Frog Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Frog Birthday Party Ideas
That Will Have You Hoppin' For Joy!

If you have decided the time has come to create a toad-ally awesome party for your frog lovin' kid, then you will be glad to know that I have put together this page of ideas that will have you "ribbiting" with glee.

A frog party is an adorable option for a toddler's birthday celebration as little ones are always hopping to and fro anyway. So the time has come to get with the program and hop to it! Let's get to planning that frog-tastic party. Here are some cute ideas that will get you jumpin' for joy as you start planning your fabulous frog theme party.


FROGGY COOKIE INVITATIONS – Using a frog shaped cookie cutter, cut out frog shapes from your favorite cutout cookie dough (try these delicious, soft cream cheese cutout cookies Decorate the frog cookies in green, using brown icing to add eyes, a mouth, and spots on the frog if desired. On pale green cardstock cut into squares, write the party information. At the top of the paper, write “Leaping Leapfrogs: Guess Who Has a Birthday!” Place cookies in a small baking box and glue the party invitation to the front of the box, then deliver the cookie invitations by hand. Guests will enjoy this tasty preview of your frog birthday party.

GOOGLY EYE FROG INVITATIONS – Take cream colored cardstock and cut it in half. Fold each half in half to make fun invitations. Find a cool picture of a cute frog online and print out enough of the frogs to add one to each invitation. Cut out the frogs and attach one to each invite with a bit of glue. Make the frog really pop out by adding some googly eyes to the frog. Decorate around the edges with green glitter pens. On the front of the card, under the frog, write, “Hop Over to the (child’s name) Lily Pad to Celebrate!”

On the inside add all the pertinent party details. Try these fun wording ideas:

- Leaping Leapfrogs – Guess Who’s Turning (age)
- We’re throwing a “Toad-ally” Cool Birthday Party and You’re Invited!
- Head over to the (Child’s name) Lily Pad on (Date) at (Time)
- Our Pond: (Address)
- RSVP to: (Child’s Name) Fly Girl at (Phone #)

More Fun Frog Birthday Party Invitations

FROG FACE PARTY INVITATIONS – Using green construction paper, cut out an invitation in the shape of a frog face. Draw a mouth and use a utility knife to cut a slit along the mouth. Make a long pink tongue from a long pieces of pink paper, writing all the party information on the strip of pink paper. Attach to the frog face by pulling a bit through the slit and gluing to the back. At the end, put a fun sticker, then roll up the tongue. Add eyes and a nose to the frog face. Guests will have to unroll the froggy tongue to find the party information, which is sure to be cute.

FROG INVITES #1 - On a piece of scrapbook paper that has a frog design, write out in calligraphy or print out on the computer your party details. Put some frog confetti in an envelope, add your invite, and decorate the outside with frog stickers, flowers, bugs, etc.

FROG INVITES #2 - Print out a cute frog onto yellow card stock. Write out all of your party particulars on the reverse side. Glue a long red tongue made out of card stock to the mouth of the frog. Place a little bug/fly sticker on the extended tongue. Then glue on a pair of google eyes. Mail or handout your invites.

LILY PAD & FROG INVITATIONS - Cut a lily pad shape and a frog shape from card stock. Glue the frog on top of the lily pad. Glue on some google eyes and put the party information on the back side.

More Fun Frog Birthday Party Invitations

STUFFED FROG INVITATIONS - Use a piece of scrapbook paper that has a decorative frog theme. Start out by writing out in calligraphy or printing out on the computer your party details. Jazz up the edges by cutting them with decorative scissors. Depending upon the size of your invite, cut the paper's edges with decorative scissors into two or four pieces. Then hole-punch one of the corners, run a ribbon through it, and tie it off around the neck of a stuffed beanie type frog. Hand-deliver your invites.

EMBELLISH PRE-MADE FROG INVITES - Save time by using a cute, pre-made frog invitation. Spiff them up by gluing on some google eyes and accenting with glitter.

