Fun Casino Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Fun Casino Party Ideas
That Are Sure To Be A Winner!

The perfect adult birthday party includes friends, food, fun and a great party theme idea. A casino birthday party is the perfect adult theme that will allow everyone to have a great time while celebrating the birthday of the honored guest.

As you begin planning an amazing casino birthday party, have fun making every part of the party go along with your exciting theme. With some ingenuity and creativity, you can throw a casino themed event that everyone will love. To help you get your party planning started, here are a few great tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, foods, favors and more.


After you’ve decided on the guests to invite to your sure to be fun casino party, you’ll want to send out great party invitations that set the tone for your event. If you’re short on time, you can find casino themed invitations that are premade. However, you can also have fun creating homemade invitations that look amazing and get your guests excited about the party.

One fun idea is to decorate the front of a cardstock invitation with plastic poker chips, giving the invitation a 3-D feel.

Another invitation idea is to create fake, personalized money as the invitation for the party. Create the money with the face of the one having a birthday, requiring the money for guests to “buy their way” into the party. You may even want to add some playing cards to the front of black cardstock for a unique invitation, adding the party details inside.

You can have fun with the word for your casino birthday party invitations as well. Here are several great wording ideas you can include in your invitations:

- It’s (name’s) birthday and you’ve been “dealt” a special invitation.

- Ante up and enjoy a night filled with gambling at the (last name’s) casino.

- (Name) is turning (age) in the game of life. Come get dealt in on a spectacular celebration.

- Try your luck and gamble on a night of birthday fun and games.


Many casinos require patrons to wear elegant evening attire, so why not specify that your guests dress up in evening attire for the fun casino party. Women can wear cocktail dresses or evening gowns to dress up for the party while men can show up in a nice suit or a tuxedo.

Another fun costume idea is to have your guests dress up as different casino games. Someone can dress up as a deck of cards, another guest may want to come as a pair of dice or someone may even want to don a poker chip costume.

Just remember to note in the invitations if you want guests to show up in costumes. This way they can plan ahead and make the most of their time waiting for the big event by creating a fun and fabulous costume.

Of course, if you want to offer simple costumes when guests arrive, you could have feather boas for the women and felt hats for the men to wear during the party.


Have fun with the decorations for the casino birthday party. There are so many options to consider that the only problem you'll have is saying "No--enough!." Some of the best colors to use for your color palette include black, red and green. You’ll want to make sure guests feel like their walking right into a casino to make the theme seem real.

It’s even fun to create a name for your casino, putting up a big welcoming banner with the name of your casino at the entrance to the party. You can use your last name and call it something like Stanton's Casino Royale.

Another way to be sure you play your cards right and let everyone instantly know that it's going to be a fun Par-Tay would be to create a red and black balloon archway for your guests to walk through in order to get to the Casino.


You're sure to hit the jackpot when it comes to creating the perfect casino party theme if you opt to place some fun casino theme standees at the entrance and throughout the party room. Life-size standees that have the party's theme tend to shout out to guests--this is gonna be a great party! In essence you're going the extra mile to really transform your home into Casino Royale.

For added fun you could create a life-size standee of the guest of honor to greet your guests at the door. Of course you'll want to be sure he/she is appropriately dressed in an evening gown or tux.


You'll want to be sure to dress up the party area with casino signs and use fake money, chips and cards around the area to play up the theme.

Keep the lights low and use strings of twinkling lights to light up the party area. This will set the atmosphere and give your "casino" instant ambiance.

Streamers and balloons can be used around the party room(s) to play up your theme colors.

Another way to help set the mood for your party atmosphere is to add some music to the background with tunes like “Viva Las Vegas,” “Luck Be a Lady,” or “The Gambler.”

Since balloons are relatively inexpensive and there are a lot of fun casino balloons from which to select, you might want to incorporate a few bouquets into your decor for an instant splash of color and theme all rolled up into one.

For your tables, you can use green felt or plastic to make the tables look like they are casino tables. Use paper goods in black, white and red to go with the theme.

Balloon bouquets dress up the tables or you can design table centerpieces that include stuffed dice, playing cards or mini slot machines.

Poker chips can be sprinkled across tables instead of confetti.


Take the time to transform your walls into a Monte Carlo atmosphere. Remove all the floral arrangements and photos for the night and opt to cover them with casino printed gossamer and casino setters.

If you know of any talented teens, I'm sure they'd love to make some moolah by painting a casino scene for you to cover your wall.

You could also take a deck of cards and pull out some of the aces and face cards, go to your local copy store and enlarge them to cover portions of your walls.

You can also decorate the walls with a few casino signs and casino cut-outs of various symbols like dice, roulette wheel, slot machine, etc.


Don't forget to accent your ceiling with some fun casino danglers.

Start early or enlist the assistance of family and friends to help you create your own ceiling danglers out of playing cards. All you have to do is string them through some fishing line and put some curling ribbons between the cards to give them a little space.

For the very ambitious, cover your entire ceiling with twisted streamers while alternating your party colors. This will certainly create not only a festive atmosphere but a dramatic party room that will help to keep your guests in the casino-minded mood.

You could also hang some fuzzy dice or theme cutouts from the ceiling using fishing line.


The games and activities for a fun casino party can include any number of casino games.

You can set up poker tables where guests can gamble fake money with a game of Hold’em Poker.

Craps and roulette stations can be fun for guests as well.

A wheel of fortune game can be fun that everyone will enjoy.

If you setup a variety of different casino games, give everyone fake money when they arrive at the party. See who has the most luck at the games and ends up having the most money at the end of the party. Give a prize to the one who won the most and you can also give a prize to the person who lost the most.

Setting up a karaoke area can be a great activity for the party too. Feature some of the great songs performed by top Vegas entertainers, such as Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, Wayne Newton and Barry Manilow. Let guests enjoy singing away throughout the evening.

You can also set up other forms of entertainment, such as a magic show or some other performance to keep guests entertained during the party.


It’s nice to choose a menu that goes along with your casino birthday party theme. Since guests will be circulating around and playing different games, going with finger foods is an excellent option.

Consider having a lot of different appetizers for guests to enjoy, such as stuffed olives, crab dip, Swedish meatballs, cocktail shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, spinach and artichoke dip and other tasty appetizers.

A fruit tray, vegetable tray and cheese tray all make great additions to your spread. Serve up pitchers of punch, sodas and have some bottles of sparkling water available for your guests to drink.


Of course, you need a great cake to serve your guests and there are many excellent cake ideas that will go with the theme. One great cake idea for your fun casino party is a cake shaped like dice. Use two square cake pans to make two square dice. Offset the two cakes next to each other, decorating them both as dice, which is easy to accomplish.

Another great cake idea is to bake a round birthday cake, decorating it to look like a poker chip.

You may even want to make a sheet cake, decorating it with the casino theme, complete with playing cards, poker chips, slot machines, dice and more.


Once your party is over, it’s nice to send your guests home with a nice little treat to thank them for attending the party. A nice little gambling kit is a fun idea, complete with playing cards, dice and poker chips. Create these little gifts in a decorated gift bag and hand them out at the end of the evening.

Another great idea is to give out candy bars with personalized labels on them. Print the name of the casino on the wrappers for a fun, edible favor.

Cookies make great favors and you can cut out and decorate cookies to look like dice, poker chips and playing cards. Bag up several cookies in each bag, tying off with some colored ribbon.

YOUR Favorite Casino Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite casino party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your casino cakes and costumes.

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