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When people think of making a wacky cake, it is usually a result of an upcoming birthday. However, that need not be the case; after all, who doesn't like cake. Why not expand your horizons and add cake to your next event, family get together, child sleepover, or whatever else is slated to come your way.

For example, if your child is having a sleepover, why not surprise him or her with a fun sleepover cake. Or perhaps you are hosting a backyard BBQ, then the hot dog and French fries cake would be an awesome addition.

So, if you are looking for some cool cakes that anyone can make, that are unique, creative, and help set the mood for fun, then check out these irresistible wacky cakes. They're sure to spark a smile and the best part, they are super easy to make!


hot dog cake

Hot Dog & Fries Cake

Here's the recipe for Family Fun's "Hot Dog and Fries Cake." Use this cake with birthday party ideas relating to picnics, backyard BBQ's, or teen get togethers. It looks like the real Mccoy.


  • 1 baked loaf cake
  • 2 Twinkies
  • 1 cup hot-dog red frosting (red and brown mixed)
  • Yellow icing in a tube
  • Red icing in a tube
  • Green fruit slices or gumdrops, diced (optional)


hot dog cake
To make the hot dog bun, cut the loaf sides as shown, saving the extra cake for the French fries. Remove the cake center and place the two Twinkies in the "bun."

Frost them hot-dog red. Add a squirt of mustard (yellow icing) ketchup (red icing), or relish (diced gumdrops or fruit slices).

hot dog cake

Tip: Save the decorating for your child's party and invite guests to squirt the cake with ketchup and mustard frosting.

sunflower cake
Photo courtesy of: FamilyFun

Sunflower Cake

Here's the recipe for Family Fun's "Sun-sational Flower Cake." It is one of their fun cakes that is a cheery spin-off of a Van Gogh masterpiece perfect for a tea or garden party.


  • Frosted 9- by 13-inch cake
  • Necco wafers
  • 45-60 yellow and orange Starburst candies
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Green Fruit Streamers
  • 1 pound yellow, orange, and clear Gummy Bears


Mosaic vase: Create an outline by cutting an 8-ounce paper cup in half vertically and pressing the cut edge into the frosting. Break 2 Necco wafers in half and set them across the top of the vase. Use 6 or so more Necco wafers, broken into pieces, to fill in the rest of the vase.

sunflower cake

Sunflowers: One at a time, microwave 5 yellow and 3 orange Starburst candies until they're pliable, about 8 seconds, and roll them flat between two pieces of waxed paper. Use scissors to cut them into petals (1 to 1-1/2 inches long). You'll need about 15 t 20 per flower. Create an outline for each flower center by lightly pressing the rim of a 3-ounce paper cup into the frosting (for variety, use the cup bottom to create one smaller blossom). Arrange two layers of petals around each circle. Fill the centers with mini chocolate chips. Use doubled green Fruit Streamers strands to create flower stems and leaves.

The frame: Arrange a single row of yellow, orange, and clear gummy Bears along the top edge of the cake and then make additional rows down the sides.


artist palette cake

Artist Palette Cake

Here's the recipe for Family Fun's "Artist Palette Cake." This is one of the fun cakes that is perfect for kids birthday party ideas relating to art, Baby Einstein, and anything creative. Your budding artists will adore the palette you have prepared for them.


  • 1 baked 9-inch round cake
  • 2 cups white frosting
  • Gel icing, assorted colors
  • Fruit leather
  • 1 licorice twist


Trim the edges of the cake as shown and cover it with white frosting. Using a 1 1/2-inch round cookie cutter, cut out a thumbhole in the palette and frost the insides.

Next, use the cutter to lightly mark the circles in the frosting, then fill with gel icing "paints."

To make the brush, wrap the fruit leather around the base of the licorice twist and fringe the ends.

boom box cake
Photo courtesy of: FamilyFun

Boom Box Cake

Here's the recipe for Family Fun's "Boom Box Cake." This is one of the fun cakes for a teen's birthday party relating to dancing, rock n' roll, or a general teen theme. This is a great cake for a teen party. It will rock their socks off.


  • 2 baked load cakes
  • 3 cups yellow frosting
  • 2 large mint patties (speakers)
  • Fruit leather (tape and CD players)
  • Assorted candies, such as Pez, Spree, sour rings, Good & Plenty, and Jujubes (various knobs, controls, and handles)
  • 2 long, thin candles (antennae)
  • Shoestring licorice (trim)


boom box cake
For the boom box shape, cut off one of the long edges from one loaf cake at a slight angle. Use frosting to stick the 2 pieces to the second cake, as shown. Ice the entire cake with yellow frosting.