Here's some wording you might consider using for your invitations:

Ribbitt! Hippity Hop To Sharon's House; She's Turning 3!
Froggie fun shall begin at 1 p.m. on August 4th
Give us a croak to reserve your pad - (phone #)
Add location, etc.

Join in the fun and hop on over,
Cuz we're jumpin' for joy as
Sharon is turning 3.
Add time and date, the location, and RSVP info.


For added froggie fun, have Mom and/or Dad dress up in a frog costume. Little ones will enjoy interacting with giant frogs as they ribbett and hop their way around the party room. This will also make for some fun photos.


Good frog colors are green and white or green and yellow, but you can certainly expand to other colors too, as long as you keep your frog color center stage. Here are some frog birthday party ideas for decorations to consider.
  • Line the walkway with green lily pads made from card stock. All you need to do is tape them directly to the cement.

  • Adorn one of your party room walls with a personalized birthday banner; you can either DIY or buy one made to order.

  • Liven up your walls with a few frog posters.

  • Cover the dining room table with a frog themed table covering and sprinkle it with frog confetti.

  • Use a pull-string frog pinata or a large stuffed frog as a centerpiece. Attach a bouquet of balloons to the frog for added interest.

More Fun Frog Birthday Party Decorations

  • Create a froggy pond to add to the frog birthday party décor. Take a little wading pool and fill with just a couple inches of water. Add some rubber frog toys and frog shaped inflatable beach balls to the pool to make it into a fun frog pond. Just make sure parents keep an eye on kids near the water. If you want, you can even let the little ones splash their toes in the pond.

  • Add plenty of greenery to the party area. Use artificial trees and any houseplants you have on hand to make it feel like a “froggy” habitat.

  • Find plastic frog toys and use them to decorate the party area. You can add them to tables to add to the décor or you can use some fishing line to hang the frogs from the ceiling. Just make sure you use larger frogs so kids can’t pick them up and accidentally swallow them.

  • To add a little frog fun to the ceiling, download and cut out several frog shapes. Hang them from the ceiling by attaching them to a ribbon or fishing line.

  • Tie a balloon to each of the kids' chairs.

  • Twist streamers around window and door frames.

  • Hang twisted streamers from the corners to the center of the ceiling.

More Fun Frog Birthday Party Decorations

  • Make some frog garland out of construction paper and curling ribbon. Glue or staple the frogs to the ribbon and hang it around the ceiling edge, across the tops of window frames, mantels, shelves, etc.

  • Hang streamers in the doorways for little ones to walk through.

  • Create bouquets of Mylar and helium balloons in party colors or frog prints and place them around the room.

  • Beg, borrow and "steal" frog toys. Use them to accent your party room and keep the theme alive.

  • Fill a wading pool with water to create a frog pond. Then add some plastics frogs and lily pads.


A frog birthday party won't be complete without some fun games that have a bit of a frog theme. Here are a few options to consider incorporating into your upcoming celebration:

HOP ALONG LITTLE FROG BALLOON GAME – You’ll need several balloons that have been blow up. Choose green ones to go with the party theme. For the game, divide kids until teams. The first person on each team must stand at the starting line, place a balloon between the knees and then hop along to the finish line and back to the starting point while keeping the balloon between their knees (they can’t hold it there with their hands). If the balloon is dropped, it has to be picked up and they have to start again at the starting point. The first team to finish this hop along relay wins the game.

BALANCE THE LILY PAD PARTY GAME – You’ll need several green Frisbees for this game. Put kids on two teams. Give each team a Frisbee (lily pad). Have the first team member balance the lily pad on their head and go as fast as possible to the finish line and back to start. If the Frisbee is dropped, they start all over again and they can’t hold it on their head with their hands. The team that completes the lily pad rely first will be declared the winner.

