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Filled With Fun!

Filled With Fun!


Have your guests stand in a circle and have each person hold the hand across from them. After that, get a different person's hand using your other hand. Make sure you don't grab the same person's hand! Then, after that is finished try to untangle without letting your hands go! I would recommend having at least five people for this FUN activity! Enjoy!

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What a great tangled game this is! It’s sure to be fun and full of laughter. This game made me think of a few more slumber party ideas you can use to keep kids active and having a great time throughout the night.


The Beach Ball game is exciting and fun, making it one of the great games to use at your teen’s slumber party. Have everyone get into their sleeping bags, sitting up or lying down, whichever position they choose. You’ll need three beach balls. Start by tossing one beach ball to guests, having them keep it in the air without holding onto the ball or allowing it to drop. Once they start doing well with a single ball, add the second one. Then, make the game even harder by adding the third beach ball to the mix.

Remember, all along, everyone must remain in their sleeping bag while trying to keep the balls in the air. This is tons of fun, but you should make sure no drinks or breakables are in close proximity. Those beach balls will be flying everywhere! You'll want to be sure to snap a few candid shots to keep those memories forever frozen in time. You can also downloads pictures for everyone to take home as one of their favors.


For some more fun and great party pictures, play the game Freeze Frame as one of your slumber party games. All you need is a digital camera. Start by handing the camera to one person at the beginning of the party. At some point, they need to yell “Freeze” so everyone in the room can hear them. When this happens, guests are to freeze and the person with the camera snaps a photo. After this is done, the camera should be given to someone else and that person then gets to select a time to yell “Freeze.”

Try to keep track of everyone who has a turn with the camera so no one is left out and possible hurt feelings results. The kids are sure to get some hilarious Freeze shots by the end of the night. After the party, get prints made so everyone can have a set.


To keep the action going and hopefully burn up some more teen energy, here's a great indoor or outdoor scavenger hunt that you can quickly customize to your theme with a few mouse clicks. To discover how easy it is to occupy your crew for an hour or so, click below to find out your options!

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