Fun & Fabulous Frog Cake

by Francis Greenfield
(Danville VA)

Fun Froggie Cake - Check Out Those Lips!!

Fun Froggie Cake - Check Out Those Lips!!

For some reason, my eight year old son has a fixation with frogs. He loves all things frogs. Yes, he unfortunately likes to sneak them into the house, much to my chagrin. He just turned eight, so for his birthday, I decided to put his love of frogs to use with a frog party. I went all out, making everything about frogs. Green and brown were the main colors I used and I decorated the party area with wall clings of frogs, stuffed frogs, frog themed paper goods and green balloons. I even found adorable frog invitations to send out to all his friends, inviting them to his frog themed birthday party.

When I decided on the frog party, my big question was how I was going to make a frog themed birthday cake. It needed to look enough like a frog that all the kids wouldn’t laugh at it. I definitely had a challenge on my hands. Good thing I like a challenge. I came up with this little guy. For the bottom, I baked two halves of a spherical cake to create a circle that was the frog belly. I used another one on top, then used a knife to carefully sculpt my cake to look like a frog face. I baked a large sheet cake and used it to sculpt out the arms and legs for the frog. Once I was done sculpting my frog, then I decorated him in green icing and made the eyes. Next time I might use a frog pan, but I was pretty happy with the overall outcome.

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