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If you are going to have a group of 5 year olds then you must have some games for them to play, especially if they have gathered together for a kids' birthday party. Fun games for kids that are entertaining, educational, and invite their imaginations to soar are the best options from which to select.

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Get ready to start their engines, get the adrenalin pumping, and wear those little tykes out. The following games are sure to bring a smile to their sweet faces, exhaustion to their little bodies, and ultimately provide party success:

Fun Games For 5 Year Olds

HULA HOOP TEAM GAME – You want games for 5 year olds that will get rid of some energy and this hula hoop team game is sure to help. Divide kids into 2-4 teams, depending on how many guests you have. Every team gets a hula hoop. Then, have teams hold hands and stand in a line. The goal is for the kids to pass the hula hoop from the first person to the last person without letting go of each other’s hands. The team to complete the task first wins the game.

SPREAD A RUMOR GAME – The spread a rumor game is sure to result in plenty of laughing. Have party guests sit down in a bit circle. Write some funny sayings or movie lines on pieces of paper. The first child picks a paper and then whispers it to the next person in the circle, but they cannot show anyone their paper. The “rumor” continues around the circle. The last person in the circle says the “rumor” aloud. Then, the first child reads off the real phrase. It’s hilarious to see what those phrases turn into as kids spread “rumors.”

Fun Games For 5 Year Olds

MARBLE GRABBING CONTEST – You’ll need a bunch of marbles and a little pool for this fun game. Fill the wading pool full of water. Then, dump the marbles on the bottom of the pool. Give each child a small bucket. Let kids take turns using their toes to grab marbles and place them in their buckets. Give each child 60 seconds. See who can pick up the most marbles in 60 seconds.

MAKE A MUMMY GAME – The make a mummy game is a hilarious game to add to your party if you’re looking for fun games for 5 year olds. You will need several rolls of toilet paper for this game – cheap rolls are fine. Divide guests into teams of 6-8 people. Give each team 2 toilet paper rolls. Give them 5-7 minutes to use the toilet paper to completely wrap up one child like a mummy. The team that uses all their toilet paper first wins this game.

DON’T LOSE THE SWEET GAME – You’ll need to have some wrapped sweets for this game. Make sure you have enough to give one to each child. To play the game, have all the kids lie down on the floor on their back. Then, give each child a sweet. Have them place the sweet in the middle of their forehead. The goal is to keep their sweet on the forehead throughout the game. After everyone has a sweet, you can start giving kids directions, such as sticking out their tongue, singing a song, shaking their hands or putting feed up in the air. However, they have to do these activities without letting their sweet fall off their forehead. If the sweet falls off, they are out of the game and they can eat their sweet. The last one in the game gets an extra sweet as a prize.

Balloon Games For 5 Year Olds

balloons image

Kids love to play balloons and no party would be complete without some balloon games for 5 year olds. Listed below are a few of ideas:

FUN BALLOON STUFFING GAME – This game is sure to bring plenty of laughter to the party. You’ll need lots of balloons for this game, so make sure that you buy about 10 bags full of balloons. Start by dividing up all your young guests into 2-3 teams. Every team should be given a couple of bags full of balloons as well as a bag that includes a big pair of pants and a big shirt. One person will put on the clothing and the rest of the team members should work on blowing up the balloons when the game starts.

Once the game begins, the person puts on the clothes and the other team members start blowing up balloons as fast as possible. After the person has the clothes on, the inflated balloons should be stuffed into the pants and shirt as quickly as possible. Expect balloons to pop along the way. After five minutes, have all teams stop. Then count the balloons in each teams clothing. The team that has the most balloons in the clothing will win the game.

BALLOON BADMINTON - Pair up your players, give everyone a badminton racket, and 1 blown up balloon for each pair. Then have them try and keep the balloon from touching the ground by hitting the balloon back and forth.

BALLOON RELAY #1 - Divide kids into teams. Give the first child of each team a balloon and when you say, "Go," they must start kicking the balloon all the way to the finish line and then back to their teammates. The next child in line repeats the process. Whichever team gets through all of their teammates first, wins.

Balloon Games For 5 Year Olds

BALLOON RELAY #2 - Divide kids into teams. Give the first child of each team a balloon and when you say, "Go," they must place the balloon between their knees and walk or run, as they are able until they reach the finish line and then they head back to their team mates. The next child in line repeats the above and the team who finishes first will be the relay winner.

