Fun & Fabulous Beach Cake

by Cathy Maxwell
(Redondo Beach,CA)

My Tween's Beach Cake

My Tween's Beach Cake

Recently, my oldest daughter turned 13. I have to admit, I was terrified to have a teenager. Even worse, she wanted a bit birthday party, which meant a party full of teenagers. Since we live near the beach, I thought a beach party was just the thing (and it kept all those teenagers out of my house too). I started looking for some great beach party ideas that I could use to create an affordable party that would make my daughter, and all her teenage friends, happy.

Since we held the party on the beach, I didn’t need many beach party ideas for decorations. I let mother nature take care of most of the decorations for me. However, we did set up a tent to offer some space out of the sun. I added balloons in blue, streamers and a big “Happy Birthday” banner. On the tables, I used clear vases filled with sea shells and starfish, keeping with the beach theme.

I wanted to create a special cake and while I’m not a professional, I was able to create this cake, which turned out great. I made it a double layer cake, using butter cake mixes and an extra layer of frosting on the inside. When I decorated the cake, I made the base of the cake blue to look like the ocean, making the icing a bit rough so it looked a bit like waves. I also created a piece of beach an added some other beach themed touches to the cake. To make it a bit feminine, I added some flowers to the cake, done in different colors which were made out of fondant. The cake disappeared fast, so I’m glad I caught this picture before we cut it.

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