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If you are hosting your toddler's 2nd birthday party or are just having a friendly get together with your child friends and parents, then you might want to plan some games and activities, in addition to allowing them to have free play time. If so, then keep scrolling and you'll soon find several options that have been long-time favs of this age group.

Here are some fun party games that are perfect for two year olds; they are sure to help make their party more memorable. These games encourage exploration, imagination, and curiosity--all things that the little tots are working on developing in their little lives.


GAMES FOR TWO YEAR OLDS - MUSICAL ACTION SONGS - Two-year olds love to sing and imitate those around them. When you add music to the mix, they are drawn to it like bees to honey. To work out extra energy, have the little ones sit in a circle so they can easily see the leader. For the following party games, have each of their parents nearby so they can help their child with the words and movements.

HOKEY POKEY – Choose an adult to be the leader for this game and then have all the babies stand up, making a circle. Have the game leader start singing the Hokey Pokey, being sure to make all the fun movements while singing. The leader may want to exaggerate those movements a bit so the little ones can easily follow around. Have the little ones try to follow the movements of the leader. Have a few adults help the kids work on the fun movements while enjoying the song.

The Hokey Pokey song can use numerous body parts, such as the left leg, right foot, left arm, right hand, head, etc.

I'M A LITTLE TEAPOT - This is such a fun song that you can teach all the kids at the party, since it is so easy. The kids are sure to love the motions that go along with this song as well.

I'm a little teapot
Short and stout
Here is my handle (Place a hand on one hip)
Here is my spout (Make the other arm go out curved like a spout).
When I get all steamed up,
Hear me shout,
Just tip me over and pour me out! (Lean over like pouring tea from the arm/spout)

TEDDY BEAR, TEDDY BEAR - Here is another fun song game that kids will enjoy. Have the adults sing the song or you can try to find a recording of the song as well. Make sure you have someone to show the little ones how to do all the motions to make this song even more fun.

Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around.
Teddy bear, Teddy bear, touch the ground.
Teddy bear, Teddy bear, show your shoe.
Teddy bear, Teddy bear, that will do.

Teddy Bear, Teddy bear, run upstairs.
Teddy bear, Teddy bear, say your prayers.
Teddy bear, Teddy bear, blow out the light.
Teddy bear, Teddy bear, say "Good night."

Have your little ones do each of the motions, as they are mentioned.


GAMES FOR 2 YEAR OLDS - BUBBLE FUN - Little ones love to play with bubbles and adults love to watch them enjoy themselves. The following party games pertain to bubble fun:

BUBBLE BLOWING – The adults at the party can blow the bubbles, allowing the kids to run around after the bubbles. They are sure to love trying to pop or grab those bubbles.

BUBBLE ENCASEMENT - Assuming weather permits, place bubble solution in a wading pool. Add a hula hoop to the pool. Have one of the kids stand right in the middle of the wading pool. Then, and adult should be lifting up the hula hoop, which will encase the little one in a big bubble.


GAMES FOR 2 YEAR OLDS - MISCELLANEOUS - The following party games are just a few examples of games that are appropriate for this age:

BALL PIT – Take a blow-up pool and fill it with a lot of plastic balls to make a ball pit. Then, kids can have fun playing within the pool in all the balls. Make sure you place the pool on carpet or grass instead of a hard surface, just to avoid any problems if someone falls down in the pool.

BALL TOSS – Take some colored pails, line them up and secure them carefully to a board to keep them from falling. Then, let the kids have fun tossing balls into all the pails as a game.

BUILDING BOXES – Take empty tissue boxes (square ones) and cover them with some pretty paper. Then, decorate the boxes with shapes, letters and numbers. Allow the kids to have fun stacking up the boxes to like building blocks.

FISHING - Use a wading pool and hang a sheet across the front. Tie a string to a stick with a clothespin attached on the end of the string. Have your little ones cast their line into the pool and go fishing. Have someone clothespin prizes on the end, give a tug to signal that a fish has been caught, and have them pull in their prize. Be sure to have plenty of prizes because your little ones will want to do this game over and over again.

FOLLOW THE LEADER MUSICAL STYLE – Have some music playing in the background. Make one adult the leader of the game and then the kids will need to do what the leader tells them to, while demonstrating the action. Here are a few examples.

Touch your toes
Shake the hands
Bark like a puppy
Touch your elbow
Touch your finger to your nose
Meow like a kitty
Roll over
Touch knees
Reach down
Stand up
Fly like a birdie
Sit down
Reach to the sky

MUSICAL ANIMALS – Start playing some tunes. When the music stops, the kids have to run around acting like an animal, doing the movements and sounds. Have an adult be the leader so the adult can call out the animal name when the music stops, and the adult can also help to demonstrate the movements and sounds that the animal makes.

PARADE TIME – Let the kids have a big parade for their parents. Have plenty of musical instruments on hand, such as chimes, horns, tambourines, drums, bells, shakers and cymbals. Make sure every child gets an instrument to use. Then, line the kids up and have them parade through the party area playing the instrument of choice. They can even dress up for the parade to make it even more exciting.

PUPPET SHOW – Have some local high school theater students help you or have some parents get involved to do a puppet show for the kids. Pick the birthday child’s favorite movie or book to guide the puppet show. Use plenty of movement, funny voices and expressions with the puppets to keep the babies engaged.

PUZZLES – Have a few age appropriate puzzles on hand for the little ones to put together at the part. You can use fun themes like house pets, dinosaurs, farm animals, cars or shapes. Make sure you have some older kids or adults to help each child put the puzzle together.

TREASURE HUNT - Have all of your little ones sit in a big circle and place various toys in the center. The leader, who is a parent or older child, says something like, "(Name), please bring me the gray elephant." Then that child gets up and finds the gray elephant in amongst all the toys. Keep going around the circle until everyone has had an opportunity to get a toy. Be sure there are more toys than there are children so each child will have to make a decision as to which toy is the correct one. Toy ideas to use: blocks, various stuffed animals, trains, airplanes, etc.


This is a great opportunity to implement party games for 2 year olds that will start to quiet down your little crew. Consider a story time "game." The following are just a few examples of games for 2 year olds:

ALPHABET BOOK - Use a large alphabet book that can be seen easily from a distance and that has the letter with a picture. Then you open the book, point to an object, and say, "B" is for and they will try to say whatever the picture represents. In this example, it might be a ball.

TELL ME ABOUT THE PICTURE - Show everyone a picture of an object and ask them questions that pertain to that item. For example, a ball might have these questions:

What is in this picture?
What can you do with a ball?
What color is it?
What shape is the ball?

STORY TELLING - Have your little ones sit in a circle. Give them each a small stuffed animal as a party favor to hold while the story is being read by an adult in a very animated style.


Games for 2 year olds are a perfect way to create a fabulous party. Ensure that you have plenty of adult help, have plenty of 2nd birthday party games to play and plan the time schedule to make sure the kids never get bored.

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