BALLOON STOMP - Tie a blown up balloon to each child's ankle. When you say, "Go," everyone tries to break the other kids' balloons by stomping them, while at the same time protecting their own balloon from being popped. Once a child's balloons have been popped, they will be out. The child with the last un-popped balloon is the winner.

Water Balloon Games For 5 Year Olds

water balloons image

Kids love to play with water balloons. The thrill and anticipation of trying to not get wet, yet wanting to get wet will excite all your attendees. Listed below are some ideas for a few water balloon games for 5 year olds:

FUN WATER BALLOON HUNT – Fill about 100 or more balloons with water before the party. Then, hide all the balloons around the party area, just like you would for an Easter egg hunt. Give the kids buckets to collect the balloons and start the hunt. Have the kids find the water balloons, placing them in buckets. However, the trick is to keep from breaking the water balloons along the way. The kid with the most intact water balloons at the end of the hunt will win this fun, wet game.

WATER BALLOONS: SIT ON IT - Fill small balloons full of water so they will pop easily. Give each team a basket full of water balloons. The first child of each team grabs a water balloon, runs to the finish line, sits on the balloon until it pops, and runs back to their teammates. The next child in line repeats the process. Whichever team gets through all their teammates first, wins.

Water Balloon Games For 5 Year Olds

WATER BALLOON TOSS #1 - Divide kids into teams and have them toss water balloons back and forth. After each round, have players take a step back. If balloons pop, that player is out.

WATER BALLOON TOSS #2 - Give each child a balloon fully filled with water. the winner is the person who can throw their balloon the highest in the air and catch it without it popping.

Games For 5 Year Olds With Prizes

basketball game image

Kids love to play games in which they can win a prize. Below you will find some ideas for some games for 5 year olds where the ultimate object of each of the games is to win a prize:

NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK GAME – Everyone has heard the old phrase, needle in a haystack.” For this game, you’ll actually need some hay. Buy a bale of hay, unwrapping it to create a stack of hay. Then, place a prize in the haystack. Give kids each 30 seconds to search through the hay to find the prize. The one that finds the prize gets to keep the prize. If you want everyone to get a prize, hide multiple prizes in the haystack, allowing kids to dig through the hay to find prizes. Make sure everyone gets at least one prize.

DODGE BALL – Dodge ball is an excellent outdoor game. Divide your little gang into teams and have several soft balls for dodge balls. Start the game and have kids throw the balls at each other, trying to get other kids out. When someone is hit, they will be eliminated from the game. Give a prize to the last kid standing on each team.

DART CHAMPIONSHIP – Buy a dart board using rubber tipped darts that are safe. Have kids take turns playing darts against each other. Have the winners play against other winners. Continue the championship until you eliminate all but the last two from the game. Have them play each other and the one who wins the championship can take home the dart board as a prize.

Games For 5 Year Olds With Prizes

ANIMAL BINGO - This game is played like traditional Bingo except you'll need to create some Bingo cards that have pictures of animals in each of the squares instead of numbers. Rather than calling out numbers, make animal sounds. Then the kids will need to match up the animal sound you make with the appropriate picture of the corresponding animal and place a marker over that square. Whoever gets Bingo by covering one row of animals first shall be the winner. In the alternative, you could play the game until every space on the entire card is covered and whoever accomplishes that first shall be the winner.

MUSICAL PRESENT - Have all your youngsters sit on the floor in a circle. To start the game, give one child a wrapped present, play music and have that child start to pass the present to the next child who is on their right. When the music stops, whoever is holding the present shall keep it and will then drop out of the game. Start playing the music again and the game resumes and continues until everyone receives a present.

Relay Race Games For 5 Year Olds

wheelbarrow race image

Kids love to compete and participate in relay games. Listed below are a few games for 5 year olds to bring out their competitive spirits:

BUBBLE GUM BALLOON RELAY RACE – Make sure that you have a nice open area in the yard for this game. You’ll enough balloons and pieces of bubble gum for each guest that is playing the game. A wrapped piece of gum should be place in a balloon, then the balloon should be blown up and tied off. Kids should be divided into 2-3 different teams. Have your teams all stand in a line.

Place a balloon at the finish line. The first person in each line has to crawl to the balloon as fast as possible, pop the balloon, find the gum, unwrap it, chew the gum and then blow a bubble. Then they have to run back to their team so they next player can go. The team that finishes this game first will win the relay race.

