French Birthday Party Ideas
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Fun And Fabulous French Birthday Party Ideas
That Will Give New Meaning To Ooh La La!

Have you been searching for a sophisticated party idea? If so, a French party is a wonderful idea, since France is well known for its incredible scenery, interesting history, fine food and stunning fashion.

A bit of planning on your party can help you create a French party that offers plenty of French allure, whisking your guests away to France without ever leaving town. Guests are sure to love a party that comes with plenty of French culture.

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If you’re having a hard time knowing where to start your planning, you’ll find plenty of incredible French party ideas below. Find great tips for creating themed invitations, great ideas for decorating the party, fun activities and games to keep the party rolling and so much more. Have fun using our ideas or use them as a springboard to get your creative juices flowing so you can come up with a few of your own ideas for an incredible French themed party.

French Birthday Party Ideas For Invitations

READY-MADE INVITATIONS - You’ll want to introduce your guests to the French theme by sending out French birthday party invitations. If you’re rushed for time, it’s easy to find beautiful premade invitations that will go along with your French theme.

For those that want to make their own invitations, you can find plenty of DIY ideas that will look incredible.

EASY FRENCH PARTY INVITATIONS - One simple idea is to print invitations from your computer, using the watermark of the Eiffel Tower or other French building or scenery in the background.

FRENCH POSTCARD INVITATIONS - Another idea for invitations is to use actual French postcards. You can find postcards of French landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Notre Dame Cathedral. Write the party information on the back of the postcard and then send them out to all your guests.

FRENCH LANDMARK-SHAPED INVITATIONS - For a more complicated invitation, consider using cardstock and cutting it out in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Then simply write in the party specifics on the invitation and send them out.

French Birthday Party Ideas For Costumes

Add some spice and fun to the French party by having everyone dress up in French themed costumes. Adding costumes to the mix will help guests really feel that they have been transported to France. Guests can really have a lot of fun with these costumes, since there are so many different options from which to choose.

COSTUMES FOR MEN - For the men attending the party, a Musketeer costume, a Napoleon costume, French aristocrat costume, Marquis costume or even a King Louis XVI costume will be perfect for the party.

COSTUMES FOR WOMEN - Some French party ideas for women’s costumes are easy to find, such as a Marie Antoinette costume or a Venetian princess costume. Some other wonderful ideas include Josephine costumes, Ms. Musketeer costumes, French aristocrat woman’s costume or even a court baroness costume. Add some great wigs or French hats to the costumes to really make the costumes look incredible.

French Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Start decorating for the French birthday party by using some French flags. You can hang a large French flag on one of the walls to add to your décor. It’s also fun to use smaller French flags throughout your party décor, on food tables and on guest tables.

  • The French flag is blue, red and white, so you can use these colors throughout your party as well.

  • Have fun creating a beautiful French café area with your décor.

  • Add some wall clings of pictures of French scenery and famous landmarks to the walls of the party.

  • Guests can even have photos taken with the French backdrop that you use for decorating.

  • You can use bistro tables and vases of flowers to add some French charm to the room. Single stemmed roses also will look amazing on tables.

  • You can find Eiffel tower centerpieces that will look incredible as the centerpieces for your food tables. Add a bit of candlelight with simple floating candles or purchase some Eiffel Tower votive candles to help set the mood for the party.

  • Posters by French artists can help add to the French theme, such as some Monet posters.

  • Add bowls of fruit to add color to your food tables and counter areas as well.

French Birthday Party Ideas For Games & Activities

While you’ll have plenty of tasty food and conversation to keep guests busy, it’s nice to have some great games and activities that go along with your French party theme as well.

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CARICATURES - One of the French party ideas for an activity is to have a Caricature artist at the party that will set up easels and draw pictures of guests. The guests can take their pictures home as a favor at the end of the night.

MIME ENTERTAINMENT - Having a mime perform is another fun activity that guests are sure to enjoy as well.

FASHION SHOW - Since everyone is dressing up, you may want to have a fashion show/costume contest. Have guests show off their costumes and give out a variety of prizes, such as prizes for the most original costume, the funniest costume and the best dressed costume prize.

TRIVIA - French trivia games can be fun and exciting for all your guests to play. You can create the game yourself, coming up with some interesting facts about French cuisine, famous French people, the country of French, French art and more. See who can answer the most questions to win the prize for the game.

FRENCH COOKING - French cooking lessons can be fun as well. Guests can learn how to prepare traditional French foods. One fun idea is to set up a crepe station where guests can learn to make crepes, which make a great addition to your menu as well.

French Birthday Party Ideas For Party Foods

A nice menu full of French foods will definitely please your guests. Choose a variety of different foods for your French birthday party, but make sure they are items you can make on your own if you plan to take on the food yourself.

  • Some wonderful French cuisine ideas that you may want to consider as main dishes include croquet monsieur, loire pork loin, Seine salad, quiche, café chicken, French onion soup and boulevard beef.

  • Cheese plates with crackers and fruit will be great additions to your menu as well.

  • Some other great finger foods to serve up include croissants, roasted garlic and crackers, French breads and pate.

  • For dessert, you have a variety of tasty options to consider. Eclairs are delicious and guests will love them.

  • A dessert soufflé is sure to be a treat that everyone will enjoy.

  • Some other ideas to consider include dessert crepes, crème brulee and chocolate mousse.

  • A variety of French pastries can also be served up. Make them yourself or purchase them at a local bakery to serve your guests. Some excellent French pastries to serve on your dessert table include macaroons, napoleons, puff pastries, tarts and petit fours.

French Birthday Party Cakes

SHEET CAKE WITH EIFFEL TOWER DESIGN - Every birthday party needs a great cake so you’ll want to have a lovely cake that will go along with the French party theme. One great idea you can use is to create a delicious sheet cake and then use icing to draw on the Eiffel tower.

EIFFEL TOWER SHAPED CAKE - If you’re brave and creative, you can even try creating a birthday cake in the shape of the Eiffel tower.

FRENCH CAFE CAKE - Another idea you can consider is making a square cake and then decorating it to look like a French café. If you happen to know French, you can write “Happy Birthday” on the cake in French, which will definitely add something special to the cake.

READY-MADE CAKE - If you don’t think you can make the cake yourself, when all else fails, see what French themed cake options are available from local bakeries in your area.

French Birthday Party Ideas For Favors

As the party begins to wind down, it’s nice to present all of your guests with wonderful favors to take home after the French birthday party.

  • One of the best French party ideas for favors is to send guests home with boxes of tasty French chocolates. Guests are sure to enjoy this delectable treat.

  • Another idea is to send small boxes of petit fours home with guests, which are also tasty, edible favors.

  • French toiletries make great favors as well, such as mini bottles of French perfumes and cologne, French bath salts or even French milled soaps that smell amazing.

  • You can also give guests candles in the shape of the Eiffel tower to take home at the end of the night.

  • Some other great ideas include beautiful French posters, French themed Fridge magnets, Paris coaster sets, or even beautiful French luggage tags.

Guests will be able to use these favors again and again, reminding them of the incredible party you threw.

YOUR Favorite French Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite French birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Italian party cakes and costumes.

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