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Party games are the perfect compliment for a teen birthday party, a teen get together, or church youth group. Most teens love to compete and if the game has a certain gross, disgusting element, all the better and chances are, all the more interest in playing!

This was certainly true for my son. He really enjoyed participating in the gross games that his youth pastor played when his youth group got together on Friday nights. So, if you are looking for games that aren't for the faint at heart, here are several teen party games for your consideration. Try them if you dare. However, be sure you have buckets or garbage cans available, along with parental permission, because someone might gag!

To get the disgusting game ball rolling, start with some "easy" party games for teens that don't rate 10 on the barf-o-meter. Warm up the crowd with a few ice breaker games that won't gag a maggot!

Games For Teens


Have all your teens sit in a circle and start playing some lively music, while they pass around to each person in the circle, a dead fish with the head still attached. Periodically, stop the music and whoever is the "lucky" individual left holding the fish, must lay a big ole kiss right onto its fish lips! Yikes!


Line up your teens or have them sit or stand in a circle. Give them each a giant super sour Pixy straw. On "Go," everyone must dump the entire contents, all at once, of their straw into their mouth. They better all have chipmunk jaws or it's not enough. Immediately, they should all close their mouths and try to be the last person to keep their mouth shut. The tongue and mouth begin to get acid burns from the sour ingredients, which eventually causes the weaker links to spit it out.

Games For Teens


Place a piece of raw garlic clove in an ice cube tray. Use a 1 to 5 ratio. For example, 10 kids = 2 garlic chocolates. Place Macademia nuts in remaining compartments. Pour melted chocolate over them and ensure they are well covered, so no one will detect their contents. Have everyone take a piece of chocolate and bite into it simultaneously. The object of the game is to guess who is eating the garlic. If the persons with the garlic chocolate are able to conceal the fact they ate garlic chocolate, they win.


Divide your teens into teams. Give each team a large glass bowl filled with milk. Add cut-up Ho-Ho's. Tie hands behind everyone's back. Give each person 1 minute to bob for pieces of Ho-Ho's, eating them as they go along, without the use of their hands. Whichever team eats the most Ho-Ho bites is the winner.

Games For Teens


Make sure you have enough twister mats so all of your teens may play simultaneously. As an alternative, you could make your own mats using pieces of heavy plastic. Place a paper plate on each circle and then fill each plate with a food that is the same color as the circle. For example, you could use yellow mustard or egg yokes for the yellow circles, ketchup or salsa for the red circles, split pea soup or green Jell-o for the green circles, and applesauce with blue food coloring or blueberry jelly for the blue circles.

Proceed to play the game according to the instructions. To make things a little more revolting, stir in some fish oil, fish bait, or both, to all of your plates of food. This will enhance the disgusting aroma when people are bent over the plates, not to mention the "lovely" stench everyone will have all over their hands and clothes. Make sure everyone knows ahead of time to wear old clothes, as they will get dirty and stained.

Before I get into some more disgusting games that many teens will find to be gross but cool, you might want to give everyone a break and opt to play some more subdued type of games instead. The following printable games are all great options for a teen get together or party. They are a perfect choice when you want your teens to have fun, yet you also want them to calm down a bit.


When the time comes and you need a little break from the gross and disgusting games, you might want to opt for something that is a bit tame. Printable party games are a great option to consider. They still allow for some friendly competition but you won't have to concern yourself with the yuk of it all.

Okay, now that everyone has had a break from the revolting, and your teens are all warmed up and understand that only the strong will survive, it might be time to get serious and play some incredibly disgusting party games for teens that are just about guaranteed to make someone hurl!

Games For Teens


Split your teens up into teams and line them up. Fill up 2 large glass bowls with ice cold water and lots of goldfish. Have your teens proceed to try and catch a fish using only their mouth. In fact, tie their hands behind their back to make it a little more difficult. If they are "fortunate" enough to catch one, their team shall receive a point. If they allow the entire fish to be inside of their mouth, then they can earn an additional 5 points. If they are brave enough to eat their fish, then the shall receive an additional 10 points. Once they have caught and/or eaten their fish, their next teammate shall proceed to "bob" for their fish. Whichever team ultimately gets through all of their teammates first and has the most points shall be the winner.


To start the game you will need to split your teens into teams and line them up. Give each team a blindfold that is easy to get on and off, and a grocery bag filled with various food and drink. All the bag contents and blindfolds should be identical.

The first person from each team shall quickly put on their blindfold, reach into the bag, pulls something out, and proceed to eat it. Once their food or drink has been consumed, they are free to run to the finish line and then back to their teammates. Once the next person in line is tagged, the process repeats itself. Whichever team ultimately gets through all of their teammates first shall be the winner. You can either have your teen have to eat their "chosen" food with the blindfold on or allow them to remove it. If you want to make things more interesting, make the blindfold optional, but if they elect to leave it on and chow down without knowing what they are possibly eating, give them extra points.

Fill the grocery bag with things that most teens wouldn't want to eat. Examples: Raw oysters, sardines, anchovies, hot red peppers, raw onion, cooked piece of liver, liverwurst, cold creamed spinach, cold cooked brussel sprouts, cold pea soup, Lima beans, okra, buttermilk, mayonnaise, hot mustard, Limburger cheese, etc. Put foods into small snack-sized Zip-loc bags.

Games For Teens


The title says it all. Have everyone sit or stand in a circle and eat their bowl of ice cream with chopped up garlic dill pickles mixed in, and super hot sauce poured on top. Bon Appetit or should I say, Heave Ho! Whoever finishes their ice cream first shall be the winner.


Everyone gets a gallon of milk and the goal is be the first to completely finish it before the party is over. Most likely, upchucking will occur before they get anywhere near finishing it, and especially if they are doing any of the above games.

Games For Teens


Give everyone a dozen raw eggs. Whoever eats them all first or eats the most, shall be the winner.


Give everyone bowls of dill pickles and have a race to see who can eat the most in 1 minute or just see who can eat the most.

Variations: Use sardines, hot sauce, raw oysters, liverwurst, anchovies, etc. Anything that too much of would be disgusting.

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