EGG & SPOON RELAY - Divide kids into teams. Give each team 2 baskets. Place 1 basket full of hard-boiled eggs at the starting line and the empty basket at the finish line. Give the first child of each of your teams a big spoon. When the game begins, they will need to remove an egg out of their basket, place it onto the spoon, and walk or run their way to the finish line where they deposit their egg into the basket. If they drop the egg, they must pick it up and place it back onto their spoon and complete the relay. Then they run back to the starting line and hand off the spoon to their next teammate. The next child in line repeats the process. This relay will continue until such time that one of your teams successfully transfers their eggs to their nest.

Relay Race Games For 5 Year Olds

SPONGE RELAY - Divide kids into teams. Give each team 2 buckets. Place 1 bucket with a sponge at the starting line and a larger bucket filled with water at the finish line. The first child of each team grabs the sponge, runs to the finish line, dips their sponge into the water, runs back to the starting line, wrings out their sponge into the bucket, and hands the sponge to their next teammate. The next child in line repeats the process. Whichever team transfers all of the water from their finish line bucket to their starting line bucket first, wins.

WHEELBARROW RACE - Divide kids into teams of 2 and line them up at the starting line. One child serves as the wheelbarrow by bending over and placing their hands on the ground. The other player stands behind their partner, grabs their partner's legs and places them around his or her waist. The teams then "walk" their way to the finish line with one person walking on their hands and the other following behind holding up the legs. The teams all start at the same time. As each team reaches the finish line, the players switch places and wheelbarrow their way back to the starting line. Whichever team arrives back to the starting line first, wins.

Tried & True Games For 5 Year Olds

limbo image

To insure party success, be sure and select some games for 5 year olds from the following tried and true games that have stood the test of time:

A GAME OF FREEZE TAG – This game is an old favorite that all your guests are sure to enjoy. The great part is that you won’t have to buy anything for this game. You’ll need a large area outdoors that doesn’t have any obstacles that might trip up the kids. One person starts by being “IT” for the game. That person freezes players when they touch them, so everyone else needs to run away. The person that is “IT” needs to run after the others trying to freeze them. People who are frozen can’t start moving until another player is able to reach them and touch them to unfreeze them. The person who is “IT” wins the game if they can freeze all the other players.

TUG OF WAR – Tug of war is especially fun if you do it outdoors near some sprinklers during the summer time. You’ll need a long, tough rope designed for tug of war. Then, you can place one sprinkler in the middle so the ones losing the game get wet. Divide players into two teams, putting teams on each side of the sprinkler. Have them pick up the rope, tying a bandana in the middle. When you say, “GO” players should start pulling on the rope, trying to pull the other team across to their side, getting them as wet as possible. It will be tons of fun, but make sure parents send kids in clothing that can get wet and dirty.

PIÑATA BASHING GAME – A piñata is tons of fun at any party. The best part is that you can easily buy a piñata that goes along with any theme for your young guests. Buy a piñata and have a stick or bat on hand that kids can use to tack a whack at the piñata. Everyone wins because they all get to grab candy and fun prizes once the piñata actually breaks.

FREEZE - Music plays and everyone moves, jumps, runs, dances, etc. When music stops, everyone freezes in whatever position they are in. If you catch someone moving, that child is out. Play continues until there is only 1 child who remains.

Tried & True Games For 5 Year Olds

LIMBO - Kids love to play limbo. Have 2 people hold a horizontal pole at each end. The kids in a single file lean backwards and proceed to go underneath the pole and try to avoid touching it. If someone touches it or falls backwards, they are out. The pole is gradually lowered until only 1 child remains who has not touched the pole or the floor.

RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT - All the kids line up on one side of the yard. The person who is "It" shall stand at the opposite side of the yard with his or her back to the rest of the kids. "It" yells "green light" and everyone runs toward "It." When "It" yells "red light," then everyone must stop. Whoever fails to stop is out. Whoever reaches "It" first without being caught moving, then becomes "It" and the game starts over.


Here's a fantabulous assortment of printable birthday party games. As you peruse your options, you will quickly see that they are not only fun, but also age-appropriate for your 5-year-old clan. We're sure that you'll find something to your liking that will help to keep your little ones busy.


Games for 5 year olds are the perfect complement for a great birthday party. Just remember to have enough adults or teens to help you with the various games for 5 year olds and keep track of all the little ones. Plan your time accordingly and implement a good mix of fun games for kids, and the result will be a memorable party!

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