Fun Beach Party Ideas

by Suzy

Beach Ideas For Fun In The Sun : D

Beach Ideas For Fun In The Sun : D

SET THE MOOD - We had a beach party recently and had a camp fire--which is a must--and used Tiki torches to help create some mood lighting after it got dark.

INCLUDE FUN GAMES - The kids played limbo, had water balloon fights and soaked each other with those big water soaking guns. We also had some spirited volleyball games.

BUILD SAND CASTLES - The bigger the better. You could even have your guests have a contest when they do their building, that is what we did--had a blast!

BEACH THEMED DECORATIONS - Suzy had it right; a camp fire is definitely a must when throwing a beach party. Her fun ideas gave me some more great beach party ideas that you can use at your next beach themed party. If your party goes into the evening hours, stringing some white lights around the party area always adds some beautiful ambiance to the area. Another good way to add beach-themed ambiance is to decorate with seashells, sand dollars, and flowers. Also be sure to have some kind of canopy and/or beach umbrellas available so people can get out of the sun and cool down a bit. If you are really at the beach, make sure you bring plenty of extra beach towels for everyone. In fact, plenty of beach towels makes sense even if you’re creating a beach feel in your own back yard.

BEACH PARTY GAME IDEAS - One fun idea for beach party games is to play a game of capture the flag, but play it with squirt guns. Everyone will love this fun twist on an old fav game, especially since everyone is sure to get wet. Another fun idea is to have relay races in the sand, which will make the races even trickier. Some fun relays to have on the sand include 3-legged races, sack races and sand sprints. Keep your guests busy with beach party games to use up all that energy that they bring to your party.

BEACH PARTY FAVOR IDEAS - If you need some beach party ideas for favors, consider giving out cool favors like personalized beach towels, flip flops or other beach themed items that guests will appreciate. You may want to compile sand pails full of goodies, such as mini sunscreens, aloe after sun gel, Chap Stick with sunscreen, and more.

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