For the speakers, use a toothpick to score a criss-cross pattern on the 2 large mint patties.
boom box cake

Cut 2 squares of fruit leather for the tape and CD players and use a variety of small candies for the control buttons. Next, add 2 long, thin candles for antennae and outline the cake with shoestring licorice.

checkers cake

Checkers Cake

Here's the recipe for Family Fun's "Checkerboard Cake." This is one of the fun cakes for a game night get together or birthday party with a game theme. It doesn't take strategy or luck to make this great party cake.


  • 1 baked 8-inch square cake (or 2, for a double layer)
  • 6 cups white frosting
  • 32 squares of red Fruit by the Foot
  • 12 giant yellow gumdrops
  • 12 giant green gumdrops
  • Black rope licorice


Frost the cake. Using a knife and ruler, lightly mark a grid, 8 by 8 squares. Place the fruit leather in alternating squares. Set up the gumdrop playing pieces and outline the board with licorice.

chinese checkers cake

Chinese Checkers Cake

Here's the recipe for Family Fun's "Chinese Checkers Cake." This is one of the fun cakes that is perfect for a game night get together or a birthday party relating to a game theme. Make this unique cake and everyone will want to play the cake game before eating it.


  • 1 baked 12-inch round cake
  • 4 cups white frosting
  • 1/2 cup each purple, blue, orange, yellow, green, and pink frosting
  • 1 cup red frosting
  • 60 gumballs, 10 of each frosting color


Frost the cake white. Using a ruler and a knife, lightly mark a six-pointed star. Frost each section a different color and frost the center red.

Let the cake sit for a few hours so the frosting forms a crust. Use a marble to make indentions, then set in the gumballs.

Tip: If you don't have a 12-inch cake pan, use two 12-inch disposable pizza pans instead. The sides of a pizza pan are lower, so use two pizza pans for one batch of batter.

guitar cake

Guitar Cake

Here's the recipe for Family Fun's "Pop Star Guitar Cake." This is one of the fun cakes that is perfect for a birthday party relating to music or rock n' roll. Your teens will have a rockin' good time with this rock star guitar.


  • 1 9- by 13-inch cake
  • Red, blue, and neon blue food coloring
  • 2 1/2 cups vanilla frosting
  • 1 cup dark chocolate frosting
  • 3 pastry bags, with 1 small round tip and 1 medium round tip
  • 1 Kit Kat
  • 6 brown M&M's and 12 yellow M&M's minis


Cut the cake as shown and assemble.

guitar cake

Make purple frosting by stirring 12 drops of red food coloring and 8 drops of blue into 1 1/4 cups of vanilla frosting. Spread the frosting over the guitar body.

Lightly press a medium-size drinking glass into the frosting to mark the sound hole. spoon 1/2 cup of the chocolate frosting into a pastry bag with a small round tip. Pipe frosting to fill in the circle. Use the rest of the chocolate frosting to cover the guitar neck and head as shown.

Place one section of the Kit Kat about 2 1/2 inches below the sound hole. Spoon 1/4 cup of vanilla frosting into a pastry bag. Use the small round tip again to pipe on lines for frets and strings, then place the yellow M&M's Minis as shown.

For tuning pegs, put three brown M&M's on each side of the head of the guitar, then pipe vanilla-frosting pegs leading to them.

Stir 12 drops of neon blue food coloring into the remaining vanilla frosting. Spoon the frosting into a pastry bag fitted with the medium round tip. Pipe on dots and curlicues as shown. These fun cakes serve 10 to 12.

sleepover cake

Sleepover Cake

Here's the recipe for Family Fun's "Sleepover Cake." This is one of the fun cakes that is perfect for a kids, pre-teen, or teen sleepover party or birthday party. This is the perfect craft cake to let your overnight guests create their mirror image.


  • 1 baked 13- x 9- x 2-inch cake
  • 6 cups frosting (pink and light pink)
  • 5 Twinkies
  • 5 marshmallows
  • 5 vanilla or chocolate wafers
  • Gel icing (pink and green)
  • Mini jawbreakers
  • Pink and green Fruit by the Foot


Turn the cake upside down and lightly frost it. To make the bodies, cut the Twinkies in half lengthwise and place the tops cut-side down on the cake bed.

cow cake

Frost a pink sheet on the top third of the cake, flatten the marshmallows for pillows and position the wafer faces on the pillows. (Curly hair and big smiles can be made with gel icing; mini jawbreakers are perfect for eyes.)

Frost a light-pink blanket over the Twinkies and the remaining cake. For flowers, use pink and green gel icing; for frills, cut Fruit by the Foot and ruffle it to make a snappy bed skirt.

Remember, fun cakes with a little bit of whimsy will go a long way in helping you to create a one-of-a-kind birthday.

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