FROGGY PUPPETS ACTVITITY – This activity is tons of fun and you’ll only need a few supplies, including scissors, construction paper, glue, markers and paper lunch bags. Let kids decorate the paper bags to be Frog puppets using construction paper and markers. After the froggy puppets are complete, let the kids have fun putting on a puppet show. This is sure to keep them busy for a while.

More Fun Frog Birthday Party Games

FROG, FROG, TADPOLE - Have the kids sit in a circle and play this game like they would play Duck, Duck, Goose.

MUSICAL FROG LILY PADS - Cut out some lily pad shapes from construction paper or felt and place them in a circle. Have the kids hop as they go around the lily pads while music plays in the background. When the music stops, the kids must try to stand upon a pad.

PIN THE TONGUE ON THE FROGGIE - Cut red or pink tongue shapes out of construction paper and have the kids try to pin the frog tongue onto a frog's mouth. Use double-stick tape.

FROG TOSS #1 - Create a pond by filling a small pool with water and float a few upside down Frisbees (lily pads) in the water. Have each child take a turn trying to toss plastic frogs onto the lily pads.

More Fun Frog Birthday Party Games

FROG TOSS #2 - Cut out of construction paper various sized lily pads and place them on a blue sheet (water). Have the kids try to toss plastic frogs onto the lily pads.

LEAP FROG - Have all your little guests leap over one another while making ribbitt sounds.

FROG HOP - Have all your little frogs compete in various hopping contests. For example, hop from one end of the yard to the other, hop on one foot, do a traditional frog hop across the yard where they crouch down and hop their way along, etc.

FROG HUNT - Hide some plastic frogs before the party begins and send the kids on a frog hunt.

BOUNCE HOUSE - Little ones love to hop and bounce and what better way or place to do it in than a bounce house.

Frog Birthday Party Games

TOO MANY FLIES - Tell the kids there are too many flies and that they need to swat them away. Give them each a fly swatter and let their imaginations create the fun. You can either use a bubble machine or have several teen helpers blow bubbles as fast as they can.

PULL STRING FROG PINATA - Hang a frog pull-string pinata and give each of the kids an opportunity to pull the string and open up the frog.


BURGERS AND FRENCH “FLIES” – Frogs are well known for eating flies, so create a fun meal of burgers and French “flies.” Label the fries a French “flies” and your young guests are sure to get a giggle out of eating “flies” for their party meal.

JELL-O LILY PADS – Make up a batch of Jell-O, adding one packet of gelatin to the box of green Jell-O. This makes it gel better so you can cut it out. Place the Jell-O in a baking pan to gel. Then, take circle shaped cookie cutters and cut the Jell-O into circles. Use a knife to cut out a small wedge shape from each circle, and ta-da, you have lily pads. Add a gummy frog to each lily pad when you serve them.

APPLE-PHIBIOUS SLICES WITH FRUIT DIP – Cut apples into thin slices, tossing with a bit of lemon juice so they won’t turn brown while they are out on the serving table. Serve them with a tasty cool whip fruit dip and call them “APPLE-PHIBIOUS SLICES.”

FROGGY PIZZAS – llow the kids to build their own pizzas and call them “FROGGY PIZZAS.” Start with English muffins and let kids decorate their pizzas with sauce and cheese. They can make frog faces with olives, peppers, pepperoni and mushrooms. Bake for 7-10 minutes at 375 and let kids eat their froggy pizzas.

Fun Frog Birthday Party Food

FROG-EYED FRUIT SALAD – Make a fruit salad including tasty fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, orange slices and green grapes(the frog eyes). Call it “Frog Eye Salad” to make it fun for the kids.

HOT FROGS – Take pre-cooked hot dogs and roll them up in a bit of crescent roll dough. Brush the dough with some green gel food coloring. Bake according to the crescent roll directions. Serve up the green dogs and call them “Hot Frogs.” They’ll look funky, which kids will love.

