Frog Party Ideas That'll Keep You Hoppin!

Fun And Fabulous Frog Party Ideas
That Will Having Everyone Hoppin Happy!

If your little tadpole tends to hop around the house with glee, you might want to have a frog themed party. Imagine your home all decked out in green and white; it will look "toad-ally" cool"! Your little frog guests are sure to jump with joy as they participate in your "un-frog-getable" celebration.

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As I'm sure you're starting to see, a frog birthday party is one that has gained more popularity and rapidly becoming one of the great kid party themes. To give you a "leap" up on planning this type of party, I've put together several great options and ideas for frog invitations, decorations, party games and activities, party food, cakes, and favors. These fun ideas are sure to make it possible for kids to have a hoppin' good time and they'll be croakin' with joy!

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FROG INVITATIONS #1 - Download a fun frog shape and print it out on green card stock. Add party info. Using a scrap of red cardstock, make a long tongue and glue it to the front of the frog's mouth. Add a small fly sticker onto the tongue. Glue on some googly eyes. Hand-deliver your fun frog invites.

FROG INVITATIONS #2 - Print out all of your party information onto a piece of decorate frog-printed scrapbook paper. Place the invite into an envelope and decorate with various frog stickers.

FROG INVITATIONS #3 - Start with a piece of frog themed scrapbook paper and print out your party info onto it. Cut the paper into four pieces using a pair of decorative scissors. Then add a hole-punch in a corner and tie it to a small stuffed frog with white and green ribbons.

More Fun Frog Party Invitations

LILY PAD INVITATIONS - Cut out a cream colored lily pad and a green frog from construction paper or card stock. Use glue to adhere the frog to the lily pad. Accent the edges with glitter. Add all the info everyone needs to know about the party on the back side.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE FROG INVITATIONS - Buy some fun frog invitations and add some various glitters to jazz them up a bit.

Here's some fun wording that you can use for any of the above invitations:

Hop On Over To (Name's) Pad
The fun begins at (time) on (date)
Add location, RSVP, etc.

We're jumpin' for joy cuz' (Name) is turning (age).
Hop on over and join in on the fun.
Add date, time, location, RSVP, etc.


For added frog fun, you might consider inviting everyone to come dressed in their froggie best. Mom and Dad can also join in with a costume and ribbet their way to fun.


  • Line your walkway with lily pads cut out of green construction paper.

  • Hang lots of green streamers of various shades in the designated party room to make it look like a forest.

  • Wrap artificial plant vines around door and window frames.

  • Hang a personalized frog birthday banner on a wall.

  • Hang frog posters on walls to jazz them up.

More Fun Frog Decorations

  • Tie bouquets of helium and frog Mylar balloons around the room.

  • Attach a balloon to the back of each child's chair.

  • Cover your party tables with green tablecloths or opt for a fun theme covering.

  • Create a frog centerpiece by cutting out a lily pad shape from a piece of felt and topping it off with a large stuffed frog holding a bouquet of balloons.

  • Turn the party room into a forest by arranging lots of artificial trees and plants throughout the room with frogs peeking out from some of the branches.

More Fun Frog Decorations

  • Pull out all of your child's frog-related toys and use them to help create a centerpiece or accent a table, shelf or mantel.

  • Download a bunch of frogs onto green construction paper and cut them out. Then hang them from your ceiling by attaching them to various lengths of fishing line.

  • Create frog garland by gluing various frog shapes to a long piece of green ribbon and use it to accent the perimeter of the room, window and door frames, the table edge, etc.

  • Fill a small wading pool with some water and toss in a few plastic frogs and lily pads to create your frog pond.


What's a frog party without a few frog theme party games? Boring! Therefore, you've got to be sure to plan enough activities and games to keep everyone hoppin' and having fun. Here are some frog themed games to check out:

PIN THE TONGUE ON THE FROG - Cut some tongues out of red or pink construction paper and use double-stick tape to pin the frog tongues onto the frog poster.

LEAP FROG MUSICAL LILY PADS - The rules for Musical Chairs will be what you rely on for this game. Instead of chairs, use lily pads and the kids will hop around the pond rather than walk.

LEAP FROG - A frog party wouldn't be complete without a round or two of leap frog. You can either have everyone compete against each other or split everyone into teams and let them compete to a finish line against one another in leap frog fashion.

