing" part.

For the bottom "paper liner": I first did a crumb coat with buttercream icing. (a crumb coat is a very thin layer of icing that helps the fondant adhere to the cake). I then tinted some Wilton fondant brown with Wilton gel food coloring which is more concentrated that the liquid food coloring that you see at most grocery stores.

I then rolled out the fondant to about 1/8" thick, and with the bottom half of the cake turned upside down, covered it in fondant. Once I had it covered, I cut off the excess fondant but left approx. 1/2" around the base. I then flipped the "bottom" upside right and folded the 1/2" of fondant over the top to make sure the fondant didn't peel off. I then put a layer of icing atop the bottom layer of cake in order to adhere the top layer.

For the top layer of cake "the icing": I tinted some buttercream icing blue, again using Wilton gel food coloring. I used some of the icing to crumb coat the top tier, which will help my piped icing to stick to the top layer. I used the rest of the icing to fill a piping bag. Before I filled the bag, I snipped off the end (the point) of the bag and inserted a Wilton 3M tip. Then, starting at the bottom of the top layer I applied the icing in a circular motion just like they do with soft ice cream.


To see more photos of my cakes, click the link below:

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