ROLL-UP LILY PADS - Use spinach tortillas and fill them up with various fillings, roll up, and cut into little serving sized roll-ups. Filling ideas: cheese, deli meats, egg, chicken, or tuna salad; green tinted cream cheese, lettuce, and guacamole.

FROG SANDWICHES - Make some soft type of sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese. Then cut them into the shape of frogs by using cookie cutters. Although soft sandwiches work best, you can also use ham, turkey and cheese, just keep the filling to a minimum so it cuts easily.

FROG LEGS - Yummy chicken legs.

FLY DIP & LILY PADS - Black bean dip with chips.

LOG FULL OF FLIES - Cut up celery and fill pieces with peanut, almond or cashew butter. Place some raisins (flies) onto each log.

CHEESE & LILY PADS - Round crackers and cheese.

Fun Frog Birthday Party Food

FROGGIE YUMMIES - Fill bowls with nuts, trail mix, and other snacks that little ones like to eat.

FROG-SHAPED JELL-O JIGGLERS - Make a pan of green Jell-O and let it set up. Using cookie cutters, cut out various frog shapes and serve them on large lettuce leaves (lily pads).

FROG COOKIES - Using cookie cutters, cut out frog shapes from your favorite sugar cookie recipe. After the cookies cool, ice them green, then add a frog face made out of candy or icing.

BUG JUICE - A few days before the party make some ice cubes with 1-2 raisins (bugs) frozen inside of each one. Serve the bug ice in limeade.

SWAMP JUICE - Into a large punch bowl, pour chilled Sprite and add a few dollops of lime green sherbet. Serve immediately.

FROG JUICE - Limeade


HOPPING FROG BIRTHDAY CAKE – To make this cake, you’ll need a 9” round cake, an 8” square cake and two cupcakes. The round cake will be the body and part of the frog’s head. Take the square cake and cut out two “L” shapes from the cake, making sure the edges are curved. These will be the legs of the frog, which should be placed along the round cake and attached with some icing. The two cupcakes will be the eyes of your frog and should be attached with icing. Cover the legs and body in green icing. Top the cupcake with a bit of white frosting. Use blue frosting in the middle to make them look like eyes. Then, using some black icing, draw a mouth on the frog. Write a birthday message on the frog’s body with white icing.

FROG 3-D CAKE – Buy a frog-shaped 3-D pan. Follow the instructions and bake the cake. Frost according to the instructions included with the pan.

LILY PAD CUPCAKES – Make cupcakes, ensuring you have enough for each guest to have one. Decorate the cupcakes in green icing to make them look like lily pads for easy, tasty cupcakes.

GIANT FROG CUPCAKE - Make a giant cupcake for the frog head and two round cakes using an over-sized muffin tin for the eyes. Frost the cake green. Frost the front portion of the eyes white and add chocolate frosting in the center of each eye.

More Fun Frog Birthday Party Cakes

FROG HEAD - Make a round cake and two cupcakes. Create the frog eyes by placing the cupcakes on top of the cake. Cover the cake with green frosting or fondant.

FROG CUPCAKES - Make or buy cupcakes that are frosted green. Using candies like Skittles or M&M's, create a frog face. Add a long tongue using a fruit roll-up. Add a gummy bug to the tongue and hold it on with a dab of frosting.

FROG SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and create a large pond using blue cake gel. Top it off with some lily pads made out of fondant and plastic frogs.

FROG SHEET CAKE IDEAS - Start by making or buying a sheet cake and then top it off with a frog topper, an edible sugar art frog image, or create a frog scene using plastic frogs.


Send your guests home with some hopping fun party favors. Buy some plain baking boxes and decorate them with frog-themed stickers. You can include fun favors inside the box, such as mini stuffed frogs, bubbles, frog stickers, frog pencils, frog squirts, or even frog shaped cutout cookies.

YOUR Favorite Frog Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite ideas for a frog birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your frog cakes and costumes.

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