Fun Fairy Party Ideas

by Karla
(Des Moines, Iowa)

Fairy Princess Magic & Whimsy!

Fairy Princess Magic & Whimsy!

We adorned the dining room in frilly fashion with lots of pink and white tulle, balloons, flowers, and streamers. We also used strings of white twinkle lights.

We used a Fairy Party Pack that had fairy printed cups, plates, napkins, table covering, centerpiece, etc. We put up a lot of balloons and streamers, which magically changed the look of our dining room into a fairy atmosphere.

We invited everyone to wear their fairy best costumes and all the little girls looked simply lovely. We helped the kids make some fairy wands out of cardboard, glitter, sequins and cut-up feather boas.

We cut the sandwiches into various flower, butterfly, star and fairy shapes using cookie cutters.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Karla’s idea of using white twinkle lights is definitely going to make it easy to create a fairy atmosphere in your home. If you're thinking of having a fairy party for your little sprite, I came up with a few more ideas that you can use to create a magical party for your toddler.


For the invitations, consider making them in the shapes of flowers and accenting the edges with glitter. Bend the petals down around the middle and write the party information in the center of the flower. When the petals are opened, guests can see the party information on the invites.


To welcome guests to your fairyland birthday party, be sure to create a fun entrance. Start by making large tissue paper pom-poms and attach them to yard stakes. Then place them along your walkway for all your little sprites to enjoy. For variety you can also mix in a few fairy yard signs as well.


As guests arrive, you can turn them all into little fairies by equipping them with wings, tulle tutus, and a floral headpiece. Be sure to snap some pictures before your fairies have a chance to get dirty or not have that "fairy" fresh look.


One of the most beautiful fairy party ideas for decorations is to rent a bubble making machine, or you can buy one pretty inexpensively. Turn it on and let the bubbles float around the party area, which will add to the magical feel of fairyland. Be sure to drape plenty of tulle around the area and hang lovely streamers from the ceiling so they can gently swing in the air, giving a fun, fairy vibe. On the main tables, use glitter and flowers on the tablecloths to make everything glisten and glimmer.

Another thing you can do is to fill pink and white balloons with helium, tie them off with curling ribbons, and then allow them to cover and come to rest upon the ceiling. This will give your little fairies an interesting ceiling to enjoy.


Of course, you need some fun fairy party ideas for snacks as well. One great idea is to have chocolate dipped fruit. Fairy wand cookies are another great idea as well. Bake sugar cookies in the shaped of a star and before you bake them, add a Popsicle stick to each piece of cookie dough. After the cookies have cooled, frost them to look like sparkling fairy wands, add some edible glitter, and wrap them up with pale colored cellophane and tie off with curling ribbons. You can also wrap the Popsicle stick with ribbon to jazz it up a bit. You’ll not only have a delicious treat that the toddlers will love, but also a pretty centerpiece for a table.

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