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Ahh scary, but fun!!!! :) Have the seeker wait inside while everyone hides outside, so there's no chance of possibly seeing where someone might hide. Be sure to define the boundaries ahead of time so everyone stays within the designated parameters. The players then hide in hard to find places and scream when they're ready to be found. The first person found will be it. If you want to add a twist to this game, require everyone to change their hiding place every couple of minutes. This will be challenging as the seeker will no longer be out of view of this occurrence, so everyone will have to be extra sneaky.

Everyone will loooovvvvveeee!!! this game. Have fun!

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Hide N' Seek is an oldie but goodie that spans the age range nicely. Although some older kids might think it's not very cool initially, once things get going, most kids will be right in there enjoying themselves and working at being the winner in no time at all. This game got my brain to whirling and made me think of an old game that kids are sure to enjoy – Scare the Old Lady (or man).


The game is a bit like hide and seek and you’ll probably want to play this outside in the dark. Have one person be the “old lady” or the “old man.” The rest of the guests should hide; be sure to give them a couple minutes to do so. Then, the “old lady” or “old man” has to begin looking for those who are hidden. The goal is for those hiding to jump out and scare the person searching. The person searching has to try not to scream. If they scream, the person that made them scream will then be the “old lady” or “old man.” This is one of the slumber party ideas that should keep guests busy having fun for some time.


The Pillow Toss game is another of the cool slumber party games teens generally enjoy. Request every guest bring along a pillow with them to the party or be sure you have plenty of throw pillows on hand. Make circles out of orange, blue and red construction paper. Place them around the room, making the orange circles the easiest, the blue circles of medium difficulty and the red circles the hardest. The goal is for guests to stand at a starting point and then toss their pillow at one of the circles. A red circle is three points, the blue one is two points and an orange circle is one point. Give everyone five tosses and keep track of the points. The person to score the most points wins the game. Just make sure that you remove anything breakable in the room before you start the game. You definitely want to avoid any accidents when pillows go astray.


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