More Fun Frog Games

LILY PAD RELAY - Divide your guests into teams and line them up. Give two lily pads to the first person in each team. On "Go", the kids will toss one of their lily pads down and step onto it. Then toss the second pad down and step onto that one and then pick up the first lily pad. The process continues until they reach the finish line at which time they will pick up their pads and run back to their teammates, transfer the lily pads to the next person in line, and the game continues until one team gets through all of their teammates first.

FROG HOP - Have a contest and let all of your little hoppers engage in some good old-fashioned competition. See who can hop the farthest.

FROG HUNT - Before the party starts, hide a bunch of plastic frogs in the yard or house and have the kids look for them. Whoever finds the most frogs is the winner.

More Fun Frog Games

BOUNCE HOUSE - Any kind of a bounce house that your little frogs might enjoy hopping in.

FLY SWATTERS - Give each of the kids a fly swatter, turn on a bubble machine and tell them to pretend the bubbles are flies, and let the kids have at them.

FROG PINATA - Hang up a frog-shaped pinata and let the kids go at it with their make-shift fly swatter bat.

FROG TOSS - Lay a blue sheet on the ground and place various sized lily pads that are cut out of construction paper. Have the kids line up and attempt to throw/toss their plastic frogs onto the pads. Assign point values to each of the pads depending upon the level of difficulty. Whoever gets the most points wins.


LILY PAD ROLL-UPS - Provide guests with a frog bar containing any combination of the following items: spinach flavored tortillas, guacamole, cheese, slices of meat, cream cheese tinted green, shredded lettuce, chicken, tuna or egg salad all of which could be tinted green.

FROG LEGS - Fried chicken legs.

FROG-SHAPED SANDWICHES - Make grilled cheese, turkey or ham and cheese, or PBJ sandwiches and cut them into frog shapes using a cookie cutter.

FLIES ON A LOG - Fill pieces of celery with peanut butter and top it off with a few raisins.

LILY PADS & FLY DIP - Chips and black bean dip.

LILY PADS & CHEESE - Crackers and cheese.

FROG MUNCHIES - Fill in with various snacks for the kids to enjoy. Bowls of trail mix, nuts, etc.

FROG COOKIES - Start with sugar cookie dough and cut out frog shapes out using cookie cutters, cover the cookies with green icing and add a candy face.

FROG-SHAPED JELLO-O JIGGLERS - Make some green Jell-O. Once it is firm, cut it into frog shapes using cookie cutters. Serve on lettuce leafs (lily pads).

SWAMP PUNCH - Pour chilled Sprite into a punch bowl and when it's time to serve toss in some lime green sherbet.

FROG JUICE - Limeade

BUG JUICE - Freeze 1-2 raisins (bugs) in ice cubes and serve them in limeade.


FROG SHEET CAKE - Frost your cake with blue gel to make it look like a pond. Add some fondant lily pads and some plastic frogs of various sizes.

FROG HEAD - Make a round cake and two cupcakes. Place the two cupcakes on top for the frog's eyes and frost the entire cake green or cover it with green fondant.

FROG CUPCAKES - Frost your cupcakes with green frosting. Use candy or fondant to create a frog face. Place a fruit roll-up strip coming out of the mouth, add a little dab of frosting to the tongue to hold a gummy bug.

More Fun Frog Cakes

GIANT FROG CUPCAKE - Make your favorite cake flavor in a giant cupcake pan. To create the eyes, make two small round cakes using an oversized muffin tin. Then cover the cake with green frosting and sprinkle some green tinted coconut onto the cake. For the eyes, frost the front portion white and add a chocolate dollop in each center.

FROG SHEET CAKE IDEAS - Decorate the top of a sheet cake with a frog cake topper or create a frog theme scene out of plastic frog toys.


When it's favor time you will want to be sure you dedicated sufficient party planning towards the favors. No need for the endeavor to be grueling, you can make it easy on yourself by just filling some green favor bags with any of these frog-related items:
  • Frog stickers or tattoos
  • Stuffed frog toy
  • Frog stamps
  • Crayons/Markers and frog coloring book
  • Plastic frogs
  • Stretchy frogs
  • Frog pencils

YOUR Favorite Frog Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite frog party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.,along with your frog cakes and costumes.

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