Fun Party Games For 5 Year Olds

by Charlotte Young
(Fresno, CA)

Fun--Fun--Fun--Party Game Ideas

Fun--Fun--Fun--Party Game Ideas

Keeping little hands entertained and preventing boredom is the key to having fun with 5 year olds at a party. Here's some fun games that'll give you a start.

Chopstick Game

Break the kids up into teams and give each team a pair of chopsticks and 3 raisins in a small bowl. On "Go", have one child from team try to transfer their raisins from one bowl into another bowl using their chopsticks. Whichever team does it first is the winner. Don't forget to remind them to not use their hands.

Scavenger Hunt

Send them on a scavenger hunt throughout your house or yard. Break the kids up into teams and give them each pictures of the items that they need to find. Remember to hide everything somewhat easy so they don't get frustrated and give up--you want some successes along the way so they are energized to keep going. Whichever team finds all the items first are the winners.

Charlotte got it right! You definitely have to keep those younger kids entertained, which is why you need to have plenty of games for 5 year olds to play. If the kids get bored and you don’t have any kid game ideas, you’re in big trouble!

Egg Relay Race

If you’re a brave mom and you are able to go outdoors at your party, one of the games for 5 year olds that will be a blast for your young guests is an egg relay race. What you need is two spoons and quite a few eggs – expect quite a few to get broken (which is why you definitely want to play this game outdoors).

Break up your party guests into two teams. Each team will get a teaspoon and an egg. Have each team on the starting line and you can use some cones or other markers about 20 feet away from the starting line. The first team member has to hold the spoon with the egg in it and go as fast as they can around the cones and back to the starting line. Then they have to hand over the spoon and egg to the next person in line. It’s too much to expect that no one will drop an egg, so make the goal of the game to finish the relay race using the least amount of eggs.

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