Fun Wild Animal Birthday Cake

by Stephanie
(Queens NY)

Cool Zebra Cakes

Cool Zebra Cakes

This cake was made for an 11 year old Justin Bieber party. This was before I added the Bieber on top of the cake.

This is one of the coolest zebra cakes and the beautiful bow Stephanie added really adds a nice pop of color to the cake. A zebra cake is such a fun idea to use if you’re looking for a great animal birthday cake. Of course, there are many other cool ideas that you may want to try as well for an animal themed birthday party.

If your child just loves cats, why not do an animal birthday cake that looks like a cat. You can make a cute kitty themed cake in no time. All you need is to start out with a single layer round cake. Use any flavor of cake you think your child and guests will enjoy. Then decorate it to look like a cat’s face. Grey, brown, orange, black and white all make great colors to use for a kitty. Draw the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers with icing. Then, for the ears, make a couple cupcakes. Decorate the cupcakes in the same color as the cake, adding definition for the ears. Attach the cupcakes to the main cake with some icing. In no time, you’ll have an adorable cat cake.

Dogs are another favorite animal for kids, so an animal birthday cake with a dog theme can be a great addition to your party as well. An easy way to make a dog themed cake is to make a double or triple tiered cake, covering the cake with fondant bones and paw prints. You can add a dog cake topper to the top tier. For some extra help, consider getting a dog shaped cake pan. You can find these pans for Clifford, Blue’s Clues and Scooby Doo, allowing you to easily bake a cake in the shape of a dog. Then you just need to decorate it. Most of the time, those cake pans will give you the decorating instructions to make it easy.

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